FACEBOOK WATCH: New Plymouth Bigot compares his redneck to Mandela, Lincoln and King???


For a Party that is one burning book away from full blown fascism, the audacity of these banjo twanging Christian rednecks is fucking  breath taking…

Election 2020: New Conservative ad compares candidate to Mandela, Martin Luther King

A New Conservative ad comparing candidate Murray Chong to great historical figures such as Martin Luther King has drawn outrage online.

Chong, a controversial member of the New Plymouth District Council, is known for his resistance to Māori wards on the council, flying the confederate flag and for announcing he was “ashamed” to sing the Māori version of the national anthem.

In 2018 he revealed why he was happy flying the Confederate flag as well as his decision to defend blackface being used in a Hawera parade.

…Murray Chong is a boiled ham with all the sophistication of a a hand job in a car park, for this spittle flecked redneck to have the audacity to compare himself to Mandela, Lincoln and Martin Luther King is like Judith Collins comparing herself to Mother Teresa, Florence Nightingale and Jesus.

The thing that is most ludicrous is that the New Conservatives actually believe their feral mutation of Christianity and fear of books and cliterises makes them rebels who are standing up for equality.

I yearn for election night and the sad look on their wide eyed faces as they suddenly appreciate how utterly rejected their values are by the wider culture they live in.

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Fuck these guys.

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  1. And the paragon of virtue ‘newshub’ posts a story on line about Damien O’Connor and his ‘now deleted’ post about his car and reduced income. It appears to have been an attempt at a joke but Newshub seems to think that reporting the abusive comments is somehow worthy of serious journalism. ‘O’Connor SLAMMED’. Facebook is the equivalent of bar leaner conversation. Still no question to Duncan about why he asked Judith the question about dirt on Labour Ministers. Not newsworthy? Fuckwit New Plymouth Councillor compares himself to MLK, Lincoln and Mandela but 3news thinks ‘let’s do the car story instead’. Jeeez Wayne.

  2. They will get some votes from the religious bigots and racist rednecks who exist in their precocious little fearful worlds.
    There are numbers of religious fanatics blinded by magic and superstition, but they are obedient to whatever sect they become wedded to, and pay their money cementing their commitment.

    • John W – That’s because Western Christianity, more than any other religious system, is loaded with people scared of going to hell – and usually with jolly good reason.

  3. I think he looks like a historical moron :

    “Councillor Murray Chong told Seven Sharp it’s not about the $60 fine he had to pay but about setting clear standards for the community, because at the moment there’s a double standard.

    When he dobbed people in they didn’t get tickets, but when someone dobbed him in, he did.

    Mr Chong said he gathered evidence for the council of people doing the same thing. He said the council kept on saying they couldn’t act on it but had to have their enforcement officers go out and look before they would issue tickets.

    “What I did, I just tested the waters, and I took some examples to just see what they would do with it, because if they make a rule and they set the precedent then that needs to be followed through. And my assumptions of them not really wanting to do anything about those was proven right,” he said.

    “I’ll be going to the Ombudsman and just getting clarity on this issue, because we need to know if people can dob people in like this. I don’t think they can.”

    The office of the Ombudsman certainly wasn’t set up to settle scores for small town jerks with petty grievances; this country is being dragged back more and more back into 1950’s New Zealand, but when a guy whinging about a parking ticket equates himself with great figures of history, he’s not even being a boiled ham – just an undercooked-cooked breakfast sausage which shouldn’t even be fed to a dog.

    What sort of prick dobs other people in for over-parking anyway ?

    Answer: A standard setting prick. Wow, what a man.

  4. Brilliant. Go him! He’s just outed himself as the boil we must lance to get the puss out. All the little redneck district council fiefdoms will be eye rolling at the dick head because he’s just outed himself and others will certainly follow like moths to a flame.

  5. What sort of prick dobs other people in for over-parking anyway? Someone who stands for Parliament and gets a few votes from others similarly deluded.

  6. That anyone would support this deluded creep beggars belief, inbreeding I guess. Racist ingrates whose lives revolve around wife beating and drink. Hard men who know god. Small town gossip trash striving for the middle and their dream job at WINZ. Avoid these greedy little simpletons like the plague.

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