Look at what Muller said & ask if Jacinda would get away with this? Is the NZ Media killing democracy?


The manner in which Todd Muller seems to have purposely misled the NZ public needs to be examined, exposed and compared.

Muller KNEW on Tuesday that Boag was lying when she said she had only sent information to Walker because Woodhouse had told him that he had also been sent emails by Boag.

Woodhouse destroys the emails on Monday when the inquiry is announced and here is what Muller says two days AFTER knowing Woodhouse had been contacted…

JOURNALIST: Was Michelle Boag a source for Michael Woodhouse? Have you spoken to him?

MULLER: Ah no I look again I don’t really understand where you’re going with this.

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JOURNALIST: Have you checked with Woodhouse specifically whether he received that same information from Boag?

MULLER: Ah no.

…what Muller is trying to say now after he was caught out misleading here is that the information wasn’t exactly the same as Boag had sent Walker, but you can all see how outrageous a misrepresentation that is!

Muller KNEW Boag had sent Woodhouse similar information two days before he’s assuring Journalists that Woodhouse wasn’t sent anything by Boag.

Check around the media today and you’ll see a couple of opinion pieces tsk taking Muller and that’s it. No headlines demanding Muller resigns, no headlines demanding accountability, no real pointing out that the leader of the Opposition openly deceived us.

Now just pause and consider what the mainstream media would be doing if Jacinda had been caught out lying about David clark. Let’s say she knew when he admitted his bike race that there had been the second event as well and then got caught out knowing that so that she was in the exact same hole Muller has dug himself.

Under this scenario, the NZ Herald would be demanding Jacinda’s immediate resignation while declaring civil war, Tova O’Brien would start a hunger strike outside Jacinda’s electoral office until she stepped down as PM and Mike Hosking would be threatening an on air suicide unless Jacinda accepted life inside prison for 10 years.

Think I’m being hyperbolic?

Consider this Al Jazeera opinion piece that has looked at the incredible success NZ had had in keeping the virus out of NZ, yet compares that with the blood screaming of the NZ mainstream media…

How New Zealand’s media endangered public health

The New Zealand government’s COVID-19 response was a success story, national media’s coverage of it was not.

New Zealand’s health minister, David Clark, has been forced to resign and the nation’s hyperactive media have claimed their latest scalp. In the middle of a pandemic, no less.

Unseemly as the media’s months-long hit on Clark was – a classic example of trial by media – it was consistent with the borderline misconduct that has defined much of the reporting throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

While the response to the pandemic threat from the national capital, Wellington, can be held aloft, for now, as a rare success story in a world of disarray, the machinations of much of the nation’s media leaves much to be desired.

Taken over time, New Zealand’s reporters have appeared focused on managing perceptions, berating and cajoling a fearful public on numerous fronts. In doing so, and from the earliest stages of a four-level alert system, public health concerns have been eclipsed by a clamouring commentariat, all seeking to score political points and undermine the government’s health-first priorities.

A case can be made that the nation’s media, laundering many of the opposition’s attack lines and big business talking points, have repeatedly endangered public health. 

This was driven not only by the country’s clutch of prominent Fox News-style commentators – Mike Hosking, Heather du Plessis-Allan and Duncan Garner – each of whom hawks anger and division to drive ratings, but by senior reporters and editors.

…we’ve had 3 people abscond in quarantine and that gets all the focus and we never acknowledge the 30 000 we have successfully processed with no community transmission breaking out.

We get angry at the Covid Karen’s magical mystery tour of the North Island, but our truth is still no community transmission.

Michael Woodhouse lies about a homeless man getting 5 star hotel treatment yet the media still carry the lie.

The media all reported the criticisms National made about the latest security bungled until it became obvious that Boag had leaked that information.

Time and time and time again the very mainstream media begging you constantly for donations to keep their ‘journalism’ alive have misled and fed your fear for click bait advertising.

To use a Covid analogy, National are the virus but the mainstream media are the super spreaders.


