MEDIAWATCH: Muller turns down interview because he ‘needs a cup of tea and a lie down’ – I’m not kidding


Are you kidding me?

Could you imagine if Jacinda told ZB that she couldn’t do an interview because she needed a ‘cup of tea and a lie down’?

Could you imagine if Jacinda told Duncan Garner she couldn’t do an interview because she needed a ‘cup of tea and a lie down’?

Could you imagine if Jacinda told Tova O’Brien she couldn’t do an interview because she needed a ‘cup of tea and a lie down’?

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Each of those media outlets would immediately claim the PM was ill, sick, too tired, too weak, couldn’t handle the jandle. It would be evidence that she was on her last legs, in the case of Hosking and Garner there would be elements of outright sexism in their attack, actually Tova would do that as well.

If Jacinda had used that excuse with any of those media outlets it would be leading the news today, I’ve looked at the media this morning, there’s no mention of Muller turning down an interview on a  friendly media network because he needed a ‘cup of tea and a lie down’ anywhere.

The despicable double standards employed by the mainstream media when it is the Left vs the Right is truly outrageous in this country.


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  1. HDPA hatred for Muller is so deep it clouds her judgement. She had Muller on two (three? )days before and lambasted him for asking the government for ways to open the border and exploring what restrictions to apply to ensure the covid remains outside New Zealand. Yet the very next day when Helen Clark suggested the government look for ways to open the border and exploring what restrictions to apply to ensure the covid remains outside New Zealand, she was all over it as a good idea.

    Yesterday she lambasted Muller for taking an extra 24 hours to have Walker removed from the National party nomination in the next election. Calling him weak and unable to make a decision. Yet when pointed out that versus the time taken by Ardern to sack ministers, Muller acted at lightning speed (by DPF and supported by Jack Tame) she poo poo’d them.

    The “having a cup of tea and a lie down” assertion is unsubstantiated and either the press secretary or HDPA is taking the mickey.

    Me thinks HDPA is drinking too much soperaid.

    • Gerrit, don’t drink your tea too fast… Let it cool down a bit first.

      Otherwise, as we can see, it’s just too easy to get scalded.

    • Nah mate.

      National is so divided they resemble the Italian govts over the last 30 years.

      They’d shit on anyone in their caucus to appear relevant. That’s how desperate they are. Aderns govt , however, takes the time to deliberate, because they are confident and in the consensus deliberation, – they have arrived at the successful position we find them at.

      Yes, the sheer numbers and paperwork involved makes it easy prey to the nitpickers and the muckrakers and the DIRTY POLITICS/ FILTHY POLITICS crowd but the statistics speak for themselves. If it was left to National we may have had several thousands dead with their clamoring for open borders. Mainly the elderly and the immuno-compromised.

      FUCK National.

      And FUCK Muller.

      And FUCK BOAG and FUCK Walker.

      New Zealanders lives are worth more than their shitty bank accounts.

      • “They’d shit on anyone in their caucus to appear relevant.”

        This statement is true for any NAT, at any time, shitting on anyone, for any reason provided they’ll benefit. They don’t have to be desperate! It’s just deep down who they are.

    • Inadvertently tuned in to Heather whatshername talking to Barry Soper. Can’t remember whether it was radio retard or radio ritalin but they played a clip of Chris Hipkins saying that the hotel absconder broke the law and should be held to account…at which they both laughed like braying donkeys, saying things like, ‘yeah right’ and blaming Hipkins for the incident .What dorks! so i changed the station and again came across a similar dumb talk back station where some idiot radio dick was blaming the police for so called 40 minutes unaccounted for in the absconder’s little journey.saying, ‘Surely the police can do better than this!’ Time some of these radio dickheads got a real job.

      • saying, ‘Surely the police can do better than this!’

        That is a shocker. Of all days to attack our police, they did that on the day of the funeral/ memorial for Matthew Hunt. The livestream of that service is recorded here: Remembering Constable Matthew Hunt

        For those sick Radio Jocks to show so little respect for the Kiwis who put their lives on the line for the rest of us, every. single. day..

