Hold on – after homeless man in hotel lies & Covid Karen manipulations, why would we believe National now?


Wait, what?

Revealed: Disgraced National MP leaked Covid-19 patient data to prove he wasn’t racist

The Herald, which broke news of the privacy breach on Saturday, can now reveal the document was leaked by Walker after his statement about Kiwis flying home from India, Pakistan and Korea was labelled as “racist” by the Government.

The document contained the names, dates of birth and border facilities in which they tested positive. Walker believed naming the patients would back up his claim they came from Asia.

The document did not prove that information.

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Ok, just pause here.

Isn’t it extraordinary how we are all being asked to believe the most benign version of events here?

Yesterday Walker tried to claim this was all about the Government being lax about password protected private information and that he effectively was a ‘whistle blower’. However that defence fell over once it was clear Boag was the one who using her privilege as the CEO of the Helicopter Rescue Trust (my assumption is they had the information in case they were required to air lift a patient to hospital) gave Walker the information.

Today he’s now trying to claim he leaked the information to prove he wasn’t being racist by claiming Koreans, Pakistanis and Indians were being housed in Queenstown.

Firstly, the information he released didn’t prove that at all.

Secondly, it was racist to claim Koreans, Pakistanis and Indians were being housed in Queenstown because they weren’t ‘Koreans, Pakistanis and Indians’, they were bloody New Zealander’s being housed in quarantine!

Thirdly, why the Christ are we bending over backwards to allow them these justifications in the first place? This Party lied about a homeless man staying at a 5 star hotel and they used the 2 Covid Karen details as a political smear rather than immediately informing the MoH there was a possible breach of quarantine.

Isn’t it far more believable that National maliciously leaked this to create the perception that Labour were being incompetent?

National is the party of Dirty Politics, do you want me to list all the allegations against them again?

Hooton was one of the architects of Dirty Politics and he now works in Muller’s office for crying out loud!

National lie, manipulate and play at the dirtiest level of politics, yet we are constantly asked to believe this was all just an ‘error of judgement’.

It’s like claiming Hannibal Lecter killing and eating his victims was a confused poor choice.

At some point we have to accept this is who National is, these are the values they believe in. Labour dumped a candidate last week for a 7 year old tweet, a backbench MP in National is handed privileged and private information about sick New Zealander’s from a former President of the Party and  somehow it’s all just some silly error of judgement.

Why are the Left held to an impossible standard that the right are never fucking held to in this country?


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  1. “Why are the Left held to an impossible standard that the right are never fucking held to in this country”?

    Because National Party has their own TV/radio network called “Radio NZ National”.

    We can blame it all on Clare Curren the most useless MP in Labour to allow the National Party in opposition to take our only real public media from us taxpayer as it was principally Clare Curren who dropped the ball giving national the voice and leave us with none.

    I am mystified why she was not sacked in 2018 for this?????

    Who needs enemies when a political party has a “Clare Curren”?

  2. The left aren’t held to a high standard – look at Twyford and his ‘chinky’ names dogwhistle. It comes down to whether you are expendable or not. This isn’t dirty politics – it’s dumb, embarrassing politics.

    There is a lot of anger out there right now – they need to exercise these 2 morons from the party and quickly.

      • Peter – “When you chop off two rotten branches off a rotten tree is the tree all right again?”

        Ever driven along the Canterbury Plains after high winds have toppled a row of healthy looking trees ? Happens to foreign imports with shallow rooting systems.Ditto people.

  3. National people just cannot bring themselves to accept the concept of privacy, or the reality of the Privacy Act legislation–let alone practice it!–except of course in dodgy business deals and trusts, that shit must stay very private indeed…

    This Southern white guy leaker Hamish Walker, replaced another brat, Todd Barclay, who clandestinely recorded his own office staff’s conversations. Paula Bennett’s breaches were well known including on Te Puea Marae committee’s Mr Dennis, the crime there was Māori were sheltering homeless people while National were selling state houses!

