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  1. It is boring to hear Judeath and her Nat devotees every day on Morning Report wittering on that the Gummint must take responsibility for border failures. I’m sick, sick, sick and tired of it move on!
    Surely the blame lies squarely on those who don’t play the game according to the rules while wanting to seek solace in our fair land.
    The rules were quite fairly laid out by our fearless leader Jacinda by implication if not admonition. They amount to “Use your brains and adopt a social responsibility.” It is far better to encourage those in isolation, as well as out and about, to make the main thing the main thing. That is don’t share the virus with those around you, or those you love, and we’ll get through this in short order.
    Try to get out and have some fun like you did last summer and we’ll have to endure the restrictions even longer, again, again and yet again -repeat da capo.
    Or would you prefer to be locked up in Mt Eden prison -plenty of empty rooms there and no escape!

  2. Nothing sums up MoBIE/INZ, with its Boss Hoggs and Dukes of Hazard better than its decision to deem landscapers essential for the completion of golf courses, while denying musicians/dancers in support of local artists entry. Very innovative (not). Maybe if some of them could get Nike or a major ‘brand’ to sponsor them, they might stand a better chance.

    • To be fair Labour have spent the whole three year term fixing all the decapitated crumbling hospitals, infrastructure and services they destroyed during national’s nine years of hell, as National stripped the services and infrastructure stuff national left behind and then along came Covid 19 so they need two terms at least to get some of their promised changes done.

      • I don’t disagree @CG – and Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the half dozen (or maybe slightly more) Ministers that are up to it can’t do it all by themselves. But after the election, they really ought to get on with a few things – like public service reform; justice reform; public service broadcasting; housing; child welfare; DBH and Health reforms; drug rehabilitation and mental health; transparency and respect for the OIA, Te Tiriti and BORA; etc.
        By now, and with the endless reports and surveys that have be done……… if they haven’t woken up to where the problems are by now – they never will. And it’s not as if there haven’t been a number of people working at ‘the coalface’ that haven’t been screaming very loudly – your own colleagues included (some, from what I have heard, with far more experience in things like rail and road transport than many holding positions in ‘officialdom’ where faith-based worship by the political class reigns supreme).
        I seem to remember converting people to the neo-liberal religion during the 80s didn’t take this long to achieve. Even Lange called for a cup of tea and a lay down.

  3. Can all the Super-Marxists stop laying into Labour. They aren’t perfect and neither are you. At present we need Labour like we need a warm hottie on a freezing night with no blankets. So lay off, it takes some pragmatic behaviour to be a good social commenter, not pig-headed idealism, tub-thumping at election time. This is a more important election than any we have had, crucial. There is just so much to do, we must utilise our opportunities as best we can.

    So John Minto Labour’s Shame on housing, knock it off for now and get with the election process and Mike Treen The State is Not Our Friend, bringing hotel workers needs to the fore, also stop – you know you’ll have less chance of breakthrough if Nat gets in and stings us.

    So STFU for now and instead continue to write useful ideas for what could be done and stop running Labour down, find something to praise and say we want more along these lines. Remember, we Don’t Want to Lose The Election. And don’t assume it’s a sure thing.

    • I hope you’re not buying into all that Trumpian radical hard-left narrative @ Grey.
      If you’re tempted, just remember that democracy isn’t meant to be easy, but nor is it meant to be an excuse for maintaining the status quo or a vehicle for troughers and ticket clippers; hero-worship is the means by which the ugliest of despots survive; and even JA (who, if anybody deserves support – it is She) said she wanted her government to be called to account.
      And I’m pretty sure if John Minto was tempted towards a “Super-Marxist” agenda and whatever the connotations you think might go with that, those that hold him near and dear would whip his arse. So far, I don’t see any signs of that happening.
      And by definition – if you’re hoping for change or something different from what we have now (rather than BAU), that implies ‘progression’ and progress – not merely pivot pivot ribbit ribbit in this space here and now not going forward

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