Gerry Brownlee is openly insinuating a conspiracy the Government is hiding virus details – this is dangerous

Gerry Brownlee is just asking questions


If National are going to be so irresponsible as to openly insinuate a conspiracy at the same time fringe political leaders are also calling on their members to protest on the streets without masks…

…then National have lost the moral high ground to postpone the election.

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They are not trying to hold the Government to account as the loyal Opposition, they are openly feeding conspiracy theories that risk destabilising civil society.

What National are doing now is incredibly dangerous.

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    • Yes Richard Christie, I agree.
      People in general, should be very careful about insinuations.
      People with glass windows in their glasshouses should be very careful about throwing stones and insinuations.
      Shouldn’t they Gerry?

  1. Collins/Browlee Press Conference a big pity party .

    MSM and Collins/Browlee are not calling the shots ,don’t let them or take the bait

  2. The fact that Brownlee actually thinks this gives evidence he is the type of person that would do what he is suggesting is taking place.
    Given his appalling history at the Christchurch airport and the Christchurch earthquake rebuild, he’d be better off not saying anything at all. Idiot.

    • I feel like Brownlee is truly incompetent and he has carried on since the Chch earthquakes, in the same ilk. Complete incompetence, ive heard that some ppl got quite suicidal trying to get through to him.

  3. ‘Billy Bunter’- Brownlee is now a foil hat operator is he?

    Maybe he will say eventually it’s an invasion from Mars?????

  4. Does he realise that his supporters are the ones who will be gathering in large groups and potentially too sick to vote for him in at the election? Maybe he hasnt thought it through? He has form on that.

    • And a distraught Auckland business woman on TV news tonight saying she feels the government has let her down.
      Dunno what she expects Jacinda to do.. Spray her shop with bleach?
      Her logic is the sort of thing that Gerry and Judith are trying to exploit.Sadly it’ll work for some.
      Interesting to watch CNN on New Zealand’s and Jacinda’s strategies. Nothing but praise and admiration.
      Judith must be seething.

  5. What Brownstain and Chucky suggested today was absolutely disgraceful and should have no place in NZ politics.

    Ardern and Bloomfield according to them have known there is community spread but kept it to themselves until it suited to release the details. Reminded me very much of the cheating partner that cheats repeatedly themselves so falsely accuses their partner of cheating. Ardern’s response to this garbage was beautiful. She said “to suggest she knew about community spread and the implications to people’s lives and livelihoods but kept it to themselves is nonsense and that’s all I have to say about that” It highlighted what a class act she is and what despicable people Chucky and Brownstain really are.

    Collins also spouted off how the Government has to consult with them on significant issues and how Ardern didn’t consult, only informed prior to notifying the country last night. Collins hates being powerless and is desperate to put Ardern on the back foot. Ardern then schooled her that she doesn’t have to consult with the opposition at all. That only applies in the days after the election.

    The most amusing aspect of Chuckys press conference today was her call to delay the election. National are reeling that it’s a Covid election just as Ardern stated. EXACTLY what they didn’t want and have been at pains to change the narrative to it being all about the economy hence them wheeling John Key out to spout off the election was no longer about the Covid crisis, that’s gone, it was now all about the economic crisis. Chucky was like a spoiled brat demanding the election date be delayed (until it suits her and is not about covid ). She couldn’t say that of course so farcically talked about democracy. What she really meant, of course, was “I only get one shot at being the PM. I’ve waited decades for this moment and it’s critical that all factors are in my favour when the election day is”.

    I could understand talk of delaying the election if level 3 was going to extend past 14 days but at this stage, it’s only for 3 days. Chucky showed her hand again today and it was ugly. A vile power play where she and Brownstain attempted to drag Ardern down to their latrine rodent level. Yet another epic fail.

  6. Either Billy TK or Gerry Brownlee will shortly be voicing their suspicions that garden gnomes are carriers of COVID-19.
    It just depends on which one thinks of it first.

  7. Attempted classic pinser movement:

    1/ Brownshirt attempting to cast suspicion and insinuating dishonesty and skulduggery ,…

    2/ Chucky attempting to cast the govt in an un democratic light regards media coverage and election date.

    And what do we really get out of them? Roads. Criticism of covid19 measures but no real answers themselves. Except encouraging private security and isolation wards…and opening borders. I’ll bet John Key is red-faced now.

