Judith promises dystopian nightmare horrorscape if elected

Ask her eyebrows if she's being honest.

This is getting really desperate by National now.

Allowing you to dip into your savings so you can survive today is subsistence living…

Election 2020: Covid-19 coronavirus – National’s plan for Kiwis to start their own businesses

National would make it easier for people who have lost their jobs due to the Covid-19 downturn easier to start their own business – with access to KiwiSaver and tax breaks, totaling at least $30,000.

The Business Start policy, launched in Petone today by leader Judith Collins, would allow people to access up to $20,000 of their KiwiSaver funds for a start-up business.

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“It’s your money that you’ve put aside for a rainy day,” she said.

“Well, if you’ve lost your job, it’s not raining, it’s pouring.”

That’s really one hell of an election promise isn’t it? On top of Ghost roads & massive cutbacks in public funding, National will allow you to mortgage your retirement for survival today?

All they are promising is the chance to run out the emergency exits? It’s no dancing cossacks in terms of political marketing, but it’s certainly the dystopian nightmare I’ve come to know and love from Judith.

How grim.


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  1. Well what do you expect from the Grimreaper. She is so desperate, after all this is her one and only chance to be PM and she has already shown she will do and say and whatever it takes. PS. note she has her eyebrows raised does that mean this announcement is yet another joke he he he.

    • true Michelle Judith the grip reaper is also a ‘slash and burn’ agent for continuing John Keys policies again; so no surprise here eh?

  2. National have always secretly wanted to get rid of Kiwisaver, but couldn’t openly do it because it was too popular.
    Instead they watered it down.
    First by getting rid of the government start up lump sum, putting a tax on employer contributions, allowing withdrawals for a first home deposit, etc.
    Kiwisaver was not designed to be just another long term savings scheme.
    It was designed to take some of the pressure off projected exponential growth in government old age expenses, by encouraging people to save for their own retirement.
    This latest policy is just another way of further changing Kiwisaver to just another call account.
    No doubt the business lobbyists will be salivating at the prospect of millions of dollars coming their way, they won’t worry about the prospect of a lot of it going down the tubes because people open businesses that will not be viable in the post- NZ COVID and current world COVID economy.
    They will only be concerned about the now.
    How much money they will make in consultation fees from people’s hard earned savings.

  3. Yet ANOTHER stupid Nats policy announcement.
    Best summed up by this headline (https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/small-business/122279325/national-party-policy-to-fund-startups-with-kiwisaver-nuts-provider-says)

    So on the one hand they’re telling us we can’t afford superannuation and must raise the age of retirement. And on the other they’re advising folk to pilfer the mechanism set up to try and address our retirement saving needs??????
    Bring back “Slushies” Bridges. At least his barking dog schtick was amusing.
    This Nat election campaign has plummeted to pathetic nonsense.

    • ” So on the one hand they’re telling us we can’t afford superannuation and must raise the age of retirement. And on the other they’re advising folk to pilfer the mechanism set up to try and address our retirement saving needs?????? ”
      Spot on Jase.

  4. I dunno… I think if you wanna use it as capital to start a buisness, I mean you can already access it to buy a house and up until 2018 you could access $10 k if you lost your job in extraordinary circumstances.

    I for one think you should be able to access it if you need to get a surgery that is not covered in NZ or if the waiting list is too long.

    I absolutely don’t think it should be used as an alternative to welfare that’s a horrific idea to deal with the failure of our welfare system

  5. Corey at least a house is a safer investment cause one can get ones money back but if a business falls over one get diddly squat, too much risks.

  6. What is so bad about a policy that encourages people to stand on their own feet and carve out a future for themselves. This is the opposite thinking of Labour who rather people are locked into depending on the government for their future.

    • Kiwisaver is supposed to be about retirement, you know so we are not reliant on either housing speculation or living in your car because you are too poor and too infirmed to work. But to these idiots it’s a slush fund to prop up election promises with high risk business start ups. Who needs to save for retirement?

      This of course goes hand in hand with years National slashing Kiwisaver contributions.

      Is living for the day the best these turkeys can come up with as an economic plan?

  7. Oh the irony,

    Collins has a well-earned reputation as a bully toward anyone who has the audacity to disagree with her perspective that she demands you must accept unconditionally.

    Today she tells the media two of her people are being bullied and how she won’t stand for “nasty and dirty” bullying. You must be fucking joking! She would be the last person in NZ to chastise anyone else for alleged bullying. So who are these alleged bullies? She wouldn’t say. Why not? Because it’s more bullshit from Collins attempting to portray offenders as victims. What it will be are kiwis online registering their disapproval to the appalling and unacceptable conduct of her people. So who are these people of hers?

    1) The first is her candidate for Palmerston North, William Wood. He’d portrayed himself as Adolf Hitler with his Young Nat mates and put the photos up on his social media. Great fun. He only took them down because he’s a National Party candidate and had been exposed. We all must be accountable for our actions regardless of how long ago they were. Another potential MP was sacked recently for agreeing with an anti-Muslim message online some years ago.

    Collins minimized Woods conduct because it was several years ago and he apologized. Iain Lees-Galloway had been a bad boy also. His conduct happened in the past and he deeply regretted it and apologized but Collins still helped destroyed his career. No minimizing there. Had William Wood been a Labour Party candidate, Collins would have had him publicly executed at dawn so her crawling for the high moral ground here is nothing short of farcical.

    Who is the other National Party person allegedly being bullied? Believe it or not, it’s none other than disgraced MP, Hamish Walker who leaked very personal details of Covid-19 patients to the media. The same guy still enjoying all his perks of being an MP despite his reprehensible conduct. Same guy walking away with 60k of taxpayer funds despite what he’s done. He’s allegedly being bullied. Do me a favour FFS. Is there no end to the hypocrisy of Collins?


  8. Better to buy a house than use their retirement money on setting up a small business if the business goes busts they end up with nothing at least they can sell the house. National have always been the superannuation killers.

  9. Can’t stand National / Collins but in saying that I think the idea has merit . . at least this would provide this as an option for those who want to consider it.

    • Its just great National are risking some other persons money when they make election promises. What next, you can make withdrawals to use on the pokies?

      This has all the thought process of doing a dump on someone else’s front lawn because you can.

  10. There’s another way of looking at this.
    The treasure we have in New Zealand is NZ Superannuation, paid from general taxation to everyone over 65.
    It can be argued that KiwiSaver undermines that universal NZ Super: the more people save in KiwiSaver, the greater will be the political pressure to limit NZ Super by raising the qualifying age and lowering the benefit paid.
    KiwiSaver is of great value to those who have enough left over after paying for necessities to contribute to it; it is useless to those who don’t.
    KiwiSaver is a private savings and investment scheme for those who can afford it; they should be able to do with it as they please, whether to save for retirement, buy a house, start a business, or try their hand at Mum’n’Dad landlordery.
    What should stop is the KiwiSaver taxpayer subsidy of $521 a year handed to those who can afford to contribute their $1043; that money ought to be raising welfare benefits, and improving health care.


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