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  1. Big Gerry on RNZ this morning talking about face masks. Why would anyone vote for such a confused person? The country is safe because there is no community transmission so no face masks required. The country is not safe because the Govt is incompetent but face masks still not required. Just more Boris Johnson ‘stay home, don’t stay home’ rubbish. Can’t imagine he gained any new voters for the Nats. More likely he lost some votes with such a childish display. Can we have more big Gerry speaking his mind please? Breaking news….Govt asks nation to keep some drinking water and food available in case of a natural disaster…Gerry says ‘why now, what is the Govt not telling us, we haven’t had a natural disaster in months, questions must be asked’. Fool.

  2. A fleet of Chinese “ghost ships” were falsely reporting their location within New Zealand waters while they fished off the Galapagos Islands.

    Ecuador’s government raised the alarm last month after a flotilla of about 260, mostly Chinese flagged, vessels arrived in international waters close to the marine reserve.

    Stuff can reveal that six of the fleet are transmitting false information via their Automatic Identification System transponders, which make them appear to be fishing in New Zealand waters. Stuff, Chinese Vessels Cloaking in NZ

    • How do we know they are Chinese vessels. It may be some other group hiding under Chinese flags or identity?
      No-one is to be trusted these days it seems.

  3. What the EPA says and what the EPA does are two different things. Exporters win while the environment, Kiwis, and the planet all lose. In this case it’s the forestry log exporters who don’t have to worry about reducing one of their toxic outflows this year, despite having had ten years to sort it out! The exporters are basically giving us the finger while the EPA shrugs and burps.

    Two years ago, the Environmental Protection Authority told Stuff that after October 28, 2020, anyone using the ozone-depleting gas methyl bromide for pest fumigations would have to recapture and destroy all emissions.

    It was a “hard deadline” set in 2010, said Dr Fiona Thomson-Carter, the EPA’s then-general manager of hazardous substances. If industries such as forestry couldn’t show they were using recapture technology for all fumigations, “you’re not going to be able to use [methyl bromide] in New Zealand”.

    They were hollow words.

    In July, an EPA decision-making committee agreed to waive the deadline for six months, until April 28, 2021, just as community groups feared would happen. Community Anger As Toxic Gas Controls Waived

  4. There’s been a lot of talk about getting your own stash of face masks sorted out, just in case.. Remembering the panic buying that happened during early stages of Lockdown, it makes sense. I’ve ordered some now.

  5. I see heather do please me allen is calling us cowards for not wanting to open our borders to more foreigners and rich overseas business peoples. How dare she call us cowards who the fuck does she think she is.
    And then we have john who wants rich a- mirror- cans to be able to come and build mansion providing tens to hundreds of jobs for our builders. Based on his job numbers, where exactly are they going to be building these mansions and on what land and how long does he expect that work to last. I for one am sick of these rich arrogant pricks trying to tell us what to do and what is best when they have the means to keep themselves safe.

      • Thanx CG, – I am concerned about the logging toxic gases this time – but there is so much to do with the mostly foreign owned logging industry that needs attention, not least for us to STOP selling our land to them! That is so very wrong.

  6. Further to 5/8 post called ‘Woked by your own petard’ re Coco Cantina restaurant and getting too picky about whether others are keeping to new narrow rules of respect for other cultures. – Reply to D’Esterre.
    Could be her/his own Greek name. What a froufrou when they should be minding their own business which apparently is or was turning out great food. Perhaps they have been watching too many prima donnas (Italian?) on television. Perhaps we need one day a month? when we don’t criticise any one and just let everyone be.

    This is a para from an article on food in NZ Geographic ‘The Future of Food’ about Coco Cantina.
    Coco’s Cantina is famed for its great food, particularly its excellent steaks, but also for its commitment to doing good. Sustainability is one of the restaurant’s key goals. It’s no joke that the wait staff wear shirts that read ‘Be Kind’. They care for people and their environment and they go to great lengths to ensure everyone they work with does too.
    So perhaps we should all pull back and let the matter drop.

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