Why is the NZ Herald giving this dickhead any attention?



Covid 19 coronavirus: Kiwi’s eight-day hunger strike in managed isolation at Ibis Rotorua

A business owner in managed isolation says he stopped eating for eight days to see if authorities would notice.

They didn’t, Tony Everitt said, after eating what he says was his first meal in almost 192 hours.

From when he ate a small breakfast in Hong Kong on August 14 until this morning, when he opened a managed isolation-supplied breakfast of toast, eggs, hash browns, tomato, sausages, fruit and a muffin, Everitt says he survived only on water and black coffee.

But a Managed Isolation and Quarantine spokesman said nursing staff spoke to Everitt daily and recorded no health concerns, and every effort had been made to make sure returnees’ health and wellbeing needs were met.

Everitt, who before arriving in New Zealand unsuccessfully requested an exemption from managed isolation to self-isolate alone at his home, began his silent protest by turning down an offer of water and a snack before boarding a bus in Auckland to travel to the Ibis Rotorua.

He then deliberately made no orders for the food supplied to those in isolation, or from outside suppliers.

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“When I arrived I thought, ‘I bet no one is even interested in anything other than the Covid-19 virus, so I decided to run an experiment, let’s not eat for seven days and see if anyone notices … I was right, no one has noticed.

…let me see if I can get this completely fucking straight.

A whinging Boomer who is shitty that he didn’t get his own way decided to stage a silent hunger strike to catch the authorities out not caring?

Why is he being given any attention by the NZ Herald?

Who gives two shits if he decides to cut his nose off despite his face, as long as he isn’t carrying the plague into our country, no one cares!

This is as insanely inane as the story the Herald ran a day ago about a lesbian couple who had a noise complaint made against them in a  hotel and made a police complaint out of it.

I’ve read that story 3 times and I still don’t understand why the fuck it’s news.

I note that these two ‘news’ stories occur right after disgraced speechwriter Matthew Hooton has retuned to the NZ Herald.

If the NZ Herald is journalism, Donald Trump is a feminist.


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  1. Attention seeking idiot.
    I cannot believe the sense of entitlement some returnees have, because of being placed in self isolation/quarantine! Arrogant, selfish gits!

  2. its news because it fits the demographic….Id say, 55ish going on 5-7-years spoilt self-indulged brat who turned into a spiteful narcissistic adult.

    • Nope. Small penis syndrome, ergo desperately searching for any way to whack at NZ’s efficient and engaging PM. (Check out his feet – they’re often- but not always – a giveaway.”)

  3. Huh. Liar, liar, pants on fire. Attention seeking, self interested, Ayn Rand* “The Virtue of Selfishness’ example, described by one commenter as “perversely idiosyncratic”. I think this well applies to pop-up guy here. Perhaps he can write a book in his remaining time I am sure it will be profound as well as witty. /sarc

  4. He’s lucky National aren’t in government.
    He would have been put on bread and water for two weeks, and expected to pay $3000 for the privilege.
    We don’t know how lucky we are ….mate!
    We don’t know how lucky we are.

  5. As if the staff at these facilities haven’t got enough to do that this self entitled dick now expects them to make sure he has eaten his meals each day. Dickhead I have news for you they couldn’t give a toss whether you choose to eat or not. They consider you a healthy individual until you get ill and all they are interested in is your daily signs of symptoms of Covid19. Next you will be whinging they haven’t checked that your bowels have moved each day. God help us this planet is littered idiots with the usefulness and brains of an amoeba and that’s being unkind to the amoebas.

  6. Yes Martyn we could care if this dickhead “business-man”had problems flying home after being in some other place and felt jilted as he couldn’t break the rules and stay in his own “isolation” shit he obviously never got enough love from his mother and now whinges to our superb Government about everything they are doing to keep us all safe, poor lad he is I feel so sorry for has discomfort; – no I definitely do not.

    Get a life and get out more after you come out of lock down you simple man.

  7. If he was left to starve to death alone in his room, purely because he’s a special snowflake who got salty over being refused an exemption, would anyone care? Probably not. We have five million people to keep safe from a virulent plague. One pompous boomer is a drop in the bucket.

  8. Everitt didn’t really give the busy authorities time to notice that he apparently didn’t eat for eight days. Two weeks is the standard period in which to reasonably expect a response to a business communication. So he shouldn’t have eaten for two weeks minimum.

    He should know this, and it’s his secretary’s job to make sure he does, so he needs to complain about her too because if the PM were doing her job properly, all girls would know that it’s our job to teach males how to do their jobs. I wouldn’t mind knowing how many other men are stuffing up through lack of p’s and q’s and brains.

    A good fast clears the mind – as well as more basic parts of the anatomy- so hungry boy really blew this one at every level.

    Jesus the Galilean fasted forty days and nights in the desert, but this twerp only managed eight days before complaining that no-one noticed that he wasn’t eating, so he has a bit of a nerve aspiring to be a role model for anything apart from a reminder to all women (sigh) that if we leave men to their own devices, they turn into little mices.

  9. Meanwhile there was a serious fasting protest near the parliament regarding serious action be taken over climate change and tell me if i am wrong but i only found out about this on the T.D.B.
    Not sexy or dumb enough for the Herald or the rest of the MSM.

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