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  1. Glyphosate, in RoundUp, has now been found in even the most remotely harvested NZ manuka and other NZ honey: TVNZ Glyphosate in NZ Manuka Honey

    Why is its use still legal in AO/ NZ? How “Clean Green” can we ever be, when we allow such as this?

    Many countries have banned its use. Why are we lagging so far behind? And how can we pretend to care about the health of the people of AO/ NZ when we allow anyone to spray this toxin around with abandon?

    Have the Greens even tried to have it banned?

    • Give this person a chocolate fish for attempting to find out about glyphosate in NZ. Why is it still being used despite everything we know about it? Well umm…………(just give us a half-a-tick while we think of some quick response that will get rid of this annoying person.)

  2. Polly wanna cracker? Erp erp erp Polly wanna cracker? The only poll that matters is the one on lekshun day! erp erp erp! Who needs transparency when you’ve got a gNatzi up against a wall
    Hopefully NuZull politishuns (Honourable members punching above their weight apparently) might be coming to realise that it isn’t just expectations of a better performance from their lektrits, but that they’ll be demanding a better performance, as they will be of their party affiliatshuns (in this space goan forwid). And if not 2020, then they’ll be buried in 2023 with people lining up to piss on their graves. Hopefully I’ll be alive to piss alongside the best of them. (It’s possible I might have to empty my colostomy bag over then instead, but so be it)
    We’ll get what we deserve

    • Come on OwT. I don’t want your leftovers, I want a bright, shiny person straight out of PR school that promises me everything from three different perspectives (got all the angles covered there). And I think that is a very suitable recycling tip – your colostomy bag idea. But wait until they are dead or the relatives will sue and want a free burial as well to make up for being bashed on the temple (of doom) with it and a sand -filled condom, dildo or what-you-willy.

  3. Today I tuned in to ‘the stupidly named ‘Magic radio’ and listened to Sean Plunket ( or was it Duncan Garner?) I think talking with another radio retard Jacinda hater. I could not believe the disgusting hatred that Plunket had for Jacinda, how she is a liar and should be prosecuted for lying to New Zealanders over covid-19 and illegally restricting our freedoms.
    Jeezus he is ethically, morally and intellectually lower than the morons on Fox News.Dumber than dumb.
    I could go on but don’t want to waste any more brain cells on such vermin.

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