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  1. Drug bust Waikato – How about spending some of that money back in the community which this article says gets resources sucked from it by the illegals.?
    They push drugs onto vulnerable users and suck money and resources out of some of our most deprived communities, including their own family members and associates.

    The investigation identified four commercial clan labs based in the Waikato which have now been shut down.
    As part of this investigation the Waikato Asset Recovery Unit, have restrained property, vehicles, jewellery and cash valued at over $1 million which we believe has been accumulated as a result of this criminal activity.
    The operation also recovered nearly $200,000 in cash, stolen property, methamphetamine, other drugs and firearms, including loaded firearms.

  2. When did Facebook become the abaritor of NZ political debate?

    Why did a video critical of the government legislation around the covid lockdown get removed from Facebook: Was it because it was a well thought out legal position? Did it question the ideological underpinnings of the legislation from a left wing perspective? Or was the indigenous world view on offer too offensive to the twitterati in Wellington? Was it possible that it made the labour party look deeply authoritarian and dickish before an election? Maybe candidates who stand for the Māori Party should not have opinions?

    To many questions, and no answers. The video will surface again on a different feed, then you can judge for yourself. I just hope it’s not after the election – but then again, maybe this is truly the age of dirty politics.

  3. Trump and his administration are really screwing the US up completely now, wait for the economic fall out to come, affecting the whole world:

    This Pandemic will be all but over any time soon, and we can now prepare for making New Zealand a fortress and as much self sufficient as it needs to be. All dreams about returning to a normal as before, or to have a well functioning economy while the globe will be hit HARD is an illusion.

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