What Green Party does a Labour majority Government want?


Watching Weka scramble around on the Standard trying to beg left wing voters to vote  Greens is glorious isn’t it?

It’s like Green activists spend 3 years alienating the electorate and then realise months before the election that their woke middle class identity politics virtue signalling hasn’t won them any friends.

Surprise, surprise.

Last election TDB called on the Left to Party vote Green so Labour could be in a position to negotiate a deal with NZ First, but this election Labour look like they will win an outright majority.

As the political punditry start to come around to the argument TDB has been making that Labour will win a majority Government, what sort of Green Party does a Labour majority Government want?

Scenario 1 – Greens win 5%+

As a majority Government, Labour wouldn’t need the Greens and will have a whole new influx of former National Party voters so Labour won’t be implementing any of the Greens more radical tax policy but it would probably be smart for Labour to include the Greens in any post election arrangement to keep their own liberal activists on side and the Greens on a tight leash. Expect very few concessions from Labour

Scenario 2 – Greens under 5% but win Auckland Central

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In this scenario Chloe Swarbrick wins Auckland Central and brings in MPs off the Green Party List, she would have to become co-leader of the Party and Labour would have to include her in the Government to avoid her being able to attack Labour from the Left. In this scenario the Greens could gain more out of any negotiation. Chloe as leader poses far more threat to Labour than the current leadership do.

Scenario 3 – Labour doesn’t win a majority and need Greens

If Labour don’t win an outright majority, the Green negotiating team will need to prioritise the policy they want passed in the first 100 days so they can show voters meaningful change and don’t end up in the same position of barely getting over 5% they are in now. That would require the kind of strategic forward thinking the Greens haven’t managed to show over the last 3 years.


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  1. Agreed. Last election I voted greens to keep them around and a lot of labour voters did the same, when they gave the nats their q’s and when Golriz on day one called Andrew little “corrupt” for briefing I lost my mind. I think the greens mean well but as an LGBT+ I find their obsession with rainbow rights insincere, I think they are pandering for votes and the LGBT + is not a static community and the majority of us don’t vote Green and I think it does more harm than good for them to be openly hateful of straight white men and I feel that the party is more bourgeoisie than national. I’m furious about what the green party did to pride and this obsession with political correctness. They need to get back to having radicals and the left wing libertarian faction that was weary of govt and corporates back on board instead of being the PC police.

    Here’s what I hope happens: Labour get 51% and governs alone the greens get 5-6% and become the true opposition Helen Clark era style and hold labour to the fire. The greens are popular in opposition and I think another term in govt straight away will end them where as they can raise their vote significantly in opposition especially if labour becomes the new centerist political machine , leaving the greens to maximize the left vote as an insurance for a third term govt. If the greens get 10% in 2023 labour will be unable to keep them out of cabinet but labour gets super close to a majority but needs a few green seats they will get nothing but the current c/s agreement. So hopefully labour gets a full majority so the greens can out a gun to its head in 2023

  2. The best marketing for The Greens is simply a cheap, efficient, integrated and on-time national public transport system. Yup, those trains will be coming in bang on time again lads.

  3. I know it’s bloody tempting at times, just as it is for TS to pick up on TDB’s dirty linen (more from commenters than posters) but there are better things to spend your energy on.
    It really is time “the Left” (and not even the Left, but humanity) got its shit together.
    So far, despite the wet and the woke Greens so-called “representatives”, that’s where I see the best option,
    of course – in this space going forward. It’d be a Labour/GreemMMP klishun in the political ecosystem.

  4. I will err on the side of caution and party vote Green. Like I did last election. You may have ‘a whole new influx of former National Party voters’ but these are the swing voters, more or less the centrists.

    What you are going to see is an aggressive , last ditch stand by a significant amount of tribal Nat voters. Lets not give them a chance. And not forget that many of them have moved over to ACT, the very party of Roger Douglas, the party of the neo liberal theft of New Zealand.

    Thus, it is Labour and the Greens we need to see winning the election. That is, if we wish to see the continued destruction of the anti democratic ACT/ neo liberal consensus. Never mind their Amerikana talk of free speech, gun laws and personal ambition, they are anathema to the community/ communal way of arriving at a consensus. They are takers, not givers. Thieves and liars. Never forget that.

    I will party vote Green to put the boot into ACT, as I did last election, although I would have preferred to vote Labour or NZ First. Labour will get my electoral vote.

    However, as for the mad cat lady over on the Standard?,… she has already dug her own grave with her penchant for muting/ banning anyone who disagrees with her narrow opinion.

    She is a bitch.

