Ummmmm – Folks, shouldn’t this Winston Peters story be W-A-Y bigger a deal?

Is NZs love affair with Winston about to end?

What on earth is this?

Deputy PM Winston Peters provided consular assistance to ‘Bad Boy of Brexit’

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters provided consular assistance to one of the “Bad Boys of Brexit” a month before he “scoffed” at claims they had been dispatched to New Zealand to help with NZ First’s campaign.

He is being accused by National of “using his ministerial influence and taxpayer-funded staff to help ease the way” for Aaron Banks to travel.

But Peters denied this, saying providing consular assistance was part of his role as Foreign Affairs Minister.

Wait, wait, wait.

Hold on.


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Let’s just get this completely straight.

Winston Peters, in his role as the Foreign Affairs Minister, helped the PR Spin Dr his Party has hired gain access in and out of the South Pacific?

The email chain shows the Spin Dr gained access to Australia before he contacted him but was that a case of due process or a private phone call?

If the threshold for undue influence is Ceasar’s wife must be beyond suspicion then his bloody Spin Dr must be spotless!

This smells bad!

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  1. If you think that is bad wait till he is ambassador to the US.

    BTW that is the only thing stopping him going full feral on Labour




  3. Yap, yap, yap…. Winnie ran off barking up the wrong tree in the wrong forest on the wrong island at the wrong time for the right reasons for the wrong people and in so doing took us, our country and our economy and threw the lot of us under a dirty old bus that’s still running over us.

    The Paradise Conspiracy.

    “A death, missing computer disks, a winebox full of secret files, a tax haven, alleged extortion, arms dealing, corruption, coverups and criminal fraud, billion dollar deals, kidnap attempts, espionage, secret military operations, death threats, break-ins, a maverick politician…and an investigative television team’s battle to expose the truth. Follow The Paradise Conspiracy on a journey to a country you never knew existed, that politicians would still have you believe doesn’t exist, a place one diplomat called ‘a dirty little country’.Using a New Zealand Government bank as their flagship, they sailed the seas of global high finance under a tax haven’s Jolly Roger, their victims the taxpayers of an unsuspecting world.This is the story they spent two years and a million dollars trying to muzzle, but the biggest secrets are about to be told.The Paradise Conspiracy – the explosive true narrative behind the winebox investigation that embroiled New Zealand, Australia, the US, Japan, the UK and tax havens across the planet – from the award-winning journalist who cracked the winebox code – it doesn’t read like a tax story, it reads like a crime story.”

    My father and mother wrote to winston in his capacity to beg for help re the bnz’s manager in Timaru’s bizarre and exploitative behaviour who then went on to cost them everything they worked for, and me, my birthright and you never even replied to my parents correspondence.
    Yes, you’re right little pin stripe man. It’s personal and God’s on my side.

    I think it’s time for Johnny.
    God’s cutting you down winnie.

    Thanks @ MB. “It’s going to be a glorious fucking day.”
    ( The Guard. )

  4. And by the way… Just one more little thing. Nothing really.
    Brexit? Is a swindle. It’s basically neoliberal ‘user pays’ under a different banner.
    It’s not conceived from good intentions, it makes no sense, it creates pointless divisions, arses up trade and harmony and will make a great deal of money for one or two. Aye Boys?
    Sound familiar?
    It’s my opinion that winnie’s helping foreign criminals navigate the brilliant technical tangle that must come before Brexit to make the whole swindle legal. And once the legalities are in place by way of government policy, anyone protesting against the swindles will have the police and military breathing down their necks for being too rowdy. ” Just shut up and take it like a fucking idiot.”
    Back home in AO/NZ, for example, try to protest those sneaky crooks who call themselves ‘electricity retailers’ ? Firstly, you’ll get your electricity disconnected, then you’ll get credit defaulted, then you’ll get a ‘power manager’ on the wall that’s significantly more expensive than power arriving in the conventional manner.
    And all because you, the consumer, is getting in the way of the rort that is our cheap, clean electricity.
    I use the electricity swindle because it’s easy to identify with. It’s in our homes 24/7, is a vital resource and costs a fucking fortune for no good reason.
    What ‘they’ did to us was evil geneious. We were sitting pretty and they just walked in, took everything, then walked out with our money and we barely noticed much less reacted while the now new millionaires and billionaires stroll about with their dicks out as if butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths.
    People facing Brexit should come to AO/NZ and study how scum bags here set us up.

  5. Somebody tell me what the difference is between the two?

    For all I see, is , very little difference as their policys are similar, just more or less bureaucratic gobbledygook. The end result is the same. Its just how they massage the numbers that are presented to the public that a difference is claimed and the scoreboard total is then adjusted.
    This two horse race is getting boring.

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