Listen to the landlords and gun fetishists howl – you know Jacinda is doing her job when they scream


Listen to the greedy landlords howl that they won’t be able to throw tenants onto the streets any longer and listen to the gun fetishists scream they can’t have their favourite toys.

The greedy scum landlords have victimised and punished the poor for far too long and hearing them scream is music to my ears.

Louder greedy landlords, scream louder.

As for the gun fetishists and their protest in Ashburton, you can protest all you like, the rest of civil society doesn’t believe you should have had those types of guns in the first place.

I beg you Landlords and Gun Fetishists to coalesce around ACT so all the toxicity that you represent can all be branded on one Political Party so the Left can paint David into that corner.

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  1. If these new laws result in less stock and affordability – what then? Nationalize rental stock? Build 20 story slum towers in Sandringham, Mt Albert and Onehunga?

    It’s going to be wildly amusing when all the housing parameters are worse in 12 months time. Moreover I expect the default position will be to blame Covid – this will become the new “9 years of neglect”…..

    • Frank, you make it sound as they this Christian soldiers masquerading as Landlords are doing this for the betterment of the nation. Which of course they are not.

      These landlords are also investors, they either want to make a living selling space to those less well off for as much as they can extract out of them and then that little bit more for the least in return and or they want the same less fortunate, that they look upon with contempt, to pay their mortgages for them on their investments “for their retirement”. The fact many have paid next to no tax over the years through scheming negative gearing and rental subsides also makes landlords and housing investors leaches on the taxpayer. They never stop taking!

      But the irony is some renters would rather not but investors have ensured there is less housing stock around because these greedy pricks want lots of houses and lots money and this, in turn, drives up the price of the most basic homes to unaffordable levels. And renters have to endure some of the biggest arseholes modern society produces, paying rent to them.

      Landlords are by far the biggest bludgers bar none and are a drag on this economy. It is not an ecosystem worth keeping and I hope that this kind of law-making continues.

      • As someone that owns their own house but no rentals I have no beef either way. I look at the issue from an affordability and supply issue and then assess whether an action will improve or worsen the current situation. The legislation just passed very likely will worsen the situation.

        However if you are looking at this issue from a negative, vengeful position then sure, this legislation will satisfy your anger.

        Objectivity versus emotion.

        • You object to everything the government does Frank, seems you are a very vengeful and angry man.
          “The legislation just passed very likely will worsen the situation.”

          • No I don’t hence “very likely”. However I am quite confident.

            Tell you what Bert i’ll shout you a round if the rental market is better 12 months from now

          • +100 Frank the Tank and saveNZ

            …why are there not more rental properties available?

            ….why are there houses standing empty, owned by foreign investors?

            ….why are NZers without houses?

            ….why are NZ houses unaffordible for young NZers?

            ( answer: too many immigrants, too many rich immigrants( in comparison with NZers) and too many rich overseas foreign investors)

          • +100 saveNZ and Frank the Tank….btw my comments are not getting through these days ….censorship ?

      • As the state has fallen behind on building state houses if it was not for these” terrible” people buying an investment property the houses would all belong to a select few with lots of money and usually a hard heart. The way the market is at the moment most rentals are owned by ordinary people just wanting to stand on their own feet just like the 1 man self employed people who make up our population . I wonder if you have ever put your future on the line to make a comfortable living for your family and achieved without being envious of those with ambition

        • “I wonder if you have ever put your future on the line to make a comfortable living for your family and achieved without being envious of those with ambition”

          “Future on the line”, what fucking ever. The housing investor market is set up for a certain band of pre existing home owners who have it made. It’s about as low risk as you can get. What it is, is greed. How much makes you comfortable Trevor, how many houses can you take off the market, denying first home buyers a chance to sate your lust for your future. The truth is the more you and your ilk can snap up, the more losers have to rent. Repulsive isn’t it?

          Never quite enough toys, enough trips away? Of course it’s never about the investor, no way, he or she are doing it for “the family”. I’ve heard them all mate.

          No Trevor I get by, I don’t need investment homes “for my grandchildrens future”, and definitely not off the back of taxpayers nor off people who dare to want to own a home at an affordable price so they can actually have a roof over their head rather than forking out over priced rent to pay some arseholes mortgage.

          Cut the shit, standing on ones own feet means just that and the exact opposite of housing investments. That illustration says it all.

  2. Good article , Mr Bradbury. Yes indeed it will be good to see the feathers clipped of these landlord exploiters. It was not our choice they chose to go into debt by dealing with Aussie banks , but it was theirs and to pass the costs on to tenants. At a profit in most cases might I add. For far too long these exploiters have had it all their own way with no recourse for tenants.

  3. The new standards will increase the value of the property so the landlords need to stop the whinging. Rentals and buying a house in our country is far too high, in fact disgusting is the best word to describe this problem.
    And rents are going up and so is food, and every other bloody costs to live.