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  1. The NZ media routinely make a complete mockery of our democracy via their own personal crusades and bias and with of course the obvious encouragement and approval of their editors and the National Party.


    and have them forensically examined under the high level investigation set up recently. This is the once in a life time opportunity to expose the level of despicable skulduggery in NZ politics from the usual suspects and purge it from democracy. Who knows, it may even expose a “journalist” or two.

    Don’t rely on these people to be honest. They don’t understand the meaning of the word or value it. Honesty serves no purpose to them but it MUST be a key component of our democracy to protect it’s integrity.

    The National Party and our media have set the rules and tone when it comes to personal crusades against individuals. Claire Curran and David Clark are two lighthouse examples of that along with the diabolical crusade against Ardern that she knew all about a farcical case of alleged sexual abuse and reprehensibly covered it up. That is despite there not being a shred of evidence against her. Those allegations were covered in reputable newspapers and online news websites around the world. Incredible situation when Ardern was viewed with such respect around the world.

    I’m certain if Woodhouse’s computer is forensically examined, a treasure trove of skulduggery will be exposed. Michelle Boag feeding Woodhouse for example, the allegation of a homeless man living it up in quarantine courtesy of the taxpayer and the UK sisters being granted compassionate leave is yet another example. Ironically, there was also a “very reliable source” there also. Michelle Boag? The sudden and dramatic resigning from even the party which is her life force is VERY telling. This is Boag attempting to control the direction of the investigation that has all in National VERY nervous. The assumption being, ff she is seen as the rotten egg and she is gone gone gone, there will be no need for further investigation. Anyone who thinks Boag will now not be involved with the National Party is very politically naive. The only difference is her future involvement will be covert.

    We all know the value Boag puts on taxpayer money and public donations etc. Arrogantly using the rescue helicopter to go and retrieve a passport from her home is yet another example of that. I’m confident there will be deleted but very telling communications between Boag, Woodhouse ,Muller and others over other serious matters of significance.

    I believe Todd Muller is not fit to lead a knitting circle. I’m certain he’s a bare faced liar.

    Most accept that if a party leader is exposed for lying to the NZ Public when asked direct questions in a TV interview, they would have to resign the same day.

    When Muller first became the National Party leader, he was asked about the coup timeline by John Campbell on the TVNZ breakfast show. Campbell was trying to ascertain if Muller had been conducting a campaign against Bridges for many months. Muller refused to acknowledge that as it would revel a level of skulduggery against their own MP’s that he didn’t want the NZ public to know about. Campbell however had done his homework and discovered multiple visits to Christchurch, home of his skulduggery partners, Gerry Brownlee and Any Adams. Campbell asked Muller directly if he’d met with Brownlee on any of those visits. There was an unprecedented long pause before Muller finally and uncomfortably said “NO”. Blind Freedy could see Muller was lying. The long pause was about him trying to think if he could be exposed at a later time if he lied. It was as clear and as blatant example of a NZ politician lying on camera I’ve ever witnessed. Campbell repeated his question but this time it was about meeting Amy Adams on those trips. It must be remembered that Adams had previously announced her retirement. Nek minute. The answer Muller gave about Adams and the way he gave it was a carbon copy of the Brownlee answer. Main difference being he started to sweat and appeared very uncomfortable. Muller then made a very telling and defensive comment. “I can see where you’re trying to go with this”.

    In the last few days Muller has been caught out being very creative with the truth again.When pressed further, Muller made an ironic very telling defensive comment. “I can see where you’re trying to go with this”.

    There and many more gems just waiting to be exposed during the high level investigation into the leaking of sensitive information to the media and all that entails. Muller and Woodhouse would be joining Boag in a heartbeat. Time to clean out the sewer and those that reside in it.

  2. Out of all this I am of the opinion that Woodhouse would have read the information in the attachments. He would have needed to open the attachment(s) in the various emails and looked at the private information of NZers.

    Perhaps he ‘saved’ a few little ‘gems’ to try to embarrass the Coalition government later on down the track.

    And if or when Muller asks him where he gleaned the lastest bit of embarrassing information from Woodhouse might resort to his ability to lie with a straight face and say he gained the information ‘himself’.

