Fuck Kiwiburger right?


Look, we all appreciate Anika Moa and Troy Kingi has to pay the mortgage, but fuck Kiwburger and Ronald right?

Fuck their cultural appropriation of our culture and fuck them injecting some bullshit diversity to sell more shit into the gobs of NZs already clogged arteries right?

I mean Ronald is a pimp selling heart disease right?


Here are the real lyrics to the Kiwiburger song if we were honest…

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Kiwis love yacht fools, ugly malls, heart disease, Thatcher ghouls,

racist police, tax decrease, early death, fast food obese.

White skins, right wing wins,

chopped tress, pay freeze, sexist burns, National sleaze,

KiwiBurger that’s a fucker! LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA


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  1. Even the advertising wouldn’t entice me to enter the premises.. Haven’t touched that chemical, preservative laden pigswill for decades… The food is poisonous, and tasteless, the drinks are a heart attack potion, and they exploit the young and vulnerable, by giving them demeaning jobs at starvation wages, and represent probably the most counter productive start to a working career you could wish for….

  2. Go you for pointing that shit out. And fuck maccers while I’m at it!

    You seen ‘That Sugar Film’ ?
    Is brilliant. Watch it twice. You’ll be surprised at what you miss.
    “One man’s journey to discover the bitter truth about sugar. Damon Gameau embarks on a unique experiment to document the effects of a high sugar diet on a healthy body, consuming only foods that are commonly perceived as ‘healthy’. Through this entertaining and informative journey, Damon highlights some of the issues that plague the sugar industry, and where sugar lurks on supermarket shelves. ”


  3. I can’t do McDonald’s. That shit stays with me all day with constant McBurps and McFarts, regardless of the McD I eat. That said, a Kiwiburger is almost certainly healthier than fish & chips or Big Ben pies.

  4. Besides all the others, it’s a fucking lame crime of an advertising concept!
    Creatives: “Ehr let’s do a jingle with many many kiwi things in it…and we’ll cover all rainbow spectrums so nobody gets offened.
    Suits: “Yep, the client will buy that! Let’s go for lunch”.
    What they should have done is show a poor little kiwi bird roasting on a spit and then at the end say ‘Only kidding, it’s got beef it!” But hey, DOC and the Greens would have been offended.

  5. Who appropriated whose culture? When the Kiwiburger first appeared in the sixties, we expatriates thought — beetroot, grated cheese, grated carrot, hardboiled egg, butter, lettuce, tomato, It’s a filled roll mate! For people too xenophobic to even try mayonnaise, mustard, gherkins… Why don’t they just admit it?


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