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  1. An Australian student has filed a complaint against that government for “failing to make clear climate change-related risks to investors in government bonds”. It is believed to be the first case of its nature, in the world.

    Government bonds are an investment where you lend money to the government. In return, it promises to pay back a certain sum of money in the future, as well as interest in the meantime. The suit comes after wildfires killed at least 33 people and millions of animals last year.

    “Australia is materially exposed and susceptible” to climate change risks, according to the statement filed with the Federal Court of Australia in Victoria state. It alleges that the country’s economy and the national reputation in international financial markets will be significantly affected by the Australian government’s response to climate change. BBC World News Australia

  2. Methane Leak Identified in Antarctica.
    Just below the freezing Antarctic ice shelves, researchers have discovered a gas leak that could change the region’s climate destiny.

    For the first time, scientists have detected an active leak of methane gas — a greenhouse gas with 25 times more climate-warming potential than carbon dioxide — in Antarctic waters. While underwater methane leaks have been detected previously all over the world, hungry microbes help keep that leakage in check by gobbling up the gas before too much can escape into the atmosphere. But according to a study published July 22 in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, that does not seem to be the case in Antarctica. Full article at Live Science Antarctica Methane Leak

    • That is so cool! 🙂

      The Parliamentary rugby team celebrate their 25th anniversary this weekend by taking on an invitational Centurions XV in Wainuiomata on Saturday. Some rather famous faces are lining up on both sides, including former All Blacks and other internationals.

      A former Scot’s College openside, Dr Bloomfield will pack down on the side of the scrum. He’ll be dwarfed by his fellow forwards teammates, including former All Black Rodney So’oialo and former Manu Samoa and Hurricanes loose forward Faifili Levave.

      “I think I’ve been set up by Ken Laban, who’s organised this, because I said I’d have a short run on the wing and I’ve been listed at Number 7. I’m greatly privileged to be in a forward pack alongside Rodney So’oialo, Jason Eaton and Norm Hewitt, but I’m not sure how long I’ll last.”

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