    And because we all know the mainstream NZ media is deeply into the NZ National Party pocket there will be no indepth questions asked to Woodhouse as from WHOM did he get the information from and when and has he sat on other information for a lengthy period of time???!!

    Nope. Instead the mainstream NZ media will be baying for the blood of the relevant Coalition MP that they think has made mistakes.

    Meanwhile at Camp Muller he(Muller)will be voicing to all and sundry in the media of what a shambolic lot the government is. All this whilst we all know Muller probably couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery but would need a cup of tea and a lie down on a regular basis.

    And about the ONLY “Lie Down” we will get from National is their usual bullshit and lies because they don’t know how to behave any differently. Their ability to lie is set in concrete and they can get away with it because the media is too stupid to question them deeply.

  3. Incredibly soft take for TV3 Simon Sheppard this morning on Boag shambles. I hope Tame can do better than that tomorrow. I agree with Bomber, if this was Labour doing this sort of crap, the media would be baying for blood. NZ media a right wing shambles? I hope not. No one from National willing to front for a while? Ryan Bridge the only guy pointing out the obvious to Woodhouse and was that because Woodhouse considered Magic Talk a ‘safe place”?. Only bright side (media wise) is the print journos pouring scorn on the Stunned Mullet. Sheppard letting his guest get away with ‘Muller has shown himself to be decisive’ is bordering on criminal. The Leader of the National party lied to NZ…end of story.

  4. Spot on.
    90+% of the NZ media are appalling, National party propaganda merchants and IMHO are lower than a dodgy secondhand car salesman.
    There is basically NO fourth estate in NZ and the 6pm and mid day news programs are on par with North Korean TV. At least the N.K. reporters are scared for their life’s and thus lie and smile. Our lot do it purely for money ! Utterly shameful people, who are traitors to NZ.

    • Yet the Prime Minister gets a free ride from the media on ‘I’ll be having my salary cut by 20%’ (btw still waiting Jacinda), ‘we went hard, we went early’ (NZ was the 60th country to close its borders, hate to know what going slow would have meant) or ‘80,000 people will die’ (still don’t know where she got that number from????)

      • Ahh, the mournful sad sounds of orphaned, lost Nats, looking for a home …

        Don’t worry BG, Judith or someone will pick you up soon 🙂

  5. “National are the virus but the mainstream media are the super spreaders.”
    And MSM in NZ are colluding and when you look at ownership you can see why.
    But RNZ which is owned by Kiwis still promotes the BS from NACT so what gives. Sure RNZ do have a few presenters who do interview experts with more objective opinions but that seldom gets into the news.
    RNZ Board needs an overhaul to include a much wider political spectrum so policy can implemented to inform with balance.
    Investigative journalist such as John Pilger rarely appear on RNZ yet he is an internationally recognised journalist of many decades who does the hard stuff in investigating international situations.
    The truth is too radical for RNZ . I have spoken with two presenters who say they have been warned off many interview prospects that don’t fit with US propaganda.

  6. How embarrassing that it takes am objective overseas based media form who head plenty of respect to show up our local so called journalists for what they are.

    Good too that Hosking, Garner and other bitches for the right are noticed.

    Good blog, summed up beautifully.

