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  1. Some things to think about with travel in NZ.
    * The main rail trips are still closed. They should be opened; we need action from our near-government entities. If they have to make profits, then give them some leeway and get a system going as effectively as possible.
    * Stephanie Mitchell said: “The reality is that full planes don’t fly in unless they have full planes to fly out. And we have to kick start that. National-international.
    * The closed border is also impacting our imports and exports. The cost of air freight is often costing our exporters double what it was pre-coronavirus and goods are taking longer than usual to come into the country.

  2. Truth is the living have decided, the old and vulnerable have to die of Corona, so the economy survives.

    • I think Marc that many thoughts are going through many heads. In the UK I think they virtually isolated the old people in their homes for Months! Home detention! Was it to save the old, or treating them as disease spreaders? The UK government isn’t a kind and practical government, and I think money and advantage for the wealthy would be first served. Here much better. But the death stats do show a definite rise over 60 sharpening upwards with each decade. The trend has been to accept longer and longer lives even if governed on automatic driven by the unconscious mind, with input from the subconscious, and erratic input from the conscious as happens in those with dementia. This daft idea that you hang around till the last gasp whether in a state of suspended animation or not, has been affected by Covid-19 but the ‘old and vulnerable’ can not be carried as long as presently, it isn’t fair or reasonable. Families cannot cope, and the state and taxpayers can’t manage the huge cost plus also the competing needs of children who could expect to have a normal life if early and fast response can be extended to them. The children are now missing out, and proper care for the health of parents. I am an old person who thinks, am informed and take an interest in the concerns and needs of others, and i don’t put ideas forward that favour those who have most but leave others with wide inequality amounting to neglect of their needs.

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