Waatea News Column: Of course Crusher Collins wants to cut a deal with the Māori Party but they said NO!


ascinating interview with Judith Collins on the Hui over the weekend.

Judith said that she was very open to cutting a deal with the Māori Party in the Māori electorates in a strategy to beat Labour and provide a possible coalition partner for National.

The Judith strategy would have given National far more than just a means to gain a 51% Parliamentary majority, John Key was a shrewd enough politician to appreciate that including the Māori Party in his Government was brilliant political camouflage for National’s more punitive policies which impacted Māori the hardest.

Unfortunately for Judith, the Māori Party yesterday responded to the offer to join forces with National with a firm “No”.

Co-leader John Tamihere was very clear, when asked if the Māori Party would team up with National again, he stated “No. We would not be working with Collins,”

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This is the Māori Party’s clearest statement to date that they don’t see a future with National and opens up the door to possibly working with Labour post election if they gain political representation.

First published on Waatea News.


  1. Don’t trust any words National that the National Party ever say.
    Maori Party are wise not to join any alliance with National, they are ruthless lairs.

  2. Sweet Music from Mr Tamihere. His comment heads Mrs Collins off at the pass, while not quite sending her into the box canyon, as there is some technical wriggle room in what he said.

    But nonetheless, it is an important statement of intent, that in the context of this election campaign has to be positive for the left. The reality is while Māori are an overwhelmingly working class group, they do have a small middle class, and some out and out class collaborators and elites in their ranks who have skewed the MP approach previously. A good clue was Hone Harawira bailing.

    The result of the Māori party being at National’s Table are now well known, so it is great to see a new group trying to resurrect the MP.

  3. That is good why go back there (to national) they used our own people to put the boot into us. And people like pull the benefit had a bloody cheek to claim and act like her and her nasty party know what is best for us. Our Maori whanau all need to vote. I have already been lobbying my whanau to strategically vote. Its our young people that need to register if they want an independent Maori voice.


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