TWITTER WATCH: So judging Winston’s twitter battle with Seymour, the Brexit Bad Boys have started working for NZFirst?


What on earth is this?

Winston Peters calls out David Seymour in extraordinary Twitter rant

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has taken to Twitter with a fiery outburst against David Seymour after the Act Party leader laced a criticism of NZ First policy with a personal barb.

Peters said the younger man would not “last 10 seconds in the ring with me” after Seymour said the 75-year-old will soon “require a care worker to help him get dressed” as the pair clashed over Peters’ pledge to slash immigration.

So based on this…

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…I have to assume the Brexit Bad Boys have officially started running Winston’s social media?

The story was everywhere, it brand enhanced Winston from elderly superannuitant recovering from surgery to prize street fighter smashing a younger man in a bare knuckle unsanctioned street brawl.

Think I’m being too cynical?

The Brexit Bad Boys who NZ First have employed (after Winston initially denied having hired them) played the same game of using social media to generate attention and cut through in the Brexit campaign by ‘weaponising’ Comic Sans and letting the social media  reaction do the rest…

Tories accused of trolling Remainers by using Comic Sans in pro-Brexit post

In what has been seen by some as a clever attempt to distract from the detail of their Brexit plans, the Tories have started to deliberately use less corporate-looking tweets to increase the shareability of their messages.

The Tories are understood to have employed New Zealand creative agency Topham Guerin to execute their new social media strategy since Johnson became PM.

The group, which helped Australia’s Liberal party to a shock election victory this year, is known for using memes and pop culture references to gain traction with audiences on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

…isn’t it charming that they hired National’s current social media team?

If basic bargain bin trolling is all the Brexit Bad Boys are selling Winston, the campaign won’t be what I feared which was the ignition of white fury they tapped into for Brexit.

Without the Cambridge Analytica data to enable micro targeting via Facebook adverts in NZ, they will be more reliant on social media Trolling to justify their fee to Winston.

So far it looks to be paying off.


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  1. How do you think Winston would have responded if Seymour said nothing?
    Not only did he comment he made it personal. For that, Seymour remains in my mind, a child.
    We know Seymour is only there by design. Regardless what happens at the election, Seymour is just a puppet an a very immature puppet at best.

  2. Winston knows where his votes went and he wants them back.
    Sadly, he will not get them, his youth or his integrity back.
    The drunk old geezer at the pub threatening the young bucks doesn’t get a wide berth because people are scared of him.

  3. ” Peters said the younger man would not “last 10 seconds in the ring with me” after Seymour said the 75-year-old will soon “require a care worker to help him get dressed”

    Brilliant where has Seymour been hiding his sense of humour.

  4. My sister who works for the elderly in their own homes was insulted by Seymour.

    …she said most of the workers for the elderly are mature NZ women and their conditions and pay are being eroded ( this is now a PSA union matter)…even after there was a court case giving them better pay

    … and the quality of care for the elderly is going downhill eg the elderly NZers used to get two hours of house work per week, now they are lucky to get three quarters of an hour a fortnight

    …..this is forcing frail NZ elderly out of their homes , to sell their homes, and like cattle into the monetarist institutionalised, age care corporates shareholders facilities….where god know what goes on with the medical professions freely unaccountable use of fentanyl

  5. ACT = values of ageism and sexism and globalism (scant regard for the conditions of employment for NZ women and the well-being of NZ elderly)

    ….same old , same old pathetic male chauvinist values

    (btw where is the NZ Labour Party and NZF on these issues?)

    • What NZers , elderly and disabled, want is to be cared for by caring NZers ( not Filipini nurses imported as cheap labour or other foreign nurses, lovely as they are)

      …Shared memories and friendship and well paid New Zealand nurses are what these old New Zealand taxpayers want

      … they dont want to be treated, their needs itemised, as commodities!

      …. or their nurses itemised treated as commodities !

      ….they do not want their carer nurses controlled down to the LAST inhumane minute/second!

      … by WANKY, souless , self important disgusting MALE COST ACCOUNTANTS !( who think they are running chooks in a broiler factory )

      Labour Party and NZF what are you doing to our elderly and our NZ women carer nurses?…it is disgusting that this is happening under your watch!


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