ZB Watch: Guess from the ZB headline what the poll actually says


Based on this ZB headline, the TVNZ Poll was a near disaster for Labour eh?

Bounces back?

National bounces back?

What did the Poll actually say?

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Labour WENT UP 3 points and National fell 6%!

Based on ZBs headline you would think Labour is falling and National gaining, yet National are declining and Labour is soaring.

This type of biased media coverage is the reason why so many Kiwis are blind to what is actually happening in their own country.

ZB is a disgrace.

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  1. As opposed to Tova’s hit job push poll because Judith leaked to Duncan instead of her? Instead of Jessica Mutch hissing hysterically every time national drops in the polls? Instead of Wendy Petrie barely containing her smile when there was a positive Labour story? Don’t get me started re Stuffed, Red Radio or the Spinoff……

    C’mon Bomber at least give us one media outlet that is at least sympathetic to our plight. America has Fox News, Australia Sky News – surely us on the right deserve at least one media party that doesn’t want to stuff us right-learning people into a concrete suitcase and drop us off the harbour bridge…

    Where’s that left wing charity when you need it?

    • Frank – ” us on the right” should be, “we on the right”.

      I won’t tackle your syntax (and syntax can be fun to play around with) but basic grammar errors are not a good way to start the day – and don’t beg for charity on this one.

    • You don’t deserve any charity chum.
      You want respect?
      Then get yourself a leader that earns and deserves it.
      Not the one you have at the moment.

  2. The mainstream NZ media has long been languishing in the NZ National Party Pocket perhaps since John Key successfully weeded out from say the tabloid NZ herald the more intelligent journalists and replaced the void left with his hand-picked not so intelligent journalists.

    And so I guess we now know where the media lies/sleeps(and lies for National Party purposes)and it isn’t in support of the Coalition government.

    I don’t take much notice of the manipulation of data for the purpose of extolling National by the media. In fact I switch off the sound even when Jessica Mulch McKay comes onto the telly.

  3. ZB just another of the many many biased corrupt right wing owned and controlled NZ ‘media’.
    ‘Frank the tank’ IMHO you’re delusional if you think the NZ media is any but massively right wing biased.

    • Really??? So Stuff has a right-learning bent does it? Look at all the puff pieces daily in the media regarding Jacinda – sure some are earned but FFS how is a child’s 2-year old birthday cake newsworthy? One would think we have the second coming of Christ some days………

      Maybe there should be an independent assessment of how many left-learning and how many right-leaning articles across the MSM on a daily basis – I think the results would surprise you.

      • Frank the Tank – ” How is a child’s 2-year old birthday cake newsworthy ? ”

        A 2-year old birthday cake is pretty newsworthy – it could cause some mighty sore tums for the poor little blighters eating it; most mums bake cakes within a more reasonable sort of time-frame. Or buy them. Or do healthier others.

        But this could just be your syntax issue, so good luck with all that. Whole court cases can hinge on the accurate use of language did you know ?

      • Frank,
        you are sounding more and more like an angry old man every day.
        Go and get your John Key videos and play them over again.
        Might put you in a better mood.

  4. I laughed when I saw that headline, and think it was a combination of wishful thinking and clapped-out brain function, rather than any intention to deceive.

    Or maybe the ‘bounces back’ bit, was Machiavellian manipulation aimed at lulling Nat supporters back into indolent complacency – and tossing in a bit of angst for ESOL learners at the same time. It really was quite funny.

  5. Yes Martyn – I viewed the whole media this morning from
    *RNZ who were absent from much reference to the poll results so ‘NZ Inc’ it seems runs RNZ.
    *to Newshub Breakfast AM Garner was trolling for the National Party.
    *to TV I ‘Breakfast.’
    All were a washy dismissive unlifted sample of the latest Coleman poll to be as ‘nothing to see here.’

    *So we didn’t see the boring down critical review we should’ve expected after the 6 pm release of and review by TV 1 except for reporter Jessica Mutch who was the main standout there thank you Jessica we honour you.

  6. Our NZ media/radio is so bias its like playing a game of sports and your opposition have an extra player. (the ref)
    Our NZ media/radio use scaremongering tactics every election.
    Our NZ media/radio do free electioneering for the right wing parties creating an unfair playing field.
    Our NZ media/radio all need to be put in there place.

    • Hear hear Michelle.
      I honestly believe any independent research would find that the NZ media are basically propaganda for the right wing.
      If Labour step out of line they’ll try and pan them. e.g. Cunliffe’s re: the many 100 ‘s of $ party donation for a bottle of wine, that wasn’t. Phil Goff being lied to (on purpose?) by the spy agencies.
      Compared to Chinese spy in National party and once a minister….NADA….Judith Collins….minimal to NO investigation re: her Dirty Politics, Oil pipe line in Northland, Kauri exports, Helping husband with Milk issue in China. TraitorKey house sale, pony tail pulling (it’s be sexual harassment for anyone not an Natz MP).
      It’s as if the left wing start with -15% of votes, as they will be lied about whilst the Natz will be helped by NZ’s corporate corrupt media as best as can be done, given public mood and how dumb the Natz MP has been. i.e. there’s only so far propaganda can go before it’s seen to be the ‘North Korean’ style equivalent that it is. At least their reporters are scared for their life’s and thus they have to lie. Our lot? I guess money buys their sole.
      I’m NOT a Labour fan. To me they’re more like the UK Blair’s Labour party or TraitorKey lite. Maybe TDB is correct that Winston was a mill-stone. Well it sure looks like we’re probably going to find out, when Labour have a majority and can hide no more.
      Let’s see, if Jacinda has the political will and/or a minor ‘control file’ on her. Or is she just a really lovely person, but non the less is our jailer in Slavelandia.

  7. On today’s AM Show John Campbell said he had averaged out the results of the last seven polls, including the Nats internal poll. If I heard him correctly, the result was identical to this Colmar Brunton poll.

  8. It’s no co-incidence that ZB Newstalk has the highest number of listeners in the plus 60 years bracket.
    The OK Boomer network.


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