        Well, they aim to shock people, and this has shocked me.

  2. Let’s be clear about this, John Key had 8 years of being completely unchallenged, and fawning, by the right-wing (mainstream) media.

    • and he couldn’t even answer questions about his serial hair pulling because no one asked him.
      He was dying to share.

      A seasoned tugger.

  3. I wonder if Paul Goldsmith will be texting him, “You should stick with knitting, mate.”

    (Is what he recommended recently for our PM.)

  4. Echoes of ScoMo when the bushfires were raging and people were in crisis. He ran away – took his family off to Hawaii saying they needed the break.

  5. Cmon Bomber – what bollocks. There have been countless times Labour has hidden inept ministers from the media such as Twyford, Davis and Lees-Galloway even the Prime Minister has backed away from interviews with HDPA and others on contentious issues. Indeed the media positively fawns over the current Prime Minister.

    You seem to be missing the point – at a time where Muller should delight in showing reasonably decisive action and front footing the issue he is hiding behind his press secretary’s dress (note: no sexism intended). With the gong show at the Stanford Plaza he had a golden opportunity to front foot the issue and turn the screws instead he cowered behind the scenes.

    Wait till the economic crash occurs (once the can is kicked to the end of the cul-de-sac) and the media really turns on the government……..

    • And , um, … so innocent little National with the cowering leader is going to do any better?… I think the polls and the behavior show a different story.

      If this is the sort of crap National churns out now trying to get traction on the incumbent govt,… well, perhaps they better try another leadership spill…because this one sure isn’t going to cut it.

  6. Poor lil blighter…
    Yeah, have some sympathy for him will ya… Trying to deal with pandemics ‘n stuff ain’t easy y’know….

    Well, I just hope the tea he drinks is locally grown and produced! (Shout out to the good folk at Chanui..)

    Though some of the teas from China are interesting..
    He could drink this one and think of Jacinda: Iron Goddess Tea

    • Chanui tea is neither locally grown or produced. Check the packet. It’s marketed as New Zealand’s tea, but the only thing NZ about it is the marketing spin.

      • Unless Chanui are a marketing campaign for products from Zealong, they’re just a NZ-owned reseller of imported tea. AFAIK Zealong is the only commercial tea grower in Aotearoa:

        Given the amount of tea that kiwis drink, and the rising financial and carbon cost of importing it from commercial growers overseas, I’m surprised we’re not planting more tea trees and less pine trees. Unlike pinus radiata, camelia sinensis provides a useful crop every year with minimal harvesting and processing costs, and is *not* an environmentally destructive weed the govt is spending millions on eradicating from native reserves.

        • Thanks for the Zealong site link Danyl! It’s impressive.

          Unlike pinus radiata, camelia sinensis provides a useful crop every year with minimal harvesting and processing costs, and is *not* an environmentally destructive weed the govt is spending millions on eradicating from native reserves.

          Yes, definitely! It would be an excellent way to go. Enviro-friendly, climate friendly (any reduction of O/S imports is helpful), sustainable and would be financially rewarding.

      • the only thing NZ about it is the marketing spin.

        Disappointing that it’s not grown here – My mistake. However it is NZ owned, unlike 99% of supermarket teas.

  7. Everybody stop your lives….Scandal!!!…Media makes request but is turned down!!!!!!!
    Media are God! When God says ‘speak to me’ then you must.
    All you media gods, I think y’all need to wind yer heads in!!!!

    • You have to admit the reaction is funny eh? We’re used to ‘the Minister was unavailable for comment,’ or her phone’s off, or can’t be reached for comment or any one of the other hundred lines. Often with a sneer and scorn coming over the airwaves especially for the likes of Mike Hosking.

      Having a cup of tea and a lie down? When he is available and is asked about that Muller will be right into it.

      “Great sense of humour that Laura, eh? She’s a graduate of the Donald, Make America Great Again School of Comedy. She didn’t have to get someone to sit her test to get in either.”

