Te Ao with MOANA – To our non-Maori allies


Moana salutes some of the allies and champions nominated by YOU. From activists to academics, educators to anti-racist organisations – to all those quiet individuals who have stood up for their Māori partners, kids, neighbours and workmates.
We see you. We thank you.

Te Ao with MOANA plays 8pm on Māori TV


  1. Nice thoughts from Moana. The thing for allies is to stay modest and just get on with it. Don’t expect to necessarily be welcomed or applauded, work away, that is the reward for acknowledging injustice and showing solidarity.

    I woke up in 1978 when I was lucky enough to attend a WEA seminar on the Treaty of Waitangi and the vital differences between the English and Māori versions. Have supported Māori rights struggles ever since.

    A simple thing everyone can do is research the history of the area you live in–I guarantee you will quickly develop a fresh understanding of the landmarks and geography you see every day. Colonist descendants are often racists because denial of how they came to be sitting on their stolen land is so vital to them.

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