Shane’s Northland problem, ACTs shameless abandonment of principle & Green Party solar blah blah blah


Big weekend of announcements as we enter 10 weeks before the election.

Shane Jones minus Winston Peters tried to sell Northland the need to love him half as much as he loves himself, the ACT Party’s hostage arrangement with the NZ NRA created policy that will enable the State to molest property rights in a way that will have Milton Friedman spinning in his grave and the Green Party solar blah blah blah.


Shane’s Northland problem:

With NZ First faltering at 2% and Winston ill, Shane Jones must win Northland to keep NZ First in Parliament and to cement his own position as the future leader of the Party when Winston finally resigns. The problem for Shane is that Northland is such a white loaf knuckle dragging electorate that Jones comes across as far too cosmopolitan. Look at the National Party candidate, Matt King. He is a chunk of boiled ham with all the sophistication of a hand job in a carpark, he appeals to Northland voters the way illiteracy does.  Getting them to cross over to Shane is going to be a hard ask, but not impossible. It’s the fight of Shane’s life but he could well be NZ First’s only way back to Parliament.


ACTs shameless abandonment of principle:

How can ACT and Damien Grant sleep without Ayn Rand nightmares? The hostage situation ACT is now under with the NZ NRA taking over the party to legalise machine guns for every creche while legally being allowed to shoot DoC staff who drop 1080 is bad enough, but ACT’s jaw dropping call to remove the last protection from open abuse of the proceeds of crimes act is such an ideological blasphemy I’m personally surprised David Seymour hasn’t burst into flames the moment he walks past a mirror.

Consider the incredibly abusive proceeds of crimes act. The National Party lowered the evidential threshold from beyond reasonable doubt to balance of probabilities with the only fig leaf of protection being that the threshold to seize private property was $30 000. Seymour bewilderingly wants to remove that $30 000 threshold to be any unlicensed  gun???

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We have already seen the State manipulate the proceeds of crimes act and twist it into purposes it was NEVER supposed to be used for, so you can imagine what they’ll do once the $30 000 threshold is removed.

ACT, the Party that is always going on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on about private property rights is handing the State the power to seize your property based on nothing more than an unlicensed firearm???

The NZ NRA have clearly got David’s pet held hostage in a bunker somewhere in Epsom.

Green Party solar blah blah blah:

So, the Greens have gone backwards in the last 3 elections and they over poll so their current 6% could easily be under the 5% threshold come election day. In short, the Greens are in terrible danger this election of being kicked out of Parliament SOOOOOOOOOOO they desperately need to be releasing policy that generates real sizzle and attention, because this solar blah blah blah has sunk under the media headlines quicker than Trump can blame someone else for his Covid response abomination.

The problem is the Greens don’t understand how close they are to being dumped from Parliament thanks to the self congratulatory Twitter bubble they live in, because if they did they would be selling this solar policy the way I suggested they do last year. Don’t come out with some ‘mumble mumble solar mumble’, come out screaming ‘Solar Panels on every roof by 2030’! The Greens need to sell some fucking sizzle or they are going to be utterly reliant on Chloe winning Auckland central to get returned to Parliament.

I fear the Green Party tacticians and strategists couldn’t get laid in a monkey brothel wearing banana costumes.



Shane can win Northland and drag NZ First back to Parliament despite them ending up under 5% on election day.

ACT are going to get 5% in the election because they are openly appealing to terrible human beings while dumping any pretence of philosophical principle.

After watching how quickly their solar policy sunk without trace, I think increasingly the Greens are probably going to be reliant on Chloe winning Auckland Central to get back in.


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  1. You don’t seem to understand that making up crazy insulting stuff about gun owners and calling them terrible people is pushing them to look for a political voice.
    And then that bothers you.
    What you are doing is simply bullying.

    • Agreed, ‘machine guns in every creche?!’ Martyn’s been upping the anti with silly labels recently of a diverse group who with some justification feel ignored, or sold out as scapegoats in the political process.

