The Waterstone 2020 Election Podcast – special guest Simon Bridges


Kia ora ladies and gentlemen, good evening and welcome to The Waterstone Election 2020 podcast.

I’m your host, editor of The Daily Blog, Martyn Bradbury with me in the studio is libertarian political commentator and Stuff columnist, Damien Grant and our special guest for the first official week of the 2020 election campaign, joining us by phone, former leader of the National Party, Yakkity Yak, he talks back – the member for Tauranaga, Simon Bridges
Less than 6 weeks until the 2020 NZ election and the campaign is in full swing.
Labour relaunch an 8 year old National employment policy, National relaunch Simon’s Crime Policy, ACT launch a Bus,  Winston needs a resurrection and the Greens promise everyone a house.
Simon – Labour launched their cabaret variety show in the weekend which seemed to be very tone deaf to the enormity of the post-lockdown economic rebuild ahead, but they recorded 53% in the latest Roy Morgan Poll, that’s the 6th poll in a row that shows Labour over 50% – we both know that’s not a rogue row of polls, a large chunk of National voters have gone over to Labour, how does National win them back?
Damien – By rehashing an 8 year old National Party employment policy which was applauded by the business community, Labour are telling those National voters who are voting Labour that Jacinda won’t spook them, so why would they go back to Judith?
NATIONAL: 26.5% in the latest Roy Morgan Poll
Simon – no ones talking about Judith relaunching your police gang unit because they are all stunned by what the bloody hell is going on in Auckland Central – how utterly unacceptable is it that a high ranking National Party insider has been implicated in ringing a late night talkback show to smear a National Party candidate?
Damien – when will the National Party stop self mutilating itself?
GREENS: 8% in the latest Roy Morgan Poll
Simon – The Greens released their housing policy which is everyone gets a house, a hug and a unicorn – by lifting what Housing NZ can borrow to build houses the Greens will see the state housing deficit met within 5 years, why shouldn’t we build state houses like that?
Damien – You and Brooke Van Veldon are the only two people in Christendom who care about the debt, why shouldn’t state tenants demand the state borrow more to build now? 
NZFIRST: 1.5% in the latest Roy Morgan Poll
Simon – The terrible Roy Morgan Poll follows a terrible Northland poll that put Shane Jones third – it’s over for NZ First isn’t it?
Damien – Who is more resurrectable, Winston Peters or our lord and saviour Jesus Christ?
ACT: 6.5% in the latest Roy Morgan Poll
Simon – ACT Party candidate Brooke Van Velden called upon beneficiaries to take a wage cut so the books look good – is this type of far right madness the kind of policy National want to associate with?
Damien – ACT launched their bus this week, how full is it going to be on election day?
Final word – Simon predictions for the week ahead
Damien – predictions for the week ahead
Our next Election podcast is Tuesday next week and we are now going weekly through until the end of the election campaign.