  7. ” Is the NZ Media killing democracy?”
    Why yes. Yes it is. I think that’s blindingly obvious.
    Ever since Norman Kirk, our MSM’s been steered away from us on an ever steepening vector. Now? It’s been pushed head first down the gurgler.
    After I heard that infamous interview between the ever fabulous Kim Hill and roger kerr, the rat that strayed too far from the woodpile thus allowing Hill to pounce on him to give him a merciless mauling, I knew, that when she was, in my opinion, ‘disestablished’ from RNZ? I knew our MSM was now Theirs.
    RNZ’s toothless, The Listener no longer exists, TV’s unwatchable to any sane mind and newspapers are simply advertising flyers one has to pay for. I noticed the Otago Daily Times’ front page is one huge harvey normans ad. When that happens, the Otago Daily Times will report on what harvey normans tells it , it’s allowed to report on.
    In fact, I’d go so far as to say that, in truth, we’ll have no idea of what’s ‘real’ and what’s not in AO/NZ.
    How could we know? Who would we ask, even if we knew what the questions were are that need asking?
    If something of dubious interest rises up out of the human cesspit that’s known as ‘social media’ it’s immediately labeled a ‘conspiracy theory’.
    ( I can never understand why it’s such a gaff to broach a subject that may be a conspiracy then proffer a theory on [that]? There are certainly many conspiracies, as we can see, so what’s wrong with offering up a theory?
    For example: Some people think the Earth’s flat. Well, good for you, but it isn’t. However; I think the moon, is in fact, flat. Why is it that we can ever only see one side of the moon? Why doesn’t it roll around like any normal ball of rock would?
    If it’s flat? Then what’s going on, on the other side?? We’re told the moon’s round but who can you trust? NASA? The Russians? The Chinese? You gotta be kidding… Have you been out and around the moon to see for yourself? Go you, if so, is all I can say.
    You seen this guy?
    He’s pretty good.
    But nothing compared to the fuckers who’ve rolled our MSM.

  8. Remember that wall to wall coverage of Hipkins supposedly destroying Barnaby Joyce by making an enquiry?

    Jacinda was condemned for it and nothing actually happened.

    Imagine if she said she was aware of it ….we’d still be hearing about it…

    Honestly… This and the JLR fiasco illuminate a huge problem I have with Jacindas leadership, she can’t fight… Other political leaders would crucify their opponents for these things and jacinda just lets it slide while they throw punch after lunch at her.

    If the media won’t cover it properly jacinda needs to take a leaf out of Helen or Winstons book, hell even Trumps. This is total media bias for a scandal that’s potentially water gate level. She or someone in the party needs to ask over and over again”are you on NZ’s side” “why did Todd Muller knowingly allow his mp’s to leak illegally obtained privileged information and then delete the emails”
    “Lock Boag up” “Michelle’s emails ” maybe Winston can lol

    • Thanks for bringing attention to that article Bomber. I recommend all to read it in full. A really good short history.
      We like to laugh at the US with their fox news etc but our media here is also terrible (with a few honourable exceptions). A Dutch colleague of mine used to be baffled by the substance free shows we call news.
      Remember that nice feeling we had when we beat covid? No apparently we should all feel disgraced by something called shambles.
      If the media bias is too far from what most people think we’ll tune out. Which is not good for democracy.

  9. There is always a demand for quality news. It sticks with you too.

    Slop news goes in one ear and out the other .. produce enough of it though and it starts to obscure the truth.

  10. What about Peter Goodfellow.
    If the National Party were a corporation, which I am sure they see themselves as, why is the President not being held to account.
    Hard to believe his sticky grubby fingers aren’t all over this.

  11. I pray to what ever deity that exists that an full investigation is undertaken of the National Party , Muller , Boag, Woodhouse etc as already noted their computors would likely tell a rather sordid tale . But unfortunately from what I have seen over the last thirty years in NZ I doubt that it will happen . We do deserve better !

  12. Here is another example, thanks to Fear Facts Exposed team they picked this soundbite up.
    Start at 7.30min mark
    Heather du Plessis-Allen told listeners she knows who Woodhouse’s mystery homeless quarantine stowaway source was, live on air:
    “Was Michelle Boag the source of Michael Woodhouse’s claim about a homeless man in quarantine? Now, actually I can tell you no, she wasn’t the source, and I know this because I actually do know who the source was, um, for like a strange reasons – don’t ask!
    “Michael Woodhouse; I actually do want to say – and I want to be fair to him – he’s a good operator and he’s been a very good opposition MP doing a really good job. I am sorry that he has found himself tangled up in this thing and I’m sorry that he’s having to find ways to avoid answering questions about his leader’s lack of complete honesty yesterday.”

  13. Why do Newsroom give a regular soapbox spot to right wing nutter Hide? He uses Newsroom to regularly spew out his malice towards Jacinda, in particular, as well as the govt. He seems to be growing increasingly snide over time and his recent rantings illustrate this.

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