TOVA WATCH: W-o-a-h How the Christ can you suggest this is Jacinda’s fault????????


There are honestly times during Tova’s journalism that you just throw the laptop against the wall and say, ‘Oh COME ON Tova’

This is one such moment…

Tova O’Brien: Judith Collins and Jacinda Ardern failed New Zealanders by acting too slowly over Andrew Falloon

OPINION: Both Judith Collins and the Prime Minister’s office should have acted faster to get Andrew Falloon the hell out of Parliament.

Falloon was able to continue serving as an MP with free access around the Parliament for five days longer than he should have.

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Both Jacinda Ardern and Judith Collins owe the public and the people of Rangitata – Falloon’s former electorate – an apology for allowing him to hold such a privileged role knowing what he’d done.

…Wow, that’s one hot take I certainly never expected anyone would utter.

Blaming Jacinda for Falloon is like blaming Obama for the current Covid pandemic in America!

The email was sent on Wednesday, Jacinda was briefed on Friday morning and after seeking permission from the complainant, immediately passed it to Judith who then promptly sat on it for the weekend which conveniently meant it didn’t overshadow her Infrastructure announcement and first round of weekend media appearances but then once it was expedient, she executed him in public while audaciously pretending that what she was doing was leadership.

Oh, there are questions to be asked here  but they sure as hell aren’t for Jacinda to answer, they are for Judith to explain.

Why did she wait 3 days?

Why did she take what he said about an allegation as serious as this so lightly?

Why didn’t she have her people investigate it?

Judith claims that she waited because she wanted to see him face to face, but in a situation like this, you demand he fronts and sees you immediately, not over the weekend!

With all those outstanding questions, Tova’s take is that this is also Jacinda’s fault?

Wow. Just wow.


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  1. Well I really rated Tova as fair to both parties, but you have to start wondering -whats going on and whats changed?

  2. That was my immediate response.

    JA acted quickly and informed JC.

    It is not JA’s issue but a Nat one so she had done her part, quickly and while retaining the privacy of the first victim.

    Any delay, as we have seen, was entirely down to JC.

  3. Under instructions to make a splash for the fire sale of the network. Maybe we should crowdfund the purchase and rename it ‘the daily three news’. A lot of hate for Journos at the moment. Too much stirring and not enough reporting of facts. Don’t want to go down the Trump road of ‘fake news’ though.

  4. I have just seen Tova in action on tonight’s news, when she took on Dracuella. I have never, ever seen any reporter stand up to the evil-eyed one in the way that she did. I am glad that she’s there.

    Jacinda is able to defend herself anyway, when something is put to her directly (as this was). She just tells it like it is and those petty attacks based on inaccuracies are usually easily seen for what they are.

    There are those in the NZ media who seem to ‘have it in’ for Jacinda, and who seek to undermine her all too often if not continually. However I don’t believe that Tova is part of that faction.

  5. Tova might also want to have a re-look at her 6 pm T.V news performance on Monday night when she, with an obvious desire to create as much impact as possible, breathlessly and incorrectly stated that it was a school girl that had received the photo when in actual fact it was a 19 year old University student.
    No excuses on behave of Falloon. He is a warped immature dickhead lacking any judgement. But if you are going to be a journalist you have to get your facts right, especially if you are going to start preaching to others about professionalism.
    People in glass houses……

    • a 19 year old University student

      A teenager, whose parents passed on their daughter’s concerns. And there may well be even younger girls who were subjected to that creep’s violations. Many of those would be unlikely to tell anyone at all.

  6. Corrupt corporate owned and controlled main street media.
    I also struggle not shouting at the news when I see such B.S.
    At least those in North Korea etc are lied to by journalist scared for their lives if they don’t smiles and B.S their fellow citizens. What’s the excuse for 95%+ of the NZ press prostitutes?
    Money? Let’s not talk about Hoskins.

  7. I just wish we had a professional political reporter who reports on the facts instead of trying to create a headline by themselves.
    Shit we deserve better than this.
    Watching and listening to them is a national embarrassment.

  8. Unbelievable way to blow your credibility … career ending bullshit, really. Good work Tova, you really showed your true colours. I think somebody needs to hall her into the interviewees chair and give her a grilling on some of her questionable judgement calls. She’s off the deep end with this one, but actually, it’s not the first time by a long shot.

  9. Meh – she’s just salty her mates on level 9 leaked to the Dom post instead and Paula and Mark M knew nothing about it so couldn’t leak.

    Always been a low rent journalist whose ability is masked by her looks.

    Strap yourselves in for a dirty election campaign

  10. Jucov had no option but to execute Falloon. It wasn’t leadership but expediency. The Nats couldn’t have the Fa’loon Albatross around their necks for the next 8 weeks and don’t worry Tova, the Prime Minister will be kind to you!

  11. Tova will be in a frenzy this morning tracking down what the allegation against a Labour Minister is. Nats will leak by lunchtime. Judith to take a bit of heat if it is unfounded but will respond with ‘i’m being honest’. Just normal practice for ‘give it back to them double’ Collins. Nat supporters will feel happy that the other side does it too, even if they haven’t. Still no policy announcements from the Nats as Judith spends all her time defending her actions. Peter’s story of free trip to Scott Base has more legs. Big Gerry to make hay in the house today but I don’t expect any mea culpas from Winston. Thank goodness the gloves are off between the coalition partners.

  12. Saw that piece from O’Brien stating Ardern had let Kiwi’s down with her handling of the National Party creep sending dick photos to young women. WTAF? From what I can see Ardern handled it perfectly and followed protocols to ensure everything was done correctly and respectfully. Just like the Jamie-Lee Ross debacle that reflected woefully on National, Ardern stepped away from it and avoided taking the high moral ground to score political points. Had Ross been a Labour MP, National would have had him burned at the stake and rubbing Ardern’s nose in it all day every day.

  13. Can you leave Christ out of your frenzied denunciations please. Christ is one of the figures in history who has given us a lasting example of probity and decent humanity and while it seems we humans manage to besmirch everything good that happens in our world, the need to change our ways is vital. So please leave Christ and Jesus out of cursing on this blog. True Christianity is a small light of goodness in the world to me and to many. God – is more general as in ‘Oh my God’!

  14. Tova makes NZ MSM look more and more like a 5th column than the 4th estate. Since when did making up bullshit and conflating the actions of the PM with crusher’s utu count as ‘reporting the facts’?

    • That was in 2013 Frank. Tova was barely out of her 20s. Many of us have changed since then and have hopefully grown and matured. So much has happened for many of us over these last few years, whether as individuals or as the people of Aotearoa.

      AO/ NZ needs strong, independent people in the press, quite desperately really. And Tova seems to be one of those rare few who won’t be pressured, by either political side. That is not something to be afraid of, nor to attack.

  15. Well, can anyone give the the name of another reporter here in AO/ NZ who is able to take on the Judarth?

    Because Tova can, and Tova does, like no other I have seen.

  16. Just a reminder, Tova is a real person, and she is NOT a politician. Maybe think about that before you all slam into her? You can read more about her here.

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