  4. ooh oooh I know let’s keep handing out visas to um foreign people from anywhere, then practically gift them PR/citizenship oh and then let’s feel sorry for them cause they are mostly from sth east Asia oh and I know let’s call them kiwis even though they ain’t born here and ooh ooh I know let’s give them benefits and statehouses before actual generational kiwis…Oh whats that we are already doing that, yes I know which is why so many people I know are living hand to mouth, living on the streets or in cars, and or having to commit crime to survive cause WINZ is a pack of you know what. Yay, let’s keep moving and doing this!!!

    • @ Tuibelle…+100% agreement …tell that to the Greens

      …imo the Greens are a liability to Labour

      …the globalist politically correct Wokie Greens would prefer to attack New Zealanders for lack of housing and benefits and jobs and social welfare when you dont have a job

      …and then increase taxes on hard working NZers

  5. Most of these measures will simply drive rents up in order to continue to make it worthwhile for the landlord to rent out their property. Indeed, there comes a point where they will just sit on empty properties (something that is already happening BTW) if renting it out becomes too much of a hassle. After all, the rent is merely the cream, the real profit has always been capital gain. Needless to say this will drive UP rents, since the total rental property pool will decrease. Slow clap(?).

    • +100 Nitrium…and there are already many overseas owned NZ houses which are empty

      ( the blame NZer meme… by the pro -globalists who actually are creating the problem by allowing excessive immigration, and overseas ownership of NZ housing, and driving up the price of NZ housing… is out of fashion)

      Cant wait for the Election…

  6. Trev kiwi build hasn’t worked but state house building is on the rise.
    Now national are not the housing party you and frank the tank need to get that fact into your head. National are the ‘lets sell the houses party’, okay and this fact has been proven when dopey jacqui dean said they built 30,000 houses on TV. National are also ‘there is no housing crisis party’, okay that is another proven fact. (9yrs of this) Now we have john who wants to bring in rich a- mirror- cans to provide work for tens of hundreds of NZ builders. Fuck what are they building another village or town based on johns numbers. Now can we really trust this lot on housing with there track record ? I say nah! Akshully can we trust them at all?

  7. I dont think NZ gun owners are “fetishists” nor do they “howl”…they are highly responsible and they will vote.

    They did not like being blamed for the mass murder by a lone AUSTRALIAN at the Christchurch mosque( which had been peaceably there for many years)…or being branded as white Male supremacist racists by the Greens

  8. Nitrium our rates have just gone up again and our local Hutt Valley Council are looking at charging more for the new large bins recycling system that has just recently been imposed on Whanganui residence, without consultation by the way. So rents will keep hiking not just because of central government changes but also local government councils who have no money.

  9. Well, I looked at the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill and what changes were made is hardly revolutionary, rather common sense. They have better tenant protection in countries like Germany, where most do rent, and it is time to move to protect people renting, so they can feel they have a home, not a temporary stable for transient cattle, which is how some landlords treat tenants.

    It must end this casino game speculation BS that housing is just a commodity to make money with, you have a social responsibility as landlord. Better accept it rather than scream, shout or squeal.

    For good landlords nothing much changes, they will have good tenants pay their rent, look after the property and enable the landlord some extra income, which some may need once they retire.

    • @ Mike, In Germany the tenants live in houses long term (because they have long term jobs not gig economy like NZ where everyone has to move all the time, because you lose your job for no reason then next day they advertise it,

      Other countries have redundancy pay to stop willy nilly redundancies. But in NZ it is the norm to hire, fire, hire, fire. This interferes with renting/housing because tenants and home owners can’t be guaranteed you have a job to stay in the neighbourhood and sign a long term lease or even get a mortgage due to income instability here.

      In Germany rents might be cheaper but you have to put in your own kitchen when you move in. German tenants are not hoodlums and don’t destroy the houses, they paint it and leave the place exactly as they moved in (aka no wear and tear in Germany) even after a 10 year lease.

      Not sure what the housing supply is like in Germany, but in Sweden with very high tenant protection, it might take 7 years to get a house to rent as nobody wants to be a landlord there, thus there is no housing supply to rent.

      It’s the balance that is important for renting… in NZ they need to bring in redundancy pay and have more income stability for people, which then means they stay in a rental longer. There also need to be stricter on the hoodlums destroying and soiling rental accomodation costing tens of thousands of dollars and the ‘wear and tear’ criteria.

      Government need to look at border control and immigration driving up the price of housing and rents. Rents are now falling due to the borders being closed.

      Our housing issues are 75% demand driven by immigration and tourism and 25% due to the high cost of building that is much higher per sq/m that other countries like OZ. This is because of the demand driven ponzi immigration pulling in labour hire construction workers on cash, creating a stew of undercutting and poor quality and discouraging locals from going into the trades as the wages keep being lowered.

  10. Some real statistics:

    54% increase in gangs in NZ using guns.

    In Australia whos laws we are aping, 90% of gun homicides involve an unregistered firearm. But a register works?

    99% of gun crime in NZ is committed by unlicensed people

    73% of gun crime in NZ is committed by Maori and Pacific Islanders.

    So I’d say there is squirming and there is pointing out obvious wrongful scapegoating and absolute stupidity in what the new laws are doing.

    Be happy being less safe because that’s where we are going.

    • +100 Keepcalmcarryon …yup no doubt the irony of this will be lost on the Wokie Greens and their supporters who howl shrilly….

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