      And Matthew Hooton will pat himself on the back at his genius.

      • Matthew must be delighted with the publicity his leader and favourite party is generating. (That’s sarcasm for right wingers)

  8. Good riddance
    Privacy-invading MP Hamish Walker has announced that he will not stand for re-election. Good riddance. He has clearly shown that he is unfit to be an MP, and the sooner he fucks off, the better.

    Posted by Idiot/Savant at 7/08/2020 12:41:00 PM Links to this post
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    No Right

    • Totally agree WK. I can’t wait to see the next bucket of entitled primordial slime the flat-earthers at Southland National Party headquarters pick to replace him.

      • I’d be willing to bet they’ll put up another brat (~turd~) for selection in Southland. They’ve had a National turd masquerading as an MP since 1990, the only difference is how polished the turd is or was.

        Bill English – if you can remember back to the 90s, BE was part of the ‘brat pack’ with the likes or Ryall etc. A bit polished on the outside, but all shit on the inside. Turd.

        Todd Barkley – how can you forget? TB I think contributed to Billy’s eventual election defeat – who can forget all of those middle of the night texts? Tobacco lobbyist and ROTTEN criminal turd.

        Hamish Walker – sinks any chance for Todd Mullet and the remaining NAT rats. ARROGANT unethical turd.

  9. Yeah, yesterday’s news, Bomber… Muller is a seat warmer… why waste your breath on him? Busy supporting “mum and dad” property investors, while hundreds of thousands of Kiwis are staring down the barrel of ‘renting’ (i.e. homelessness) in ‘retirement’ (i.e. working until they drop, literally)? On ya comrade!

  10. Yeah, yesterday’s news, Bomber… Muller is a seat warmer… why waste your breath on him? Busy supporting “mum and dad” property investors, while hundreds of thousands of Kiwis are staring down the barrel of ‘renting’ (i.e. homelessness) in ‘retirement’ (i.e. working until they drop, literally)? On ya comrade!

    • Schrodinger’s Castro? (He is an he isn’t)

      Top o’the morning to ya Cas 🙂

      (You sound like you need a good cup of Irish tea of something stronger…)

    • @ Most, Good link, although I don’t agree that the government has done exceptionally well but think they have been lucky (so far). I know people who came back before lock down and were out and about in the community instead of the voluntary self isolation so there were problems from the start about not closing the border soon enough. I also and think the Covid testing has been bad, PPE bad, and having essential services including alcohol and cigarettes is appalling.

      However I do agree the media created their own reality and made things much worse and the government is trying to do it’s neoliberal lobbyist, best. They did better than the Natz would have done.

    • That report though good seemed to miss a major point re: the two girls going to Wellington.
      i.e. the opposition were more interested in a gotcha moment in Parliament than stopping the chance of C-19 taking hold in NZ. So they wait 12-24 hors before sharing this info, JUST SO they could try and embarrass the Govt in Parliament.
      Any DECENT party/person would have gone STRAIGHT to the press and announced what they had uncovered and would have been rightly praised for their action. But the Nationals party are NOT decent caring honest or an NZ-caring party.
      So THEY endangered NZ for political gain. That should have been the BIG story, but not with the presstitutes and the corrupt corporate media we have in NZ.

    • Mosa, this is Excellent!

      Taken over time, New Zealand’s reporters have appeared focused on managing perceptions, berating and cajoling a fearful public on numerous fronts. In doing so, and from the earliest stages of a four-level alert system, public health concerns have been eclipsed by a clamouring commentariat, all seeking to score political points and undermine the government’s health-first priorities.

      A case can be made that the nation’s media, laundering many of the opposition’s attack lines and big business talking points, have repeatedly endangered public health.

