Wait? WHAT? Cutting $8Billion per year for a decade from public service is ‘Aspirational’ for National???


What the actual hell is this is?

Judith Collins walks back National’s debt target, saying its ‘aspirational’ and not ‘set in stone’

National leader Judith Collins has walked back her party’s draft debt target after criticism it would be unachievable without serious cuts to public services, describing it as “aspirational” and not “set in stone”.

Her finance spokesperson Paul Goldsmith had used a speech to tease out a rough target, pledging to set a path to get net core Crown debt to 30 per cent of GDP within a roughly a decade.

“Our sense is we need to demonstrate a path back below 30 per cent, in the first instance, within a decade, give or take a few years,” he said.

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But Collins told Stuff podcast Tick. Tick she wasn’t wedded to the target, saying “it’s not set in stone”.

Let me get this straight – cutting $8billion a year for 10 years out of public services is ‘aspirational’???

Who the fuck aspires to destroy public services like that?

Roger Douglas?

So the National Party are as ‘aspirational’ as Sauron is when it comes to destroying public services?

This is the third backdown in a week by National, the second one was Gerry Brownlee now admitting he had no evidence that the Government was hiding Covid information and the first one was earlier this week when Woodhouse’s claim a homeless man getting  5 star hotel was also a lie.

It’s difficult to know when National aren’t lying these days.

There is no tactic that is beneath this National Party in their lust for power – this Virus is exposing far more than a precarious workforce and community resilience, it is showing us the true values of the National Party.


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  1. National always will enslave the poor when they need to cut the cloth of expenditure, this is a classic National Partly policy so at least we 99% know who not to vote for after having National confirm that they intend to punish the lowest income people again to pay for any debts.

  2. ———————————-

    … ‘ Let me get this straight – cutting $8billion a year for 10 years out of public services is ‘aspirational’???

    Who the fuck aspires to destroy public services like that?

    Roger Douglas?

    So the National Party are as ‘aspirational’ as Sauron is when it comes to destroying public services?’ …

    LOL ! , Enough !!! , I’ll be pissin’ me pants laughin’ if you carry on !!!

    You’ve won your case already !!!

  3. The public service has been out of control for decades now with significant wastage. The most obvious examples being working groups and external ‘consultants’ like Neale Jones and Matthew Hooten. The existence of both which either demonstrates a good portion of our Wellington bureaucrats are either lazy or stupid – take your pick. This is exacerbated in local government – the majority of which take the piss with our money.

    The correct ‘balance’ is somewhere in the middle. There has to be a premium on spending over the next decade – spend but spend wisely not slap happy, and lazy like Shane Jones. There also has to be consequences for poor spending – it happens in the private sector why not the public.

    There is a consequence of all the spending going on now and to date the government hasn’t had the stones to tell us how they are going to pay it back. I dare suggest there is a reason for this. Putting everything on the credit card and only worrying when the payment is due is a poor money decision in the real world – the same applies on the public sphere.

    There will be no magical immigration ponzi scheme this time to mask our incredibly poor spending record. For the last 3 decades our spending has represented a paralytic sailor in a brothel and yes, this includes the Key/English years as well as the Clark/Cullen years.

  4. It’s Simon Walker all over again.
    Do you know what I mean by that?
    If you recall that in the fourth Labour government’s first term, they had proceeded mainly as people expected a Labour government should – that is the Rogernomes had not yet seized control of the party and inflicted their peculiar brand of neo-liberal economics upon an unsuspecting nation, although there were worrying signs.
    But a few months before the 1987 election journalist Simon Walker published what he said was Labour’s REAL policies if they won again – and it was nothing like what their published policies were.*
    These real policies contained things that no-one believed a Labour government would ever do, in fact they would things that most people would think that even National wouldn’t do.
    They were in summary: If it moves deregulate it, if it doesn’t sell it off. Added to this were virtual total abolition of tariffs and minimum prices, increases in GST and huge layoffs in the public sector.
    All lies – not a word of truth wailed Lange, Douglas and Prebble.
    The NZ public thought there must be some mistake, dismissed Simon Walker’s words as scare mongering and voted Labour again.
    Look what happened. It was all true.
    I say this because there is a parallel here.
    National have been caught out giving us their REAL policy rather than the policy that they want us all to believe.
    This is their Simon Walker moment.
    If we fall for it then we are simply dum asses.
    *actually Labour’s election policies in 1987 could have been summed up in two words: What policies?

  5. All the while selling of NZ to the highest foreign bidders. China being top of the list. Like they are really a good partner at the moment. NATCCP can finally live up it’s true political aspirations then.

  6. How about we increase taxation on the rich, reduce taxation on the poor and give everybody decent pay increases.

    Waits for the right wing arseholes to start complaining about it affecting their profit margins….

    • Tax cuts aren’t a substitute for the living wage. We have to lift the minimum wage to a living one and then their reward for the hard work is tax cuts. That way when we raise wealth taxes and then the wealthy financialise their workforce they have no choice but to unwind unproductive speculative investments and invest in production. But yeah, lefties can dream.

    • But this govt seems anyone who earns over $70k as rich?

      Good old socialist thinking, “we hate the rich more than loving the poor”, “throw the kulaks in the gulags, and cause the death of millions, because they own an extra cow”

  7. Meanwhile crusher is not mentioning privatising ACC – again. There is a multi billion dollar nest egg there of Kiwi money for off shore investors to play with and strip out over time.
    jonkey got away with going against the referendum and selling off family silver to “mums n dads” international investors.

  8. My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings;
    Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!
    Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
    Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare
    The lone and level sands stretch far away.”

    “The desert. Biggest there is.”

  9. Ok..,so what you all seem to want is higher taxation on the rich, fair enough that is a vein to tap for extra $$’s but it won’t cover any where near the deficit….so what’s next? CGT, nope not whilst Arden is leader, so what can be done that doesn’t affect the ‘poor’ to get extra tax/revenue?
    Can’t increase benefits (National already did that) that’s a black hole, so c’mon….middle NZ are the biggest voting block so can’t squeeze them any more as they are already subsidising your ‘poor’!
    Any ideas as to how the Govt can raise revenue without hurting the ‘poor’
    Lol, you can’t!
    You may come up with some radical Marxist nonsense, I’m talking about not pipe dream wishes you have but what the actual Govt WILL enact without the NZ public rioting and demonstrating against.


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