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  1. Are compulsory vaccinations on the cards?

    COVID-19 Public Health Response Bill

    11/ Orders that can be made under this Act

    (1) An order made by the Minister or the Director-General (as the case may be) under this section may do 1 or more of the following things:

    (a) require persons to refrain from taking any actions that contribute or are likely to contribute to the risk of the outbreak or spread of COVID-19, or require persons to take any actions, or comply with any measures, that contribute or are likely to contribute to preventing the risk of the outbreak or spread of COVID-19, including (without limitation) requiring persons to do any of the following…

  2. Politicians in NZ can’t cope with making decisions about establishing good law when they haven’t got clear directions from their masters. So we can not have a ban on fireworks which bring injury and fire because of adult men who want to see bright flashing lights and fire rockets. They couldn’t offer limits wotj certain bodies applying for permits for Chinese New Year, Duwallie?, perhaps Matariki and special events run by authorities.

    Just imagine how stuck they will be when confronting the desire to stop the criminalisation of children from the age of 10. Petitioners from all directions want it to be 14 but the men? who have been sitting down at their job so long their trousers are glued,
    But Australia’s top law body is undecided – Australia’s Council of Attorneys-General was expected to announce whether it would raise the age of criminal responsibility in July.
    But to the disappointment of campaigners it postponed the decision.

    “There’s an in-principle issue about whether you should raise the age of criminal responsibility at all, but if you do you need to know what is the alternative regime,” Rhubarb, rhubarb.
    Of course this particularly impacts on aboriginal children, the most numerous being incarcerated – 10 years.

    Note: NZ has the same age -10. We are thinking of changing thaaatttttt……………snail trail! This is what will happen to the Oranga Tamariki takeaways as time passes no doubt. Can we have an active parent and child nurturing program; with variations to suit pakeha of all incomes, Maori, Pacifica, etc. with half of it being multi-ethnic so everyone knows what is being circulated as reasonable behaviour.

    • I hereby dub you savenz as Chief Executive of Thoughtful and Informed Commenters or TIC. *
      *tic – a habitual spasmodic contraction of the muscles, most often in the face.
      In commenters’ case, the tic happens in the brain, and you are good at starting and keeping those going savenz. Much appreciated.

      • Thanks Greywarbler. Have not posted here open mike for a while, but was saddened to read that Louise Nicholas is not being funded by government, while others are.

  3. Fishing wars, as more and more fishing vessels from all around the world strip the sea of fish in their own waters and then go into international or other countries territories to strip the sea of fish.

    South China Sea: Fisherman shot amid increased competition for fishing rights

    “China operates the largest fishing fleet in the world. But it has stripped home waters bare, and the destruction of spawning grounds by the construction of artificial island fortresses may have done irreparable damage to the local ecology.

    So the fleet – and Beijing – are looking further afield for vital food stocks.

    Ecuador raised an international alarm earlier this month after a fleet of some 340 Chinese fishing boats appeared off the Galapagos marine reserve.

    Beijing insisted its fishing militia would remain outside the protected waters. But this week Ecuador warned much of the fleet had turned off their location-tracking beacons.

    “In this period, 149 ships have turned off their satellite systems … we know the name of the ships,” Rear Admiral Darwin Jarrin told reporters.

    “It is a breach (of protocol) on the high seas because they do not want us to know what they are doing and the activities they carry out,” Defence Minister Oswaldo Jarrin added.

    Meanwhile, Japan has again expressed deep concern at the constant presence of Chinese-government vessels about the Senkaku Islands during the past 18 months.

    Okinawa administers the uninhabited rocks. But Beijing claims them as its own.”

  4. Oh MSD!

    Buried down towards the end of a very long article is this super shocker

    ” MSD has told Nicholas that she can apply for a regional role in the Bay of Plenty. But she won’t be funded to do the national, big-picture advocacy work she is known for.

    Nicholas will not be funded to help children or young people, because the Court Support Service will only work with over-18s. Oranga Tamariki will be responsible for children who have experienced sexual harm. However, the agency does not have a dedicated court support service for child survivors.

    “That’s horrifying,” Nicholas says, “because I have never seen Oranga Tamariki looking after a child survivor in court. Given that our children are the most vulnerable to sexual crime, why are they not getting the same dedicated support that adult survivors get?”

    Thinking of all those children with brown faces, being supported by an organisation who may have employed their abusers. Will the racial bias kick and and explain to these kids they are lying/seeking attention/not worthy of Oranga Tamariki’s time? Or is this a convenient method of ensuring the liability costs of employing sexually abusive caregivers is muted?

    • Z,so true was talking to someone else about it, and we are all horrified to hear that Oranga Tamariki, does not fund dedicated support to child abuse victims in court!!!!!! WTF!!!

  5. WHO druids look skyward and declare another two years of self flagellation

    Another case of Covid rule breaking has been reported, with the Labour Party using Bloomfield in their political advertising. The ruling government must know that State Servants are to be impartial and politically neutral at all times (Public Service Commission, n.d.), so using the image of a state servant in branded party material is an intentional breach of cabinet rules. It is otherwise gross incompetence if they don’t understand these rules. After the recent ruling of illegality of the first lockdown (‘unlawfulness’ was the jargon used), this along with the other Coronavirus mishaps make this a MEGA CLUSTER (Facebook is the super spreader)! Expect the political word salads and excuses to be spread next (perhaps ‘It was an oversight’ or ‘It was within the rules’, or some other unqualified denial), masking the seriousness of this outbreak. The Cabinet rules are not advisories, they are divine laws as sacred as one’s own genetic code and the public has the power to protect and enforce them when they are at risk.

    Public Service Commission. (n.d.). General election guidance. Retrieved from

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