Green Party Condemns Coromandel Mining Decision

Actual Green Party Caucus meeting

Green Party candidate for Coromandel Pamela Grealey is appalled by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s decision to grant new mining permits on public conservation land in the Coromandel.

OceanaGold has been granted 40-year permits to mine under conservation land at Wharekirauponga, behind Whangamata.

Pamela said Green voters in the Coromandel electorate would be feeling totally let down and angry to hear this.

Green Party Co-leader Marama Davidson said the Greens were strongly opposed to the decision and were committed to stopping new mining activities on or under public conservation land.”

“We’ve worked hard this term to try and stop new mining on conservation land, to implement the speech from the throne commitment.

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“We have advocated for the expansion of Schedule 4 of the Crown Minerals Act so more of our precious natural landscapes are protected.

“Unfortunately the three parties in government have been unable to reach agreement.

“It is clear that if New Zealanders want to protect precious conservation areas from being dug up by miners that they need to ensure there is a stronger Green voice in the next government.

“Even when you have mining underneath conservation land – there are still risks to local flora and fauna; and a risk of subsidence.

“Instead of expanding mining on this taonga, we should be focusing on long term sustainable work in the region, ensuring clean water and thriving nature.”