Political Caption Competition




noun: Boag; plural noun: Boags
  1. a stupid or contemptible person (often used as a general term of abuse).


  1. Cruella De Vil
    Cruella De Vil
    If she doesn’t scare you
    No evil thing will
    To see her is to
    Take a sudden chill
    Cruella, Cruella
    She’s like a spider waiting
    For the kill
    Look out for Cruella De Vil

    At first you think
    Cruella is the devil
    But after time has worn
    Away the shock
    You come to realize
    You’ve seen her kind of eyes
    Watching you from underneath
    A rock!

    This vampire bat
    This inhuman beast
    She ought to be locked up
    And never released
    The world was such
    A wholesome place until
    Cruella, Cruella De Vil

  2. “Come inside my lovely gingerbread house children. I’ve got plenty of tasty treats to fatten you up!”

  3. “Just relax Boagy. We need to hide your cell phone somewhere Mike Heron will not dare look.”

  4. This could well have happened: I(Boag)got a Rescue Helicopter to fly my passport from Waiheke Island to AIA and paid the bill of $4000 a donation so I could claim it back in tax and donate the refund to the NZ National Party. Didn’t I do well?

  5. NZ candidate for ‘botched’.

    alternatively, a warning label on cigarettes.

    Smoking causes irreversible wrinkles and can lead to a lack of empathy.

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