FACEBOOK WATCH: Feral anti-abortion fanatic & National Party MP has meltdown


Easy now, coming in hot.

Jacinda Ardern asks for ‘views based on fact’ after National MP Harete Hipango accuses her of backing full-term abortions

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is asking for “views based on fact” after National MP Harete Hipango accused her of supporting abortions to full-term. 

Whanganui MP Hipango blasted Ardern in a Facebook post on Monday for supporting the Abortion Legislation Act 2020, a law change passed in March that brought abortion out of the Crimes Act. 

It meant abortions for pregnancies of less than 20 weeks were decriminalised, provided that certain conditions were met, and that the abortion was authorised by two certifying consultants.

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I know what you’re thinking, who the fuck is Harete Hipango and why am I hearing about a nothing nobody National MP again? Well Harete is a hard core anti-abortion fanatic from Whanganui who is lying about full term abortions to manipulate the anti-abortion crazies.

What’s funniest here is why Harete isn’t posting Facebook anger at her own leader Judith Collins for voting for the same legislation, she’s just having a weird meltdown at Jacinda.

What’s even weirder is this all happened in March, it’s July now, has she only realised the law passed already?

Wait till Harete hears about this pandemic lockdown!

It’s important to remember at their core, National want to rob women of a basic medical right like abortion. Keep that in mind when you vote in September.

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  1. And National seriously dont know why support is waning.. look internally Juith your MPs are crap and disingenuous.
    When will they work out that trying to attack Jacinda just doesn’t work. Be good to know what policies Harete has?

    • You would know more Labour voters than I would but of those National members I know and feel happy to bring up this topic I have not met any who think this way. Collins herself vote for the abortion bill .

      • Trevor…

        “Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is asking for “views based on fact” after National MP Harete Hipango accused her of supporting abortions to full-term.”

        I said Collins needs to look internally at her MP’s. Hipangpo is using this platform to attack the P.M. with baseless lies, a little like Woodhouse and the “homeless” man.

    • One word to remember Policy”.. What Jud(rob)ith voted for when in opposition bears no resemblance of the National party “policy” on woman’s rights”.. Try not to get trapped on the surface of the debate.. The reality is below that… Come back to us when the nits release their abortion policy.. Try to remember that the leader is just one vote,.. It’ is not her personal views that shape every policy a party has.. that would be a totalitarian political structure for that to happen.. Are you saying that the National Party of New Zealand supports totalitarianism as a viable ruling philosophy?

      • ‘It’s not her personal views that shape every policy’. So you’re saying they shape some?

        This is probably very controversial these days but I’ll say it anyway. There are some good arguments on both sides of the aisle.

    • Just another over educated moron.. i’m assuming she is part of what has become a flood of utterly mediocre lawyers being pumped out of law school at a rate that outstrips their usefulness, unless we get another “lock “em up” national party government to fill the courts back up to bursting again.. for a qualified lawyer to make such obvious factual errors is, to my mind, worthy of being struck off for knowingly uttering falsehoods to gain publicity… No surprises Collins the coward won’t do anything, and hasn’t even the courage to acknowledge the obvious lies.. “She’s entitled to her opinion”.. Coward!! She’s not entitled to base “criticism” on outright falsehoods… Why haven’t the mainstream picked up on this? Because she’s a nat, and anything short of getting caught spreading the black plague is ok with them.. This is just about the worst “democratic” country I have been in for having a news media blatantly lying to the public about serious issues… Colonial throwbacks, and should be thrown back for good..

  2. A catholic talking about someone being a hypocrite what a fucken joke coming from someone who claims to be of strong catholic faith. And what has this church and those high up in this church done for and to many.
    The Catholics priest record for child abuse is appalling and turning a blind eye for how long ? And this church also has a track record for abusing there power. No wonder so many people including myself have deserted this faith and there deeply judgemental and condescending religious views.

    • Michelle: “A catholic talking about someone being a hypocrite what a fucken joke coming from someone who claims to be of strong catholic faith.”

      I don’t think it’s fair to blame Hipango for the hypocrisy of the Catholic church as a whole. She’s wrong about the abortion legislation, both the previous and the new iterations. But she wouldn’t be alone in that: I’ve seen comments on this blogsite, indicating astonishing ignorance of the law.

      And it isn’t just Mickey-Drips, of course: most Christians of every denomination are opposed to abortion.

      But from what I’ve seen, young Catholics are generally ignorant of the Vatican’s proscription on all forms of birth control, including abortion.

      “And what has this church and those high up in this church done for and to many.”

      This isn’t Hipango’s fault, any more than it is of any other ordinary Catholic. I grew up Catholic, though I left the church when I was just out of my teens. When I was young, there was no general awareness of the enormity of the child abuse problem within the church. Those being abused would certainly have known about it. But the rest of us did not.

      From memory, it wasn’t until about 25 or so years ago that the public in general began to hear about child abuse by priests and other religious in the Catholic church. I recall an Irish commentator observing that the Irish church was “holed below the waterline” by the level of child abuse. He meant that it had terminally damaged its credibility as an institution in Irish society.

      In my view, events in Ireland in recent years – the vote for gay marriage, the vote to overturn the legal ban on abortion – constitute a giant middle finger on the part of Irish citizens to the Irish church, thus confirming that commentator’s observation.

