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  1. Despite the brilliance of JA and 4 or 5 of her Ministers (plus maybe Tamati), there is just no way I can vote Labour after a lifetime in the coming election.
    The 2/3 tier benefit system; the treatment of immigrants brought here on false pretences and having the rules changed on them; OT failings; MSD et al at a time that if ever there was an opportunity for change, it is now.

    I L-G’s valedictory just reinforced my intentions. It started out well with mea culpas and all. When it got to the point he mentioned how bloody wonderful the people he deals with in his portfolio (such as INZ and others in MBIE), it became as plain as day. Rhubarb Rhubarb Rhubarb nod nod nod in agreement from those surrounding the very nice but out of touch bloke.
    I doubt JA and the 4 or 5 brilliant in the team, with the amount of others surrounding them, more concerned about how wonderful they think they are, are just not going to be able to bring it all together. The best that can happen is a continuation of the past 3 years (which is better that a gNat alternative of course), but its not going to go anywhere near what is needed.

        • Generally I’d agree, but when you start to run out of time, martyrdom becomes a luxury.
          I’m just as happy to do unto others as they would have done to me (I I I me me me) just as I am to sit back and watch – and worry about the legacy many of my peers seem comfortable with leaving the generations that follow

    • Especially when JA said yesterday that “don’t expect any big Labour policies this election”

      I couldn’t believe that statement as she has single handedly saying; – “I am not making any promises that you can blame me for not honoring this time”


      What about her number one promise “to tackle ‘climate change as the nuclear moment of our generation’?????????

      Does that now not count any more to her?


      I am voting NZF.

      • Can’t do NZF sorry. Exceptionalism and populist, “retail” politicians with egos the size of a bus is the reason the World’s in a mess. Think Shane and Bolsenaro and Modi and Netanyahu and Duterte and Trump.

  2. Promise not kept; – so where the hell is our public tv channel Kris Faafoi???????

    “Making sure we have our own television and radio stations means our diverse voices can be heard and we have the ability to share our stories.
    “Labour believes public broadcasting should focus on the public good,

    Labour’s commitment to public broadcasting
    Posted by Kris Faafoi on September 01, 2014
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    A Labour Government will set up a working group to re-establish a public service television station as part of our commitment to ensuring New Zealand has high quality free-to-air local content.
    “We will set up a working group to report on the cost and funding options of rebuilding a public service television channel,” Labour’s Broadcasting spokesman Kris Faafoi said today.
    “This channel will set out to educate, inform and entertain all Kiwis, including our youngest. It’s long term vision is to achieve this wherever Kiwis may be. Whether this is at home, on the move or overseas.
    “This station is likely be within Radio New Zealand and the working groups work will importantly include setting a path for the future of online content delivery in the fast converging media market.
    “The public service television station will have full access to the New Zealand Television Archive and TVNZ’s news video research library. This will significantly reduce content and production costs. It will look closely at the experiences of TVNZ6 and TVNZ7.
    “We will retain current levels of funding for NZ on Air and ensure Radio New Zealand is adequately resourced.
    “Labour will also work with the industry to set up a new omnibus self-regulatory standards body to cover all media complaints. This comes off the back of recommendations set out in the Law Commission Report of March 2013 into the responsibilities and rights of news media in the digital age.

    “Funding for Maori television and iwi radio will be continued and we will provide more support to develop Pasifika and ethnic television and radio programmes. We will also investigate and set a timeline for the development of a Pasifika television channel.
    “To reduce the barrier to community integration for people who are deaf, Labour will improve the level of captioning of television programmes.
    “Making sure we have our own television and radio stations means our diverse voices can be heard and we have the ability to share our stories.
    “Labour believes public broadcasting should focus on the public good, not government dividends or the financial demands of its shareholders.
    To read more about Labour’s broadcasting policy, click here.
    Contact: Kris Faafoi 021 648 859
    Authorised by Kris Faafoi, Parliament Buildings, Wellington

    • Be careful what you wish for Cleangreen – you might get it or a form of it, and find it unsatisfactory in reality.

  3. So Jonkey wants to open our borders for business. WTF? Is this the deflection so JC and the rest of the Nats don’t have to front up for it?

    • Nothing can happen pretty much all the way to 2021 now. The general election being one impediment for border policy change. If numbers of returning Kiwis starts to dip and our isolation facilities start emptying out, (this may take some time), I don’t see any reason why ‘others’ can’t be allowed in on the basis of following the same isolation rules (and payment for cost). Not in favour of ‘privatisation’ of facilities championed by Aunty Helen. Not in favour of University run facilities championed by John Key either. But realistic that borders aren’t closed to foreigners (as already evidenced by Americas Cup and Avatar etc), just restricted. The Republic of Covid 19 free Aotearoa will have allure for many not from our shores. All we need is TV3 to continue their work of exposing holes in our isolation efforts which they do gratis (at the moment). Megan and Digby always on the case to plug the holes exposed. A strange way to run it, but it works (so far).

      • Not in favour of ‘privatisation’ of facilities championed by Aunty Helen.

        That is jaw-droppingly bad. Here is what I read about it: Helen Clark and Privatising Quarantine

        Privatising is the ‘nice’ name for profiteering. Advocating profiteering from Covid Quarantine?? (Good grief, please dear Helen, think about this again?)


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