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  1. Frank MacKasy excellent post on the failure of conservative and right wing administrations to cope with the pandemic has been blocked by facebook because it is so good and a must read.

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  2. Another thing we could, should be doing better. It may be true but hey the world is going down the plughole. Do we have time to have angst about this while we stand with our backs to the wall, and fend off the nasties? It would be good food for the Monty Python’s irony machine. Then again it might be the chaos theory variable that is a breakthrough in the USA. So perhaps don’t down it till you’ve tried it would be the intelligent response!
    Dr Herman Pontzer, an anthropologist from Duke University in North Carolina, has spent 20 years studying how our bodies have evolved and how our evolutionary path shapes our lives today.
    He told Sunday Morning evidence from industrialised countries, including the United States and New Zealand, showed that spending a lot of time on your bottom while working at a computer or watching TV, for example, resulted in a serious risk of heart disease and other health problems.

    Mind you, the people that he studied have little to do with computers and fanciful theories about everything and perhaps it is the hegemony of the tech age and middle class pretensions that do most of the harm. Go study that Dr Pontzer!

  3. Just going over some reply’s from the weekend, it’s become really obvious that TDB has become the place to go to when you fucked up elsewhere and blew it after being taught pure bullshit by retards. We’re like the drug rehab center for The New Zealand Political Community.

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