  3. “Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, but to use violence to get what they want.” ~ That lady whose name has become a cliche for kindness.

    • Kheala: “That lady whose name has become a cliche for kindness.”

      I assume that you mean Jacinda Ardern. If it was her, I’m astonished that she’d say such a thing. It would indicate a disturbing level of ignorance that I wouldn’t expect in a pollie generally, but especially in a PM.

  4. It was predictable that they’d start twisting the facts about abortion, that’s what zealots do – ditto End-of-Life Choice. Next it will be cruelty to animals or some such.

    Someone commented recently that the dumb are like the dead – the dead don’t know they are dead, the dumb don’t know that they’re dumb, or that there are others with higher cognitive abilities – and similarly, both lots stay that way forever. Scary.

  5. There is a fake news video going around on facebook made by an american media outlet that for some reason has been stating these “facts” and advertising them for some reason. Right-wing propaganda.

    • I followed the link back Eden and it is a right-wing nut-job site, with mainly American Trumper-types, but more recently a MAGA-Hate-wearing Kiwi group has been adding anti-Labour Party material. Obviously Todd Muller supporters/sympathisers have been adding their content, because one of the posts was “Todd Muller Destroys Labour” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dyf2eGXl6L8.

      Youtube has given this Victory Entertainment site 2 strikes – complaints and it has obviously had reports about content being misogynist, racist inaccurate, etc – take your pick from the list of right-wing-nut-job, so I’m guessing that the third strike and they are removed. Victory Entertainment runs the channel, but they are moving content.

      This clip by the site is inviting people to a replacement nut job site, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECyGfUNuW9M . The new site they are migrating their racist, mysogynist, racist MAGA-hat-wearing bile and tripe to is:


      …so get online, report this filth and shut this new right-wing-dirty-politics-garbage site down too….

      … and if there’s dirty politics involved, then the ultra-right are moving ahead with influencing by posting this tripe into Facebook Feeds that Harete Hipango MP got hold of?

      As a general rule, how does Facebook choose your news feed?

      Posts that you see first are influenced by your connections and activity on Facebook. The number of comments, likes and reactions a post receives and what kind of story it is (example: photo, video, status update) can also make it more likely to appear higher up in your News Feed.

      So what is Harete Hipango watching, that feeds THIS to her video feed? Maga-hat-wearing misogyny and racism are the main fodder of Victory Entertainment YOUTUBE Channel?

      Is this another National Party resignation before the next election?
      Is this another National Party firing by Judith before the next election?

      Can Judith print out the list of National Party subscribers to this site, which has 2.28K subscribers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECyGfUNuW9M ….Tova?

  6. Harete would also be against same sex marriages, solo mums and dads, women using contraception to name a few. Gee do we need or want these religious zealots running our country, nah!

  7. I don’t think she is lying – I think she has been reading the facebook posts doing the rounds in the christian community. These posts are sourced from overseas anti abortion organisations who are pretty rabid but it’s fueled by the belief of many Christians have they are the only moral people left in the country and that the test of us heathens really are capable of leaving babies to die.

    • Trevor…

      “Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is asking for “views based on fact” after National MP Harete Hipango accused her of supporting abortions to full-term.”

      I said Collins needs to look internally at her MP’s. Hipangpo is using this platform to attack the P.M. with baseless lies, a little like Woodhouse and the “homeless” man.

  8. It looks like Ms Hipango has scrubbed her anti-abortion content and the record of her recent outburst from her Facebook page. There’s one reason why this may be the case- her current majority in Whanganui is relatively slender, a mere 1706 votes. It wouldn’t take much, such as a stampede of pro-choice voters toward Labour’s Steph Lewis, to unseat this obnoxious woman. Feel free to contact her here:


    • Steph Lewis would be great in parliament in 2020 to 2023.

      With that in mind, Harete Hipango is welcome to keep venting against her own leader, Judith Collins and spouting her Maga-hat-imported nut-jobbery. More rifts in National. More votes heading Steph’s way.

      I saw a video clip of Judith Collins with her elbow on her desk, forehead in her right hand and shaking it left to right, muttering something.

      I showed the clip to a friend of mine, who is a professional lip-reader, and he decrypted what Judith was muttering:
      “For f@ck sake, not another one!”

      The lip-reader blushed a little bit when he said it, but I gave him a cup of tea and gave him a neck-rub.

      Could it be Harete was the cause of Judith’s FFS mutterfest?

      Or could the FFS mutterfest have been the National whips telling Judith about the high-ranking male, whose office desk is/was visible from higher windows?

      Watch this space.

  9. The psychos a non-social democracy breeds as the price for the rich having their way come increasingly into the firelight. See America. And NZ has a helluva lot of them, still for this moment scared of full light, unlike Murdoch’s Oz.

    All would be banished by a talker like Billy TK, except socialist and otherwise rational. Though your apt fury tends to disprove that idea.

    If, for instance, Winston lost all his scruples, anti rationalism for the rich would bloom fungally. But our present rulers have the social democracy they grew up in in the back of their minds if not the front (which killed us). Apres them le deluge. Any of the children of this elite can bullshit successfully to the very many who have lost their bearings like them. Only Nicky Haager pushed them back into the dark recently.


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