  8. The “Running Late for a Plane Pie Eater” that is Gerry Brownlee really needs to enter into the world of reality instead of behaving like a Village Idiot.
    I have said this elsewhere but to me the MPs of the NZ National Party come across as being Empty Vessels. That is they lack Compassion, Caring and Empathy. They have/hold/possess absolutely no substance.
    They are a Nothing of Any Much Value political party that has long passed its ‘Best Before” date for existence.
    If anyone voting at the next election wants to vote wisely then I suggest they DON’T vote National. All National care about is MONEY, MONEY and MORE MONEY for themselves especially.
    If they ever possessed an ounce of caring about New Zealanders instead of stupid and juvenile Upmanship they might have shown it by now. But I don’t think being a human being with faults, mistakes and admitting they are wrong is within their nature or make-up. They deem themselves as being perfection upon the planet and hopefully that will be their ultimate fault and destruction.
    Kia Kaha New Zealand. The world is an uncertain place but it’s up to us all to pull together and care about each other even though the NZ National Party will never, ever care about us.

  9. If it works for Gerry it’ll work for others. Surely we haven’t all signed up to be some election choirboys and choirgirls. It’s no good complaining after the game when you’ve lost that the ref let them get away with blue murder. Gerard Anthony Brownlee I see. GAB. Now he’s in absolutely desperate street every time the slob opens his gob you know he’s going to be gabbing mischief and nonsense.
    The only thing to be lost I suppose is dignity and he and his witchy boss have none to lose.

    • Brilliantly said. I can only add that his performances in parliament are that of a disgusting bully. No amount of improvement will occur whilst he is in parliament buildings.

      • You don’t give him due credit. Not just a ‘disgusting bully.’ Consistently (the evidence is on tape) he was being a petulant, dumb bully.

  10. Sgt Schultz did what Woodlouse has become famous for – making up shit and scaremongering.

    Of course he knows he’s safe with Chucky’s zero-accountability standards for her tribe of losers, demonstrated by her protection of Woodlouse.
    Remember him Chucky?
    He threatened Kiwis with his “have we got enough bodybags?” tweet ‘expose’.
    And withheld information about two Covid exposed individuals traversing the North Island.
    And postulated an imaginary homeless hotel gatecrasher.
    And posed with a picture of his electoral opponent’s face on a toilet seat.

    The guy is a lowlife coward – I guess he fits your party well, eh Chucky?

  11. The only good thing I can think of to say about Jabba the Hutt is that, with so much lard surrounding his vital organs, he is a prime candidate for an early grave.

  12. I wouldn’t blow too much over it. Brownlee will never contest the offical propaganda/perception management narratives any more than TDB will –
    Speaking of which, John Pilger reported: “In the 1970s, I met Leni Reifenstahl, close friend of Adolf Hitler, whose films helped cast the Nazi spell over Germany. She told me that the message in her films, the propaganda, was dependent not on “orders from above” but on what she called the “submissive void” of the public.
    “Did this submissive void include the liberal, educated bourgeoisie?” I asked her.
    “Of course,” she said, “especially the intelligentsia….When people no longer ask serious questions, they are submissive and malleable. Anything can happen.”

    And, It is.

  13. Oh for God’s sake. It’s not dangerous. It’s hilarious.
    I would be surprised if anyone took the slightest notice of what the Big Jizz says. People are still waiting for him to sort out the Canterbury earthquakes cluster fuck. ( Made good coin though, aye boys? )
    I think I’d be safe in assuming that the national party are, in reality, thanking all the Gods they’re not the gubbimint during c-19. If they were, they’d be fucked and so would we.
    The best thing about c-19 is that it’s making mostly fat mince meat out of shallow, shambling, loser national.
    Those losers can count your money but they’d be fucked in the real world.
    Just like trump. national needs to drop it’s dopey blue theme and adopt an orange one.
    ” National. Thousands sick and dying but hooray! It’s business as usual! “

  14. He (Gerry) was trying so hard to contain himself too. He’s just a bulldozer that never fails to break-down halfway through the job.

    Just leave Gerry. He really holds up Question Time too, with his often ridiculous Points of Order.

  15. Would this conspiracy have been better timed to occur AFTER parliament was dissolved and AFTER an election date was locked and loaded?

  16. It seems a shame to commit this song to Mr Brownshirt , it being from one of my favorite artists,… but I could only see the correlation at least between the title ‘ The Slider’ and snakes… and Mr Brownshirt…

    Inasmuch as the line, ” And when I’m sad,… I slide ! ”

    And there can be no doubt both he, Chucky and all of their mates are sliding. Thank you Marc Bolan and T Rex . You will be remembered.

    The Slider – Marc Bolan & T Rex

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