UPDATE: Just when you didn’t think the 2020 election could get any more insane  


We’ve reached peak cray right?







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Jami Lee-Ross’s last desperate gasp of political relevance vanity project vehicle – Advance NZ, is merging with the conspiracy Party who thinks the Covid 19 virus is a bioengineered weapon and spread by 5G to bring about a shadowy One World Government through the UN???

Thank Christ! This abomination makes my merger of MANA and the Internet Party officially the second dumbest political combo in NZ history!

Phew. I had feared that was a political record unable to be beaten.

I have been proven wrong.

Thank you God. Thank you.

This merger is political desperation by JLR that is dangerous because it gives Billy TKs conspiracy theories oxygen.

I’ve reviewed the NZPP and it’s QAnon level crazy for people who source all their news from Facebook.

I think it’s important for other members of the electorate to see how our public education system is failing and why we need strong public broadcasting.

Advance NZ and NZPP are cargo cults without the cargo.

I couldn’t imagine JLR going any lower, but cutting a political alliance with a conspiracy theorist has managed to do that.

The alliance will allow for a shared party list and base it’s entry on JLR winning Botany.

As someone who tried this strategy, I’d say this was an impossible gamble, but the weird shit that has happened in 2020 means all bets are off.

If there is a God, this political circus freak Frankenstein will perish stillborn on Election Day. If however the Prince of Darkness has ascended Hell and built his throne upon Earth, JLR will win Botany and the Party list will bring in a conspiracy theorist who will ban electricity and libraries.

UPDATE: So JLR admits he will lose Botany and throws himself on the mercy of a conspiracy theorist to win Te Tai Tokerau as a way back into Parliament.

Madness has a name, it’s called the NZ Public Party and desperation has a new face, Jami-Lee Ross’s.


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  1. As election day nears, the desperation of JLR for example increases. They are confronted by reality and are prepared to say and do anything to put that train on a different track. Expect this to be Collins big time. She knows that if she fails to get National over the line in September, her position will be taken by John Key Part II soon after election day, Christopher Luxon. This is Collins one and only chance and she’s waited years for it. She won’t go quietly. As election day nears, her desperation will be ramped right up especially when polling confirms National under her leadership is dead in the water. Watch this space.

    JLR on the other hand has confirmed his internal polling is total shit. This last desperate act is VERY telling. Expect similar from Winston Peters who is looking more grumpy and cynical every day. How low will he stoop?

  2. Internet mana wasn’t a dumb combo the way it was rolled out was dumb. Bad decisions were made by the campaign strategy team. Things would’ve been fine if all the peeps that were part of the original Mana campaign were listened too and not pushed out.

  3. I’m ok with being called bat sh1t crazy for associating myself with NZPP. Thanks to JLR I get to vote with my heart mind and body. Unlike other elections I voted for National, Labour and NZ First based on their policies yet I saw poverty grow exponentially in my neighborhood. I moved out of that area a few suburbs over and a year later the homeless followed and window washers and beggars plague the streets. Every party vote I made won that election. This year I feel my party vote has little chance BUT it is the first vote I would willingly suffer being mocked for. It is my freedom to think what I think and believe what I believe as is yours.

  4. Ah, so it’s JL Ross who’s been burning down the 5G towers! Go the NZ Pubic Party!

    My God, these people make even the Greens look relatively sane.

  5. So sad to see Billy come to this. A bloke is entitled to crazy beliefs in his dotage. That is especially true for a muso who entertained myself and friends so well for so long when we were kids, in that ‘club’ above Cook St market. Even though moving about was a challenge for most thanks to the tendency for one’s feet to stick to the tacky carpet, when Bill let rip you just had to move.

    As for Ross and his tackiness I reckon THAT f**kin’ rapacious & selfishly degenerate wannabe in this farcical ‘meld’ just cannot be compared to the ‘move wot killed Mana’.
    Mana had credibility – credibility which could have been retained despite Ms Bradford’s accurate analysis, if Dotcom’s bucks hadn’t got blown on employing a mob of past-their-use-by-date hacks.
    When I go to vote nowadays & see a dearth of Mana Party candidates whose box I can tick, I curse that gang of failed pols & their enablers who did more to destroy a credible left in Aotearoa through hubris & stupidity than any jonky could have ever hoped to achieve.

  6. OMG – National Radio had those NZPP clowns on this morning! Talking about quarantine escapies !!Ugh – spose that their new audience they’re keen to pick up *rolls eyes*

  7. WTHeck!!! “the Party list will bring in a conspiracy theorist who will ban electricity and libraries” <- Example of the mentality of people that have to cite a fallacy to pick apart something they clearly do not understand. As per typical media, the focus on COVID conspiracy and 5g is totally blown out of proportion and NZPP is touted as the "Conspiracy Theory Party" – when if people ACTUALLY HAVE A LOOK at the Party Policies, you will see they are solid, sound and what many, many people are asking for!


    … Democracy, Government integrity(How many members of parliament have had "donations" from the Chinese Communist Party in the past few years?), Business and economy(not selling us out!), Health and safety – plus Healthcare restored to prevention, Enviromental protection, removal from the UN so that we retain our sovereignty – because a "One Word Government" is still a real thing, rights of the unborn child to review the shocking Abortion law that just passed while we were caught up in COVID …

    I could add more, but I won't… PLEASE people stop listening to rubbish media stories, dig a little deeper and find out the facts for yourself!

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