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  1. The coalition government takes the very reasonable step of suspending the extradition treaty with Hong Kong now that the Chinese central government has openly violated the terms of the 1997 handover.
    Incredibly the National opposition says that they would have done that sooner and that the government were too slow.
    If National were so concerned about democracy in Hong Kong why didn’t they urge the government BEFORE the announcement?
    The reason is obvious, of course.
    No way are National going to take the risk of any insult to the Chinese Communist Party seeing as the CCP are National’s biggest financial contributors. Like biting the hand that feeds you.
    So National can take the coward’s way out by lukewarmly supporting a just and reasonable decision but avoid the political fallout.
    Predictably the CCP calls it an outrageous interference in their domestic policy.
    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.
    The CCP have been meddling in NZ domestic politics for at least the last decade, even paying National to get one of their spies into parliament via the list.

    This Kiwi who has been overseas and now wants to revert to Kiwiland – wants the government to behave like a kindly but rather indulgent, caring relative and calls for compassion for herself. What about compassion from her to us? Wouldn’t we all like compassion and freebies, especially some people who have been forced to sleep outdoors, or find luxury with a roof over their heads in a car, or get their kids teeth seen to because they have no way of giving them nice cooked regular meals – there aren’t any stoves in cars, and it was too wet for the BBQ.

    NZ has soldiered on not doing so well but keeping a semblance of community and good environment, and now more Kiwis respect the deep and lasting value of NZ, and what it can offer them because we all have made sacrifices and been careful. And we want them to come back if they wish, but our border has had important controls imposed to safeguard the country from a more serious bug than we’ve had so far, plus it has caused a worldwide pandemic. Returning Kiwis have to do their bit and fit in with the country they find such a prize and be grateful for NZ and not want to spoil what we have now, or demand freebies, but ask for help through a loan and benefits to get settled in.

    So NZ government, charge the returnees, make them stick to the regs, but help them hire a skype connection for important occasions (like funerals, important family or friends conversations), lend them the money for the hotel stay, and starter funds so they can eat and sleep and travel to family or work. And then they are just like ordinary NZs expect to be, included and putting in to the country and getting out of it what facilitates their lives. It’s not rocket science and the Greens have to ensure they include ‘practical ‘ and fair, when they are thinking along ‘kindly’ lines.

  3. The Vision party is missing two letters on their billboards Di.
    Winstones billboards say ‘Back your future’ more like, ‘back to the future’.
    National equals wrong team, poor jobs & wong economy
    Labour ‘lets keep moving’sound like a bowel motion

  4. Tagging, graffiti – messes up the neighbourhood or is it a signature that we are here for the neighbourhood?
    Can you stab someone to death because they wrote on your fence, or because they drew penises and dripping vaginas? (Saw that one in an underground corridor to a London tube. If it was in Pompeii it would be an amazing artifact.) Is it vandalism? How does it rate on a list of misdemeanours?

    These hip hop artists put out a song about the stabbing death of Pihema Cameron by a white? landowner who had taken umbrage.

    Nelson has had fires in public toilets. A well-grown kauri tree was chainsawed. A lot of things are wasted in the night probably from young males. Do we need a curfew say 12 pm, and off home Cinderella?

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