    I have met a number of the aspirational tories in the provinces and they really do live a different world in their heads of “born to rule” entitlement. Nats run a large dirty Tricks IT dept out of Parliament, and still operate the “Dirty Politics” Two Track Strategy, part of which is some awful reactionary social media (check out Matt King and some of the other rural sheepshagger types FB pages if you can stomach it).

    More New Zealanders need to wake up to these filthy swine, and keep them well away from Govt for a very long time. Dirty Tricks is core business for NZ National, not some aberration.

  4. And on the subject of insecure patient details. It’s not readily available as it is but why would we have it encrypted? It’s people’s medical notes that really no one is interested in bar that individual and medical professionals.

    This wasn’t a live issue until some typically dishonest warped National Party members turned it into a three ringed circus. Until the National Party saw exploiting sick people for political gain was all that matters.

    Don’t buy into this non event bullshit either!

    And Mullers interview on RNZ this morning was truly awful. He could not answer with any credibility why he sat in this information knowing the Nats leaked it in the first instance.

  5. This definitely is dirty low-down politics which the National Party is a master at. Yet again, the perpetrators of this leak – and there will be more involved than just the self-entitled racist Walker and the black widow Boag who always seems to have her fingers in this sort of thing – reveal, to the embarrassment of the National Party, just what they are capable of.

    The galling thing is that before Walker and Boag outed themselves, Muller, in yet another pathetic attempt to embarrass the government, said the leak was “unconscionable and unacceptable” and it is – https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12346284. Now that one of his own has admitted the leak he is saying it was merely “an error of judgment”. Nonsense, it was a deliberate criminal act committed to undermine the Government and I hope the people whose details were released claim compensation from National.

    This guy Muller keeps using the words “shambles” and “shambolic” when describing the Government. I think these words are more apt to describe his white, uptight (and should be out of sight) party.

  6. ‘Why are the Left held to an impossible standard that the right are never fucking held to in this country?’ Rhetorical question?

    Just in case a serious answer is required, it is because the owners of NZ Inc. get somewhat more bank-friendly and corporation-friendly and opportunist-friendly policies from National than from Labour.

    “Well we know what they want: more for themselves and less for everybody else.” -George Carlin


  7. @ MB. You ask?
    “Why are the Left held to an impossible standard that the right are never fucking held to in this country?”
    Is it because The Right literally and figuratively own AO/NZ?
    The natzo right, at the very least, psychologically ‘own’ our primary industry and so by extension ‘own’ virtually every element of AO/NZ’s politic which may be reliant on money.
    The one golden rule with regard to AO/NZ is that those with the gold, rule.
    You should pop down to Dunedin sometime. Have a slow, leisurely stroll around.
    See those extraordinary, beautiful, and very, very expensive private homes built back in the day with no expense spared? See those grand and impressive commercial buildings? See the stunning railway station?
    That kind of infrastructure wasn’t built by tourists, that I can assure you.
    Invercargill too, while much smaller than Dunedin has an impressive collection of very expensive buildings and homes dating back to the early days. Bluff for example? Was ‘established’ in 1824 as an export,port ultimately. ( Apols and no disrespect intended @ Maori.)
    Dunedin and Invercargill was founded on gold and wool and Auckland was founded on money sequestered ( Stolen.) from that.
    Then when refrigerated shipping was invented by AO/NZ, our farmers could send meats and other perishable goods to a winter bound northern hemisphere.
    The money must have come pouring in.
    Enter the dreaded natzo.
    The National party was born of cunning old bastards who were mostly one time farmers who knew the farming industry inside out. ( Michelle Boag is a best bud to big bill english for example.
    “Boag was a National Party Dominion councillor and on the Dominion Publicity Committee before becoming National Party president from 2001 to 2002, leading the party renewal in 2001-02 that enabled Bill English to become leader of the National Party, for the first time. “ ) They would have known, therefore, just how easy it was and is to manipulate their farmer colleagues.
    A farmer just can’t flick a switch and turn off their farm. And that, is the farmer’s greatest weakness. A weakness that’s mercilessly exploited.
    ( Aye boys?)
    Once one becomes a farmer, one’s a bit fucked in fact.
    Now? Who, in their right, albeit crooked, mind would not be attracted to that kind of blind hen? A blind old chook with all them lovely worms…
    Of course, over the years the national party gangster clan would have spread their tentacles far and wide.
    For example: I tried to export raw wool to China years before China was a woo-able virgin. I was told I couldn’t [export] by the wool board because the wool board had set up a shadow office there to prevent any usurper from equally doing so. I had several wool growers here who were interested in bi passing the dodgy wool board to get our wool directly to markets but we were blocked by that very same organisation claiming to be in the wool growers best interests. Is that racketeering? Serious question.
    The dreaded National party and it’s foul breed are in everything, and up everyone. They put a few scum in fancy suits then jammed them up Labour and we’ve come to know them now as ‘neoliberals’. The Natzo’s have influence within our media, our local banking, our retail and our public spending. Where ever there’s a natzo? There must be someone else’s money.
    Labour might have its toes on the very edge of an AO/NZ renaissance and all thanks to a bloody virus, seemingly.
    Who’d a thunk it?

