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  1. Kafka society.

    Man gets banned and billed for fake Uber damage….. but is unable to contact the faceless company to get the issue sorted out….. until the media get involved 2 years afterwards…

    Uber bans New Zealand user after driver makes ‘fake report’ of damages

    Consumer and customer service in NZ…

    Briscoes customer waits five hours on hold to cancel order – then takes action

    Ripping people off with big business and the government supports it, is becoming the norm here.

    Virgin Australia tells customers with cancelled flights it can’t give refunds or credit


  2. I note this piece about St Johns ambulance service: The police and fire service are fully funded, but not ambulances. Is that because a large part of police work is protecting property and people of ‘means’ and the fire service is largely protecting properties though they are being loaded with ambulance ‘first responder’ work also.
    But St Johns job is to help people in distress. And do people rate higher than property? No.

    How about voting in Labour and the Greens and then pressing them to make changes such as this. I am disillusioned with NZ as it slides towards the dunny. Can we hold it back, and when safely secured we might then consider encouraging quality organic dunnies in suitable places, and save water! We may become world leaders or at least up with the good examples, in practical, useful, forward thinking, novel ideas.

  3. Once we have finished with legal matters for that Australian gun-happy deviant who brought us a massacre,
    let’s send him back to Australia and introduce visas between here and there so we can keep control of our borders. All this playing up to Australia is because our wealthy have got interests there and the banks want to be free to come and go as of right. Let’s limit them, so they don’t finish us off completely leaving not even a level playing field, but a stretch of barren rock with mining holes in it and the sadness of being slagged off.

    What should have been done with vWallace? Order him to put down the golf dlub – if he kept advancing waving it, then did they have some teargas to stop him? They wouldn’t have a taser then. Have they ever used a net from an ejector pipe, to fly over and trip them up. The fact that it wasn’t a gun would make a difference. You can’t give too much leeway with a gun it’s them or you. Or do you phone up the family and tell them to get down and reason with them, get them to sit down and the police move back. Then get the golf club pushed over. But if the family were used to being threatened, why should they think it okay to do to the police. Then bring a private prosecution against them. It would be interesting for the policeman who had doubts to write on her about how he would have got the weapon ie golf club away from him.

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