TWITTER WATCH: Oh Hamish Price. Bless.


Online right wing stormtrooper and National Party apologist, Hamish Price, is sad.

Oh Hamish.


Thrash around more.

What the Right in NZ can not comprehend is the solidarity the lockdown generated – they are all selfish individualists so they can’t imagine what feeling bonded for the common good actually fells like, that’s why they are floundering or in denial like Hamish here.

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National have forgotten the first responsibility of the State is to protect the people, and they have been so focused on trying to change the narrative of Jacinda protecting that they’ve ended up insulting the shared sacrifice many feel they’ve given over lockdown.

The only people voting National now are those who call the PM ‘Cindy’, get irrationally angry anytime Neve is mentioned and who think ‘Crusher’ is a great nickname for a political leader.

Friends don’t let friends vote National.

Even if Labour drop 5% by election day, THEY STILL FORM A MAJORITY GOVERNMENT!

Your tears are delicious Hamish, pour me another glass.


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  1. “Your tears are delicious Hamish, pour me another glass.”

    Ha ha ha,

    Thanks Martyn for the giggle you gave me at 5am Monday; – when I opened up my computer.

  2. Good to gloat Bomber. However in politics don’t count your chickens… Also, be careful you don’t build up anti-poll voters. Sorry to spoil your parade – if you bother to read me.

  3. It is only a rogue poll when they (national) are getting a good hiding but when they are climbing its a reflection of public opinion.

  4. Its only a rogue poll because National are as popular as salmonella at a BBQ. It is the trend that is the one to watch and they are dropping like a stone and have been for months.

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