  8. Not directly connected with the article, but indicative of the extent that manipulating and lying have become the norm in ‘right-wing’ circles, National’s mate over in the US (didn’t Muller have a MAGA cap? or was that to demonstrate that he didn’t support Trump because he threw darts at it when no one was looking?) has been proven a liar once again.

    ‘The United Nations released the results of an investigation into the January 3rd US drone strike on Iran’s top IRGC general Qasem Soleimani calling the killing “unlawful” on Tuesday.

    The report by Agnes Callamard, UN special rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, further concluded it violated the UN charter and deemed it an “arbitrary killing” — especially given, according to her findings, there exists no evidence that Soleimani was planning an imminent attack on the United States or its personnel.’


    (I suppose we can believe some of the things the UN says, even if incompetence and disunity of nations reign supreme.)

  9. Frank the Tank,

    It’s the three D’s.

    Dirty, dumb and desperate.

    Pretty much sums up the 2020 version of the National Party. Truth is, this sort of thing has been happening for years with National. Major difference this time is they have been caught with their hands in the toilet bowl and have been forced to own their reprehensidble actions. National and confessing just don’t go together. It’s rare as rocking horse poo. My take is any anger from Muller will be 100% faux. His frustration will be that tracks were not covered so confession was the only option. Instead of Muller getting traction against the Government, he’s got blue poo all over his hands right up to the elbows. If he sacks the offender which he will, he foolishly believes his hands will be clean. That’s a fail.

    • Well.said. Remember this, they were caught out . Hamish tried to keep his name hidden and even tried to protect his name by legal advice. Without an enquiry, we still may not have know and dirty politics would have won the day. So there was no admission UNTIL they were caught with their pants down.As you say Jacindafan this is historical behavior by National and Boag in particular, thus she has gone to ground. Seems her story and the Auckland Helicopter Trust dont match either, the information was sent to her private email account and nothing to do with the Trust yet she used their name!

      • Well if the Trust don’t fire her, then they become tarred with the same brush.
        Too many organizations offer security, comfort and big salaries to corrupt ex National MP’s.
        Shame on them !!!!!

  10. Why should we trust you after our racist post yesterday? Remember you are an immigrant yet you come here and post hate. How dare you disrespect New Zealand.

  11. So just waiting on Woodhouse ‘s apology after proclaiming ” just goes to prove that this Government is not fit to manage the Covid-19 recovery and it is unconscionable and unacceptable that those suffering from the incredibly dangerous virus now have to suffer further with their private details being leaked”.

    Awaiting his apology or anything really.
    Woodhouse has not come out of the past 3 months any better than Hamish Walker or Boag, in fact no better than Favid Vlark and yet he was sacked. Time for Woodhouse to be honest about the invisible man, either that or he can pay me 100,000 and I can pretend to be homeless.(such are the depths Woodhouse would go).

