Top 10 People thrilled Judith Collins is the new leader:

"I am not a monster" hissed the Monster

There are 10 people most thrilled by Judith Collins emerging from the National Party molasses, they are…

-Cameron Slater
-The Chinese Government
-House of Slytherin
-The Sith
-White Walkers
-The Joker
-Swamp Kauri Exporters
-Labour strategists
-Brain hungry zombies
-Nicky Hager’s Publisher


Only half of this list is a joke.

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  1. The CCP has moved on from the National Party hence the spymaster’s retirement. They rarely back the underdog. They all yours now Bomber and Little proved that with his refusal to ban Huawei. Watch for Jacinda and Grant to expel the virtues of China and not marginalize HK, Aunty Helen to whitewash the WHO review, Chinese students to come back and suddenly agricultural exports to increase to China. Compromises for a bag of silver.

    It will be interesting to see the view from certain sections of the media if the above is confirmed.

  2. In the interests of a healthy democracy I am, unfortunately , included among that list. Sorry guys, but a weak opposition is bad news for a good democratic and honest system.

    Lets embrace dialogue and a real wrestling out of the neo liberal paradigm this coming election. Lets really have a debate. Lets really put on trial the last 36 years of neo liberalism and seize the day and show it for what it is. And in doing so, force our current govt to do better. Much, much better.

    • 100% agree with your first paragraph and the theme of your second in regards to having an election of ideas not empty slogans and photo opportunities

    • We would need much better access to ‘our representatives’ in the House of.

      Right now we can be fobbed off for months by busy, busy people who cannot even hire people who can write soothing letters – let alone honest answers.

      Seriously, when was the last time you saw your MP to talk with? What’s the state of the interface between ‘voters’ and ‘troughers’?
      The system of accountability and interaction is a joke.

  3. So Muller said Labour Party only had 17 working MPs and the rest were empty seats?????

    Looks like the dying National Party is in the same place too, doesn’t it.?

    • I wouldn’t say so… in fact I think we are seeing a new, revamped and dynamic National party under Collins leadership. I dont think National are dying at all. I think they are regrouping. And that is only good for current NZ democracy. Much as I hate neo liberalism and the whole MILTON FRIEDMAN FREE MARKET BULLSHIT.

      Lets have a debate about all this and get it out into the open.

  4. They might be regrouping Wild Katipo as you like to put it but they have the same groupies at the top. And these groupies were an integral part of a nine year lead government that delivered what exactly?

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