ACT – freedom for guns but not much freedom for personal cannabis choice 


The saddest bit about David Seymour’s descent into redneck populism as opposed to political principle is the yawning hypocrisies it exposes.

Now that ACT have been hijacked by the NZ NRA, their interests eclipse actual belief in freedom and personal choice.

ACT are all about guns now, yet are silent when it comes to cannabis reform.

ACT aren’t about personal choice to smoke a joint, they are about the personal choice to own the toy machine gun of choice for gun fetishists.

Some freedoms are more important than others.

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Powerful lobby groups help decide which ones matter for ACT now.

We need an intervention strategy to save David from the gun fetishists.

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  1. This article reminds me of Nick Smith debating cannabis law with Chloe Swarbrick.

    There seems to be a bit of abandoning principles going around too.

  2. That chap holding the rifle appears to be the ‘Brown Bess’ musket,… I am interested in black powder firearms, moreover… the versatility and pragmatic use of the 12 gauge shotgun , both solid shot and birdshot. It is the nearest thing we have to the historic Blunderbuss.

    I am an archer.

    I dislike firearms because of their mechanical nature and propensity to scare game.

    I was a crack shot at short range with a bow. Range from around 20m to 30 meters. From age 15 to around my mid twenties. I used a Kauri shortbow with whitey wood shafts, bone arrowheads and turkey feather fetching’s. To the best of my knowledge they are still in the Massey archery club in Auckland when I donated it to them. Along with the South African tribes weapons that hung beside them.

    And I was good with the equivalent of the Atlatl Spear Thrower, I stood and studied Australian spear throwing spears and the Atlatl ( Woomera ) for hours at the Auckland museum. I made glass tips, and spears over 6 feet long and less than one inch thick. I could heft them further than Olympic javelin throwers.

    I dont like firearms.

    But I do have an interest in history and primitive but effective weaponry. And I can tell you right now what its extremely capable of doing. As for the ACT party gun lobby?… they talk of pest control. I am more of a modern day hunter gatherer. But I’m sure we can come to some compromise.

    But you sure as hell dont need semi automatics and automatic rifles and shotguns to bump off a few rabbits. Not with the sort of silencers and high velocity projectiles that are on the market today…

    How To Shoot A Bow Comanche Style

    Mongolian Archery Technique Analysis 1# Thumb Draw side on Horseback

  3. Yes act are a bunch of two faced hypocrites. Under act people are entitled to have a high powered gun to shoot rabbits, they can tell a GP to put them to out of there misery, yet people can’t have a f…n joint. Double standards, yeah! And to make matters worse they want to reinstate the 90 day bill when employers can already get rid of bad workers by employing them on a casual contract and not renewing their contract if they are useless. Employment agencies already do this and so does the universities. Then they want to get rid of our grannies winter payment, take back the 20$ beneficiaries increase to name a few. Must be a bunch of sick depraved people voting for this lot. This lot talk about personal choice but only on a selective basis.

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