    • Should read David Clark.
      Just read that Walker tried to stop Muller from publicly outing him as the leaker citing privacy concerns!
      WTF, leaking private information to the media isn’t “privacy concerns'”
      Cannot Walker see the absolute worst Hypocrisy of all time in that!

  12. So he has resigned, good. Now Labour needs to find out who continues to leak important information. They clearly have a paid mole in the party what with the budget leak and the privacy leak plus others, Labour needs to find the source. Then there’s Winston’s privacy leak which one can conclude the leaks are done for optimum damage. Dirty politics, right wing plants in Labour, NZ First.

    • Bert,

      To my eye, Walker resigning was a very soft option for National. The positive for NZ is that it robbed Muller of the opportunity to crawl up to the high moral ground over what’s unfolded. Muller missed the boat on this one positive for him big time. He should have sacked the guy but now he’s tarred with the same brush and has him as a colleague representing the National Party brand all through the election campaign.

      The bad news for the taxpayer is despite Walker’s reprehensible conduct, he still gets to enjoy an MP’s generous salary and all the perks for another 12 weeks. In any other of employment in NZ, he would have been D.T.R (down the road) the same day.

  13. Phase one was Thelma and Louise scratch the surface and boom national involved up to armpits.on cue media ran with it phase two homeless man saga again in jumped helpful media phase three leaked names and incredibly many radio hosts were pushing that it’s still a big problem for govt.almost seemed reluctant to run negative story on mats unreal.

  14. Boag said she obtained the information in her capacity as the acting chief executive of the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust yet the Trust says that she did not have access to that information and under its protocols the information was not the subject of a privacy breach. So the question is, how did Boag get hold of it? Hopefully the Government enquiry will answer that question.

    Boag’s and Walker’s apologies are weak and insincere. They knew what they were doing and they cannot now say, with sincerity (or rather insincerity) that that they are truly sorry. These apologies are an insult to the people whose privacy was breached and I hope they are properly compensated.

    • youngsuffrajet – “These apologies are an insult to the people whose privacy was breached.”

      These apologies are a insult to all NZ’ers. There’ll be a load of vulnerable folk out there who are now scared that their patient info could end up in the hands of unscrupulous National Party persons.

      Mental health issues – which often involve entire families- drug and alcohol – VD’s – mums of out-of-wedlock babies, illnesses concealed from work or whanau. An acquaintance has a problem adopted son whose birth mother has rejected his attempts to contact her; they think that her family may not know about him- all NZ could know now that dirty politics rules.

      I consulted somebody re nearby volatile neighbours, and was advised to go online and make confidential reports to the Customs Dept, and Oranga Tamariki. I said I don’t trust any govt dept with confidential information and was told, ‘Fair enough.’

      Hager’s ‘Dirty Politics’ is an easy one night read, but it may just scratch the surface of the moral corruption entrenched under neo-liberalism, and cemented under the last terrible ruthless years of the sociopathic Nats.

      I’m confident that we are now witnessing the collapse and death throes of the NZ National Party. Hope a Phoenix arises from the ashes.

      No compensation mitigates having to live in fear – possibly forever, for some.

      • @Applewood – I totally agree with you and my apologies for offending you. I certainly did not mean to imply that only the people whose privacy was breached deserve an apology. Yes, all New Zealanders deserve an apology for this most egregious criminal offending by Walker and Boag and probably others.

        I do understand your concerns about reporting your volatile neighbours and your last comment is most appropriate but I still believe compensation should be paid to those whose privacy was breached. There was a privacy breach case in Napier a few years ago where the person whose privacy was breached was paid $175,000.00 compensation. The case was about some words in icing on a cake which was at the centre of a private gathering at the person’s house.

        • youngusuffraget You most certainly did not offend me – I just expanded upon the excellent points which you made ! These two trampled over all of our rights to reasonable privacy. None of us mattered, only their self-serving skulduggery.