      This was driven not only by the country’s clutch of prominent Fox News-style commentators – Mike Hosking, Heather du Plessis-Allan and Duncan Garner – each of whom hawks anger and division to drive ratings, but by senior reporters and editors. ~More at the link: NZ Media Endangered Public Health

      • Yes Kheala frightening in its accuracy of the current environment
        It reminds me of the hysteria by the Americans with communist Cuba on their doorstep.
        A stand alone island nation with a repressive regime except in our case with a repressive right wing state instead and an opposing government who is at the mercy of vested interests.
        That is our country in 2020.
        Excuse my clumsy analogy but you get where i am going.

        • It reminds me of the hysteria by the Americans with communist Cuba

          It reminds me of the US right now!
          You know what categorises anything as “News” via the presidential office?
          — Anything he likes.
          And if he doesn’t like something, that is “Fake News”.
          If he doesn’t like the facts, they are ‘fake’.

          Well our own NZ media – some of them, and most of the radio jocks – are right there with mr trumpilstiltskin, echoing the same nonsensical sounds.

          Much of their spin is complete B.S. They have to contort reason and commonsense and omit all wider context, to even frame it (whatever current piece of political gobbledegook they’re spinning). And some of what they spout can be outright dangerous.

          There’s no accountability, no taking any responsibility for their BS, either.

  11. The billboard, Strong tea and a lie down, is much more honest and current than their previous ‘delivering for NZ’…

    In fact the order speaks volumes.

    They deliver for NZ and thus needing strong tea and a lie down after the consequences of their bad decisions become known…

  12. Everyone’s being a bit hard on Ted here. ‘Course he needs a cup of tea and a lie down. Lies are what the Nats do best.

    At the moment they’re terribly out of sync with each other, and Ted will be needing more than one lie to try and sort them out, and nor will he succeed. He’s just a man.

    They need a woman in charge – a real one with multi-tasking genes, and the kindness and love of a first- time mother – he’s just a first-time Nat leader. Women are used to having things thrown at them from all directions and ducking for cover – deflecting with supernatural skill, and a smile.

    I daresay Ted phoned home and asked, “What do I do here ?” and Mrs Miller said, “Have a cup of tea before you do anything else.”

    Chances are Ted wants to catch a plane to some touristy Pacific Island, or even just sink a bottle of brandy, but there’s a pandemic on which is a devil-sent opportunity to try and destroy the govt; connecting with his feminine side with a non-Asian-grown pc herb tea is a first step.

    I remember my first child’s first steps like yesterday, and now it’s Ted’s turn.

    • This blog post didn’t age well did it.

      How interesting you leaped to Winston Peters defense over privacy concerns when questions are asked over accuracy of the press release re his latest health issue but Mr Muller who appears to have been suffering a stress related breakdown is mocked by the left.
      How progressive.

      • suffering a stress related breakdown

        Oh, right… Cue Boag accomplice Audrey Young’s hit piece on Newstalk 14th July where she “told Kerre McIvor she believes Todd Muller has had a mental breakdown”.

        If that “mental breakdown” were so, it seems quite extraordinary that Ms Collins has elevated him immediately to her new cabinet. (Calling BS, Mate!!)

  13. 100% agree National do not have the leadership and backing of their caucus to govern our country the party using the words of their Leader Shambolic, to say the least

    • The only force binding these backstabbing liars together is their desperation to keep their snouts in the trough.
      Even to the point of deliberately trying to undermine our efforts to manage the pandemic.
      And yet – untouched by the media on this point.

      As I said elsewhere, why donate to Stuff or NZ Herald? Just give your dosh straight to Natz HQ.

  14. I guess that if Muller was Rob Muldoon he(Muldoon)would have got pissed as a newt and blamed Marilyn Waring.

    Now if having a cuppa and a lie down is all Todd Muller can say after the debacle of his MPs eg Michael Woodhouse and Hamish Walker then he obviously isn’t capable enough of being a leader. In other words and contrary to his statement recently he lacks a spine.

    Hamish Walker shouldn’t be the ONLY National MP to resign. Michael Woodhouse also needs to do so. But then that would mean Muller has failed as a leader and he needs his MPs around him even if all they are capable of doing is saying bullshit and lies in copious amounts.

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