The danger of Jami-Lee Ross and conspiracy theorist Billy TK


I think it is crucial that every time the mainstream media refer to Billy TK that they always call him a conspiracy theorist.

Because he is a conspiracy theorist.

His baseline argument is that the Covid virus is a bioengineered weapon helped spread by 5G to enable a shadowy world Government out of the UN.

His Party Director is also on record spreading conspiracy theories on Facebook, as brutally pointed out in this Twitter thread from political researcher Bob Miller

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…the greatest political lies have a kernel of truth. Jami-Lee Ross knows no shame and is prepared to manipulate any movement to remain in power and his ability to drop a bombshell over Chinese Communist donations into National will make the paranoid conspiracies of Billy TK look more credible.

Billy’s rise amongst those who only source their news from Facebook is a new cultural reality and something that needs urgent attention post the election because the rise of the NZPP is a failure of the media market, public education, public broadcasting and basic civics.

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  1. Some of the most judgemental and backward thinking polices and ideas are coming from christian based parties.

    • Yes Michelle but what is new.
      We usually ignore the backward thinking but that may just encourage them.
      Superstition used and institutionalised does not add to reality but befuddles the thinking of weak minded followers.
      It does not deserve even a scrap of respect.

    • In the 40s…. Fascists burnt books and engaged in pogroms… In the 2020s they burn cell towers and flood comments sections on social media and stifle debate with their epic strawman circular “wake up sheeple” Karen, karening.

      It wont be long… Until these quacker, conspiro-loons will be engaging in some deeply repugnant “gillead-eske” type of straight fascist ish…

      “if we tolerate this!…. Then our children will be next!”

      No pasaran! We must call out these ultra conservative, Mussolini, Franco swilling Bible thumping, disinfo spreading proto fascists.

      We must denounce their anti semetic, anti science, anti democratic ramblings.

      Zero tolerance for Karen snake oil!

  2. Yes Martyn we could see that the National Party had taken over ‘RNZ and Newshub’ eary in 2018 after Clare Curren fucked up our chances then

    So it was for sure that we lost ‘Labour’s dream promise of another free to air TV channel’ like TV7 that Helen Clark’s last Labour government had set-up to have a credible public channel with a voice for the public.
    So Labour must get that TV7 type channel up soon.

    • CG.
      Yes we need a publicly owned channel but with editorial freedom to counter the US/UK/Reuters propaganda that RNZ propagates. Any board of director much have a strong independent political mix complete with respected investigative journalist such as John Pilger, Nicky Hagar and other thinkers.

  3. Thanks to Martyn for pointing this out. I was not aware of it. It’s a bit stomach-churning at first read. Then they all start to sound like buffoonish clowns.

    I had thought that Jami-Lee Ross would have been a tad more discerning and a bit more principled than this, agreeing to join with this off-the-planet looney tunes lot just to build numbers? Farcical.

    • I’m not sure that Jamie-Lee understands what it means to have principles. He has always been one of the entitled “born-to-rule” nats. If it advances his interests, he’s in.

  4. You have to call it. However, I suspect many of the readers of this blog are already sympathetic to the conspiracy theories that Billy espouses. Many people I know are persuaded, and it scares the hell out of me.

    • “I suspect many of the readers of this blog are already sympathetic to the conspiracy theories that Billy espouses.” Nope. Disagree strongly. Apart from some of the newer “Righties” that are infecting this site with there drivel, I’d doubt TDB readers are falling for this crap. Throw your insults somewhere else.

    • As a reader of this blog, I can categorically state that I believe Billy TK probably needs assistance with his mental health, and JLR is a slimy opportunist prepared to hitch his wagon to any toxic brand he believes will help him stay relevant. Not everyone who reads TDB is a frothing nutjob. Just saying.

      • Quite agree about the mental health, and when the Public Party/advance NZ all implodes, as it probably will, I hope there are people who will look after Billy, because I think he is genuine, just so far down the rabbit hole that he doesn’t know which way is up. And if you re-read my comment, I don’t suggest that “everyone who reads TDB is a frothing nutjob”. Many people I know who are good people are nevertheless inclined to believe the things that Billy does, and follow him.

  5. Too late Martyn, the genie is out of the bottle. There is huge support for Billy Te Kahika partly because of baffoons like yourself that write off people with genuine concerns. The fact is MSM is a joke.

    • Genuine concerns? Covid-19 is a bioweapon engineered by the Deep State and spread via 5G? Yeah… seems legit.
      And it’s ‘buffoons’.

    • Kane MSM is manipulated to instill what the owners want. But that does not make Billy and co credible.
      Weak minded people need what they see as “strong” leaders and bullshit goes along way with those who cannot discern fiction from evidence based information.

  6. Does anyone any where check actual facts? MSM is suspect. BTK and Kane would not recogniise a fact. JLR is
    in laa laa land.

  7. It is very futting that you used alex jones for this photo is very fitting the language and narratives that billy and ross are using are very directly related to Alex Jones and i thinknit is implausable to believe that they are not somehow getting their ideologues at least on part from there. Alex jones is dangerous and therefore so is Jamie and Billy

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