          I gather that the list of covid sufferers which the Health Dept ((?!) sent to Boag wasn’t published – even tho various media outlets will have read it – so the QC could rule on that one re compensation.

    • The enquiry will almost certainly reveal Boag’s source. The QC conducting it can compel witnesses and persons of interest to provide evidence under oath. That means Michelle must choose between naming the person she received the email from or committing perjury.

      • Agreed @simonm

        There will be at least one, or even a few sphincters puckering over the next few weeks, waiting to see whether Michelle Boag spills the beans on her email BFF, her CC’s and all her BCC’s. Probably PF1, and scaling upwards on the PF scale.

        The Pucker Factor
        The “Pucker Factor” (PF) is a scale that seeks to measure fear by the force of contraction exerted on the sphincter muscles surrounding the anus during a given situation of danger. The scale is from 1 to 10.

        1 is the normal level, while a 10 Pucker, or PF10, is an anal contraction so strong that it’s audible within a 2 meter radius. It is said to sound like a door being slammed. A 10 Pucker is also said to cause a popping in the ears because of the sudden change of internal pressure within the body. Depending upon the danger stimulus encountered, a Pucker condition can persist for hours, days or even weeks, causing constipation, irritation and other symptoms that vary by subject. A permanent state of 10 Pucker is known to exist in certain people. They are commonly referred to in the military as “Tight Asses,” and in spite of their chronic condition, are afforded little sympathy.


        Whoever sent Machiavellia the email list, best to ‘fess up and get it over with quickly, like peeling a bandaid.

        PF10 for long periods of time can be painful, or even dangerous.

  15. “…once it was clear Boag was the one who using her privilege as the CEO of the Helicopter Rescue Trust (my assumption is they had the information in case they were required to air lift a patient to hospital) ”

    I see the Auckland Helicopter Rescue Trust are quite forthright that that information did not come from them.


    Which means she was merely a well connected conduit to the source of the leak.

    This shit is going to carry on until Nationals insider is identified.

  16. I have said this before but we all know the mainstream NZ Media is thoroughly and deeply into the NZ National Party pocket to no longer be able to see daylight.

    I am sure over the past month or so the mainstream NZ media at the behest of the NZ National Party has given more attention albeit as per usual negative towards the Coalition government to all the things that have gone wrong eg the two women galavnting around the N.I and a fictitious homeless guy in a hotel.

    I am sure scant attention will be given by the mainstream NZ media eg the National Party bum-licker Mike Hosking etc; to what National have done wrong. Nope lets be all assured the media will be howling for a Labour Party MP’s blood in the next week or two.

    National just cannot say anything nice or do the right thing even when it comes to the behaviour of their MPs eg Michael Woodhouse and the non-existent homeless guy. But then it’s proof that Hamish Walker who has been in National as an MP for a shorter period of time than Woodhouse was forced to resign whereas Woodhouse still keeps his…unnnnn…..errr… job. And in their obedience the media will be painting National as being without sin at any time the NZ National Party has existed.

    It has crossed my mind that there is someone in say the senior part of the Ministry of Health who has access to private information of even COVID-19 that happily and without an ounce of remorse is passing sensitive information onto the NZ National Party because they are biased towards National and not to NZers.

    What Michelle Boag and Hamish Walker did is completely wrong. But they are a refection of what the NZ National Party truly are like. That is they lack a conscience or any sense of humanity and caring. They ONLY care about themselves and the NZ National Party. They don’t care about the population of 5 million whilst they are obsessed with gaining political brownie points and some stupid sense of ‘upmanship’ for National.

    It shows how lowly National is prepared to demean itself.

    The election results will show if any of this abysmal behaviour by National has worked in their favour. Right now I wouldn’t trust National even if their former president wasted ARHT resources by flying her passport from Waiheke to AIA and probably claiming the $4000.00 bill as a donation and a tax claim.


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