Look For The Light


While looking for something else entirely in an old trunk in my garage, I came across the following lines. Written nearly 50 years ago, they struck me as having an oddly contemporary feel.

Beneath the towering concrete thrones

The people creep and crawl

You sense them through the oozing black

That’s seeping through your wall

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The darkness slithers like a snake

Between the halls of stone

Your voice in echoes stabs the night

“My God, am I alone?”


That’s when you

Look for the light,

Hope for the light,

Have faith in the light to come.


The stench of corpses chokes the air

And hangs the senses high,

While in their red-brick coffins

The split-level heroes lie.

You’re groping through an endless day

Towards an endless night,

While armies of well-oiled machines

March onward out of sight.


That’s when you

Look for the light,

Hope for the light,

Have faith in the light to come.


The bold blue warriors ignite

The fires they love to hate,

And crying “Law and Order!”

Take another for the State.

The Members of the Parliament

Are eating paper lies,

While sweat soaks through their collars

They all doze – as justice dies.


That’s when you

Look for the light,

Hope for the light,

Have faith in the light to come.


You’re running faster every day

To catch the same old train,

With icy faces staring out

Of every window pane.

The streets are growing metal bars

To keep you in your place,

And every night the sirens wail –

Quickening the pace.


That’s when you

Look for the light,

Hope for the light,

Have faith in the light to come.



Chris Trotter



  1. National MP who admitted to training Chinese spies retires from politics.

    Michelle Boag leaves National Party after leaking patient info to Michael Woodhouse

    And then there was Key , English, Bridges and Bennett…and a few sundry others.

    Did they leap or were they pushed?

    Perhaps the bleak poem of 1973 is showing some light…

  2. That, was fabulous @ CT.
    You, are fabulous.
    Evil, can be found in the intellect.
    The more clever the evil becomes, the more clever the innocent must become. Knowledge, after all, is born of experience. There in lies the rhurbarb. One’s destined to become that which one hates the most so it’s reckoned.
    That’s why; democratic capitalism born of the mandatory vote.
    I must be drunk…? When I write gibberish and think it’s wise. Apols. x

  3. As the world turns to custard there is light of a sort because the major source of most of our woes -the rampant consumerism, the faux money system, the faux economic theories, the synthetic ‘food’ that really isn’t food, the anti-science movement, the overheating of the Earth and the collapsing environment etc. is, itself, in the process of collapsing. And it’s collapsing rather quickly


    The US reported 63,247 new cases of Covid-19 overnight. Now that is impressive, and gives us cause for hope, even if it represents huge personal tragedy and an awful lot of human misery. Yet collapse has to involve huge amounts of personal tragedy and human misery.

    The collapse that is underway is not caused by coronavirus, as such; that has been the puff of wind that has pushed over the house-of-cards political-financial-economic-social arrangements.

    The good news is, ‘the elites’ (scumbags at the top of the wealth pyramid) won’t be immune to the consequences of the meltdown, as they push everyone else towards destitution:

    ‘You Are Now Leaving FantasyLand: The Losses Will Be Taken By Somebody’


    • Keep the borders closed eh.
      A far bigger event than what we have experienced lies ahead

      Opening the border will just it invite it in and its refugees in numbers we could not control.

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