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  1. 7th July 2020.
    Press release; Government ‘Fresh Water Plan’
    Note to all Central and local Government and rail stakeholders,
    To add to this complex problem CEAC has long been advocating to clean up our waterways being daily polluted by other environmental contaminants not currently recognised, such as “road runoff” of vehicle emissions and toxic tyre dust pollution entering our steams alongside our highways and city roads.

    Government ‘Fresh Water Plan’ Must Include Damage From ‘Road Runoff Pollution’ From Freight Trucks
    Tuesday, 7 July 2020 10:18 am | Citizens Environmental Advocacy Centre Press Release
    Tags: Politics, Newsworthy, Environment and Conservation.
    CEAC applauds professor Mike Joy as NZ’s leading environmental ecologists tireless efforts to enlighten ‘successive Governments’ over the pollution of our waterways and promoting best practice paths of cleaning up of our waterways over successive … … More >>

    CEAC request to Government to make Kiwi Rail open up the Gisborne rail for ‘open access’ so other rail providers can do what Kiwi Rail refuses to do for the benefit of the public taxpayer, and review Kiwi Rail’s lax policy on Climate change again as we encourage rail to switch to increasing electrification of our rail fleet when purchasing locomotives in future as Kiwi Rail current logic buying diesel engines is against Government’s own climate change policy to “move to a low-emissions future” for future generations to benefit from coupled together with the health and well-being of our planet and our citizens.

    Gisborne rail restoration will lower pollution of our waterways if truck freight is reduced so read the article we released to the press today please in favour of rail freight over road freight when it comes to restoring rail – here’s another example of other regions going forward with rail while Gisborne dies so we need our rail back and many are calling to open up track access to use this rail line as Kiwi Rail CEO is not prepared to discuss or meet with the community.

    road transport is also an important source of ‘non-exhaust emissions’ (NEE) of particles, which are produced from frictional processes associated with vehicle usage: predominantly from brakes, tyres and the road surface. Whilst regulations set by the European Union have led to progressive reductions in the emissions of the regulated gaseous pollutants and of particulate matter from the exhausts of new vehicles, the non-exhaust emissions are not currently targeted by emissions regulations. Therefore, as the exhaust emissions have fallen, the proportion of non-exhaust emissions to the total emissions from road traffic has increased. Data from the UK National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory (NAEI) indicate that emissions of non-exhaust particles from road transport already exceed those from the exhaust, and their proportion is projected to increase in the future.

  2. If the councils are getting money from the government they need to do something about the bylaws allowing foreigners to pay a pittance and take our water and bottle it as this does not seem right.

  3. While Hamish Walker has been forced to take a walk, for good reasons, let us not forget the failures of the government to effectively enforce quarantine of returning residents and citizens coming in on various flights from various places:

    This ‘isolation’ in hotels right in the city is absurd, it may assist the large hotel chains to survive the tourism crisis, but they are not good at enforcing rules and isolation, not even the security people they hire are much use.

    People should be put into motels or in army camps or whatever else, out of city centres, and without the high costs associated with accommodating them in luxury and semi luxury hotels.

    Army and police need to enforce the rules, at least some need to be there to back up security, with officials who can arrest people right there and then.

    The government gets away with many stuff ups, because of their good propaganda.

    I noticed and reported significant breaches by a number of neighbours and others around me, when we were under Alert Level 4 Lockdown. The police did stuff all, and other agencies did also not enforce the rules then. The Police did not even issue reference numbers for online or phone complaints in the beginning. They were learning by doing, irresponsible conduct that is, when dealing with a pandemic like the new corona virus we have now.

    But the media focused only on some cases of proved and exposed breaches, there were actually stuff ups along the way all the time, and we are simply only bloody lucky with not having had things happen like they have now in Melbourne.

    Nevertheless, wait and see, with a positive case walking into a busy city supermarket in Auckland, and through busy rush hour foot and other traffic, and doing other things, we may soon find a new cluster that involves perhaps dozens of people who may spread it on anyway.

    This should never have been allowed to happen.

    So wake up, Jacinda and Co, get cracking and tighten up with the border and isolation enforcements, please.

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