    • “the anti democratic ACT/ neo liberal consensus”…….”They are takers, not givers. Thieves and liars. Never forget that.”
      Amen to that WK.
      ACT promote selfishness and predation. The neoliberal values that party is built on are not only repulsive in the extreme to anyone who cares about family, friends and community, but they are now thoroughly discredited. After 30 long years of watching the spectular failure of Rogernomics, why anyone with a normal emotional spectrum and average intelligence would ever consider supporting them is beyond all understanding!!
      For the gun nutters, there are other options. But to vote for ACT is not only throwing the baby out with the bathwater, it’s selling the baby into slavery, prostituting the mother, and forcing the public to buy the dirty bathwater to drink ‘cos all the good stuff has been bottled up and sold by your local foreign-owned water bottling plant.

    • Yep agreed The Standard is dictatorial in Nature and restricts free thought blogs and are slapped down if it differs from her opinions. She is a bitch.

    • Wild Katipo and CleanGreen, don’t do that.

      Why start name-calling a true, committed Lefty/ Greenie, whom I am reasonably sure you have never met in real life. And no, I’m NOT asking for a list of “things she did” or whatever. Any blog, any site has to set its own limits at some point. And where those limits are set, resentment inevitably breaks out in those caught on the other side of those limits.

      There are freaks like that weirdo who was making heavy duty threats against Martyn, remember? Well that scenario begins when someone hoards up resentment, and then starts putting it out there. Do NOT go down that road, ok? Not one step further.

  5. Aw for Gods sake ! Greens ? Go and get the farmer! They’re our primary industry but have been forced into wasteful and polluting ways to satisfy the unbridled greed of four foreign owned banks and their greedy, flouncy, sundry fucking cling-ons. Fucking Glad Wrap people. The moment they see a dollar of someone else’s they want to wrap themselves around it.
    Is there a clearer way of writing that? If so? Then I’d like to read it. I could do with a laugh.
    Here’s a metaphor.
    When one must climb a ladder, what must one do?
    One must start with the first rung. Foot on…. then the next. Difficult for some to comprehend but keep trying, you’ll get the hang of it. Lift the leg to which the foot is attached, ( If you discover that it isn’t? Best call an ambulance. ) now, place that foot upon the rung and extend the leg…? Behold! A bit higher! Amazing, right? Defying gravity! Better views! All in all, a win-win.
    The National Party have brainwashed the farmer into believing that the Green Party are the enemy when, in reality, The Green Party should, indeed must, be hand in glove with our farmers.
    I’m a bloody farmer, I should know.
    Jesus wept? Sometimes, I just go what the fuck! I’ve met Gerbils with a greater understanding of life and everything.
    A gerbil is a small mammal of the subfamily Gerbillinae in the order Rodentia. Once known as desert rats, the gerbil subfamily includes about 110 species of African, Indian, and Asian rodents, including sand rats and jirds, all of which are adapted to arid habitats. Wikipedia

  6. Scenario 4: The Greens get less than 5% and no electorate and are out of Parliament, and Labour don’t get an outright majority, and things are pretty shit.

    • If the Greens are out it is a risk i am willing to take in giving them my party vote.
      If the Maori party can come in on a couple of the Maori seats and wrestle them off Labour then that will be a coalition partner for the next three years but i expect Labour will fight hard to retain the seats won last time.
      Labour according to Adern are not doing electorate deals to rescue Winston or the Greens with backing Chloe in Auckland central.
      So that means that should the Greens follow NZF in plunging to irrelevancy in terms of falling under 5% then no friends for a Labour led government.
      An outright majority still may not happen so the only other nightmare scenario is Seymour and the nutters club.
      Surely not.

  7. I’ll be voting for serious climate change addressing and serious increase in benefits as per the poverty report. Greens.

  8. We are voting NZF as we need a lever to labour’s wild right wind swing to building more roads.
    NZF want more regional rail not roads.

    • +100 cleangreen…I also will vote NZF

      ( referendum on 1080, keeping immigration down to 15,000, jobs and housing for NZers, support for elderly, employment for NZers, opposition to sale of state assets ….also Winnie supporting the NZ flag as opposed to John Keys and the WANKER Greens support for changing it to RED PEAK!)

      ….the rest of the family will vote Labour, because of Jacindas brilliant leadership on keeping NZers safe from the virus

      ….and one Gen Z outlier will vote ACT or possibly NZF because he was outraged at Green wokie opposition to freedom of speech and also the blaming of white law abiding NZer gun owners for the AUSTRALIAN loner mass murderer mosque attack

    • @cleangreen…there needs to be free dental and gum care….nothing undermines health and wellbeing more than rot and bad bacteria in the mouth as well as old mercury fillings….My heart goes out to those who can not afford essential oral health…it affects everything including heart health

      ….no new roads and free oral and dental health

  9. Every time there is a natural disaster and the news is full of people with ruined homes, we think, “why didn’t they just have insurance”? Currently, a good insurance policy for Greens and Labour would be to assist Chloe win the seat in Auckland Central.

    If Labour wins its majority and/or the Greens clear 5% then they have lost nothing. But a near shortfall in Labour’s majority combined with Green’s missing the 5% by a whisker would be a political disaster.

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