UPDATE: Woodhouse gone by lunchtime


Close your eyes.

Imagine the type of bleak gallows humour comments Right wing political operatives sending privileged information to smear the Government might say to one another and the MPs they are handing information to.

Imagine that banter being released in an inquiry into the leak weeks before the 2020 election.

No wonder Muller stepped down.

Collins knows the ticking time bomb of the inquiry results will look very bad & to get ahead of that expect Woodhouse gone by lunchtime, it allows Judith to rebrand her narrative as old battle axe who’s mellowed rather than the political sociopathic sadist she comes across as.

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Executing Woodhouse in front of the Caucus would also allow them to all know she is the Boss now.

This is prison rules time.

UPDATE: Judith Collins just announced that Woodhouse has had Health taken off him.

Gone before Afternoon tea.


  1. Sadly Michael Woodhouse was the most “human character among the national party, he actually got us all our ‘National service military medal for our service after waiting from 1972 for the medal.

    In 2013 he was Minister for Veteran affairs. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Woodhouse

    “In a reshuffle in January 2013, Woodhouse was made a minister outside cabinet and was given the Immigration, Veteran’s Affairs and associate transport portfolios”

  2. Woodhouse should be cut loose and be held accountable for his involvement in breaching the privacy act if he has acted illegally and also because he is a liability now.
    Key cut Collins by sacking her from cabinet because of the stench of her activities that Key himself was involved in from a distance and because like the corporate neo liberal world we live in everyone is expendable.
    Only politicians get to come back and in Collins case being made ” honourable for life ” makes me sick to my stomach.

    • The law definitely needs to change so politicians aren’t exempt from Privacy Act breaches. National Party MPs seem to be the worst at distributiing personal and private information and even worse, weaponising the practice. They just cannot be trusted not even after Judith’s confession for her dirty sins today and phony reformation

    • The Herald reports today that Niki Kaye is resigning.
      This gives more evidence to how crooked the National party is. How Woodhouse can still be employed whilst Kaye feels the need to resign is beyond me. Woodhouse has zero integrity and as such, nothing he says or does is worth anything.

  3. Dumping Woodhouse is not rocket science, he should have gone last week but Muller was compromised.

    But what is really needed is an overhaul of this rotten party however I expect little more hurried painting over the many cracks and everyone holding hands saying how united they are. They have neither the time nor the inclination being wedded to filthy politics for so long and now being led by an experienced practitioner of that deceptive art.

    I cannot help but wonder, who else?

  4. And lets not forget endless, no levy, free water exports to the Chinese and Oriveda .

    The 2014 election shows a rich vein of evil deeds and dirty politics for the crusher , any move to discredit will not have been over looked by the Labour strategy team .The NZ public may well enjoy a historical retrospective on the queen of the toxic swamp rats .All PR and candy floss she ain’t .Bolger has already said drop the dirty politics if you want win . Lets hope she doesn’t listen.

    • Water export have grown over the last 3 years signed off by Sage. One of the many broken promises that can be pointed out to voters who are not into personality politics.

      • I get the personality argument Trevor, I really do but remind the voters what they achieved from 9 years of a National government, seriously and roads don’t count?

  5. Woodhouse and Collins don’t get on anyway – no surprises here. Shane Reti would fit nicely into the vo8id on a couple of levels

    The fact that Collins will sort her health shadow minister in a day does contrast well to the David Clark saga.

    • David Clarke is now old news Frank, it’s like me telling you Key promised not raising GST or pulling ponytails was just a bit of fun. Like how Smith is still a minister after the bronwyn Pullar saga. Even Woodhouse has said he’s moved on from the issue. He has however been sucking up massively to Collins today and last night, unbecoming of a man of his age.

  6. What a fucking idiot. He looks like Walter White minus the class of a meth cook.
    If I were labour I’d be on the highest of alerts.
    The Natzo’s, with The Witch of all Eyebrows to cover for them, will do anything, and I mean ANYTHING to get hold of all that tantalising power.
    Speaking of tantalising? Remember this nasty little scunthorpe bullying that waiter?
    Key’s reported description of Amanda Bailey’s ponytail as ‘tantalising’ was creepy with the only thing that could ever be described as tantalising without sounding creepy was steak, Oliver said.
    If The Jude can say the next best thing to being loved is to be feared then we need to be very, very afraid.

  7. …’ Collins knows the ticking time bomb of the inquiry results will look very bad & to get ahead of that expect Woodhouse gone by lunchtime, it allows Judith to rebrand her narrative as old battle axe who’s mellowed rather than the political sociopathic sadist she comes across as’…

    Good comments as usual along with CB and cleangreen, bert mosa nad xray.

    I’d say you all have a bloody well right to say.