    • Jacinda made the mistake of listening to the looney woke Greens and blamed white male NZ gun owners for the massacre in Christchurch ….as did the media who called it the Christchurch Massacre…it became a NZ white male racist issue and a Christchurch racist issue

      …. whereas AUSTRALIAN mass murderer, sus gun owner, with a flawed license, an Australian who had unusually recently visited Israel, Pakistan and North Korea was scarcely mentioned

      ( that does not fit the profile of your average Kiwi gun owner who was then scapegoated for the crime)

      ….no wonder gun owners are mad enough to vote ACT

  2. “Shane Jones minus Winston Peters tried to sell Northland the need to love him half as much as he loves himself”.

    Winston needs to ‘temper Shane to become I likable rouge like he is’.

    And also get NZF over the five percent NZF needs to get the other regions ‘shovel ready projects around other regions going too’, like our damaged ‘Gisborne rail’ that needs $30 Million to fix what National destroyed in 2012 by Steven Joyce stopping the rail track storm drains maintenance.

    Simple really. – NZF needs to do what’s right for our provinces.

  3. Shane is a bit of a wanker really with his self congratulatory, walking dictionary, speaking style but he has begun to deliver in the regions including some great projects in Northland, from cleaning up the Kaipara, using it again as a marine transport route, to extending the reach of rail etc etc. Bummer for NZ First and the Govt. though because the twisted old torys up North will gladly take the assistance and still vote for boofhead, ex copper Matt King.

    Labour’s Willow Jean Prime has a pretty good following in Northland too which makes it harder for Shane as well.

  4. Shane Jones is massively smarter than Matt King- but whether Kiwis place high value on high intelligence is a moot point.

    Ex-Green supporters like me have not bothered with their spin since Marama showed their reality disconnect by deciding that people in $1M dwellings who have to budget – yep – budget to pay someone to come and change a light bulb because they are too old and decrepit to climb up and change it themselves, are rich people. Not everyone has a husband and six kids to change their light bulbs for them – cart the garden rubbish to the tip. They’re unrealistic if they think that the contemporary Pakeha they’re still blaming for Parihaka, and the slaughter of Muslims, will concern themselves with them or their rooftop panels.

    Guns scare me. The terrible ChCh massacres, and the gunning down and vicious murder of young Constable Matthew Hunt, will have folk seriously thinking about gun ownership, both legal and illegal, and the implications thereof. Grew up with my father’s and brother’s hunting guns, but that was a different world.

    • In the USA with the BLM it was open season on police…I wonder whether the political climate in the USA affected New Zealand?

      • Red Buzzard “In the USA with the BLM it was open season on police…I wonder whether the political climate in the USA affected New Zealand? ” You’re right about the USA – I was recently told, and could probably get again, the weekly numbers of police now being murdered in the USA, info which I don’t think appears in the MSM here.

        BLM is a more complex Marxist movement than some may realise, apparently with a fairly radical agenda, and pots of money thanks to virtue signalling whites showing that they’re not “racist.” NY, where police funding has been cut is apparently now a flourishing crime zone, where even police may be fearful after dark.

        The police had already been set up as the enemy here – and far too carelessly. If people want to defund them and replace them with social workers, fine.

        Call a social worker to deal with home invasions, and gangs with guns manufacturing methamphetamine trespassing on each others’ patches, and drunken bullies beating up their wives and crushing their babies skulls, and menaces creating danger on motorways. Social workers can deal with organised crime, successful and non-successful suicides, murders here and there, finding dumped bodies, buried bodies, burnt bodies – it’s all a breeze.

        Somehow, if I have an intruder- twice over the past ten or so years – I’d be more confident phoning the police than phoning a social worker – might have to get a gun.

  5. Was the young police officer shot by a licensed gun owner or unlicensed? I’ll reserved judgement on your post until I hear the answer.

    • I suspect if it was a legal firearm we would have heard that by now?

      It’s odd that the firearm used hasn’t been made public. There is a rumour it was stolen from the Army but think that must be hyperbole.

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