    Bloody Well Right

  8. Are we looking at another National Party con the NZ public with this alleged charade relating to Muller’s resignation due to mental health issues? Was Judith Collins right in the thick of this scam also?

    Here’s some evidence that I consider telling.

    We heard that to roll Bridges, the line in the sand with polling numbers for National was 35%. That got to 31% I believe and Bridges was sent packing. There seemed to be an acceptance that National couldn’t win the September election. They could live with that but what was totally unpalatable was numerous MP’s careers coming to a premature ending with all the connotations associated with that.

    Bridges was gone and the new shining light for National appeared on the stage. The dirty work out of the way National could set about saving as many MP’s careers as possible.

    Muller never gained any traction. He kept putting his foot in his mouth and few could believe a word he said.

    Under the leadership of Muller, we saw National brutally exposed for their dirty politics and for the first time ever have to own what they had been up to. Their hand was obviously forced by the high-level investigation that they knew would quickly uncover their trail of slime.

    Muller did the very best he could with the task set him.

    Polling was about to be released which showed National at an astonishing 27%. Things had clearly gone further downhill under Muller. National was desperate. What could they do? Sack Muller? No way. The ramifications of that move were enormous. Another coup? Not enough time and the ramifications of that were even worse than sacking him. The only move they had was for Muller to suddenly resign. That was also far more appealing for Muller. He’s instructed to spout off something about not being the right person for the job. Nek minute, a surprise resignation that was almost certainly no surprise at all to high-level National, including Collins. Nek minute. Poll comes out showing the sewer rodents at 27%.


  9. Or is Colllins dumping of Woodhouse just a clever PR exercise/political move to show she is stamping her mark early on an issue where the outcome was inevitable anyway and to appease the public, yet the real sinister and unseen dirty politics continues?

  10. And….already the right wing media marketing arm of the National Party, Heather Du Plessis-Allan, Barry Soper and no doubt others to follow (the ghastly Mike Hosking) are gushing in their praise of Collins. The media will be full of it from now until the election and watch out anyone who disagrees with them.

    • youngsuffrajet,

      Collins has an enormous PR team that just happen to be our media. Many are scared shitless of her whereas they see Ardern as being akin to a newborn lamb.

      The line of questioning to Ardern from these alleged journalists will be the usual spiteful attempts at Gotcha. Collins on the other hand will be gifted a free pass. The female journalists don’t want to be privately confronted by Collins anywhere. The good news is that despite all the favours our media gifted Muller, he was still an epic fail. It was just a matter of time. Must be remembered that he didn’t have the tainted and slimey history that Collins has.

      Collins is on “win everyone over with a soft smiling image mode at this time. She’s under no real pressure at the moment. That will change in the weeks ahead as her nature and desperation come to the surface. End result will be a wipe out for Collins and for National.

  11. National will reminding me of a ‘car mudguard’; – “shinny on top and shit underneath”- after the ‘National gleam team’ shines their party vehicle.

  12. Lots of cheap corny humour here, like Australian cricket sledging. Tacky and as low as you can go.
    I smell fear, you guys are suddenly scared. I can hear the corks going back in the champagne bottle.
    Even Bert and Jacindafan are all subdued – only 90,000 words each. Writer’s block?
    Notice how Jacinda tried to quickly divert the attention by scaring the shit out of us with another lockdown prospect. Lockdown means controlling the media….boy has she got some spinning team. Won’t work. Collins will be just as good in a crisis….after all she will be Ashley’s boss then, eh! Also, it’s not that difficult to read well written scripts every day at 1pm. Judith will do a nice job. Not sure if she can do that ‘extreme empathy frown’ thing though. Judith, start working on it!

    • Collins deserves some respect, but only as a treacherous snake. But lets not get carried away with the adoration Herman. Collins is the mean bitch of Neoliberalism and the Natz are just vemom spitting losers.
      You’ll be crying into your beer well before the election as the mother snake bares her fangs in front of the nations children and the voters recoil in horror.

  13. Crusher Collins (of one car), and The Pie Man of Failed Christchurch Rebuild.
    Perfect combo. If you are into worshiping non-acheivors

  14. Collins, she of great integrity, casts aspersions on Woodhouse’s integrity.

    She is like a witch. She behaves appallingly over years and gets to be the leader, what she does is not seen or counted.

  15. Woodhouse saw the emails with the names of the patients.
    Woodhouse also saw the CC list of who else Boag CC’d and sent her list to.
    Hopefully, the QC Heron investigation goes ahead and we lose the whole sorry list of dirty politicians in the Natz Party.

    Last one out of the Natz, Party, turn the lights out and flush the toilet before your leave the building.

  16. just a minor correction….will retain his associate finance and assistant shadow leader of the house roles.
    Collins (thats Prime Minster Collins to you) also allocated him two new roles, as spokesman for Pike River recovery and regional development. Now where’s the popcorn 😉


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