The special madness of the NZ Public Party


I was asked to appear last night on Te Ao with Moana on Maori TV to discuss the rising phenomena of the NZ Public Party which is led by the charismatic Billy Te Kahika.

Firstly it’s important to state that I don’t think Billy is being deceitful or malicious, he genuinely believes the things he’s saying and I’ve seen him play guitar.

I don’t think you can play guitar that well and have a spiteful soul.

I think Billy is a product of the post-knowledge death of experts culture we now live in.

Once upon a time you want to Uni to learn how to think critically, how to make a hypothesis, challenge a hypothesis and critique a hypothesis all within a peer reviewed check and balance process.

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Today you just go online and it tells you the answer.

The skill to critically think for oneself has been replaced by google.

Combine this with frightened citizens who are legitimately scared of the the times we live in with a social media network like Facebook that is algorithmically programmed to show you the most controversial content to create an emotional fight/flight bond to keep you online and you get ignorance, fear and manipulation all combining to create full town halls in Palmerston North and Hamilton.

That’s WHY the NZ Public Party is generating so much noise online.

But in terms of the conspiracy they believe in, it’s a mishmash of crazy that is a special type of madness.

The allegation, as I was able to piece together, is that Covid 19 is a bioengineered virus weapon that is helped in its spread by 5G technology (which apparently weakens your immune system) and was purposely released in Chinese labs to help inspire chaos that would allow for a shadowy one world Government to come out of the UN to take over the planet.

Lot’s to unpack there.

The thing I love most about this conspiracy is that the far more rational explanations seem to have been utterly ignored.

We know from the history of L3 and L4 labs that they have a long, long history of accidental releases. There was an accidental contamination of Smallpox in 1973 in Britain, an accidental release of a flu in China in 1977 and an accidental release of anthrax in the Soviet Union in 1979.

In fact there have been dozens of accidental releases from the L4 Labs and the risk analysis suggests that there is an 80% chance once every 12 years that a dangerous pathogen will be accidentally released from an L4 lab.

The L3 and 4 Labs in Wuhan were working on the bat virus and there were complaints in 2018 that they weren’t secure enough.

China’s obtuseness about when and where the virus started doesn’t help of course. Their claim that it originated at the Wuhan wet market simply isn’t true. The timeline clearly shows the virus circulated into the Wuhan wet market and super spread from there and the latest research suggests it had been floating around well before then.

So what is the most likely thing to have occurred here?

1 – A normal animal to human transmission of a virus?

2 – An accidental release of a virus?

3 –  A bioengineered virus using 5G technology to spread secretly released to inspire a shadowy one world Government taking over the planet?

Occam’s Razor suggests what is most likely to have happened is probably what has happened, and I don’t think Billy TK appreciates how incompetent the UN is.

Your average classroom of 5 year olds would have more chance of an armed bank robbery while kidnapping the Prime Minister than the UN does of setting up a shadowy one world Government.

Does any of this nonsense actually matter?

This is a liberal progressive democracy, if you honestly want to believe a genetically engineered bioweapon that uses 5G technology to spread has been purposely leaked from a Chinese lab to start a shadowy one world government out of the UN – you are absolutely allowed to.

The problem is the whole this is a horror fantasy and any action becomes justifiable against a fantasy, that’s why clowns are burning down 5G towers and let’s not forget the Australian White Supremacist who committed the Christchurch atrocity did so because he believed in the UN refugee conspiracy that the National Party were pimping right up until he committed his terror attack. 

The irony in all of this of course is that there ARE conspiracies that we should all be deeply concerned and focused on.

The mass surveillance conspiracy of America and China being able to spy on us all in real time.

The Petrol companies who knew in the 1990s that they were contributing to global warming but hid it.

The tobacco companies who told us for decades that smoking didn’t cause cancer and of course if you are genuinely concerned about existential threats to humanity, this month is the 41st month in a row that NZ has recorded above average temperatures. We have Scientists screaming at the top of their lungs that unless we radically stop the pollution pumping into the atmosphere that within our lifetime we will cook the planet to the point where vast swaths of Earth are simply uninhabitable for complex civilisation.

Brothers and Sisters, there are conspiracies we should be worried about, a bioengineered virus spread by 5G to bring about a shadowy One World Government is not one of them.

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  1. Sorry Martin, I have heard from a totally reliable homeless source that the conspiracy Is real.

  2. Your average classroom of 5 year olds would have more chance of an armed bank robbery while kidnapping the Prime Minister than the UN does of setting up a shadowy one world Government.

    Too true. Tragicomedy at its finest 🙂

  3. thank you for this, i was wondering when someone would start talking about this.
    i believe that a fundamentally individualistic world view is a predisposing factor for belief in all of the conspiracy theories. throw in christianity, having read jordan peterson and having grown up blind to the existence of oppression of any form and you have public party voters.
    it is impossible to talk about social issues with the people i know because they keep bringing it back to the individual and moral choices. the Health response act is about taking away individual rights, never mind what society needs because society is just a collection of individuals devoid of power differentials. they seem to need an evil individual to blame for the worlds problems that they have just woken up to. bill gates is the man. they fear the UN only because it is owned by Bill!
    i am sick of being told to wake up. and being referred to a website for the real truth. see
    yes there are enough legitimate questions to ask about scary things.
    why this party is gathering so much support is one.
    it is clear that they are standing against every conspiracy theory out there but not clear yet what they are standing for. what is their version of democracy? fundamental individualism! thats what scares me.

  4. the UN has a lot to answer for in developing countries that have had neoliberal economics forcefully “gifted” to them to accompany food aid and loans.
    but it could be a stretch to believe that comrade jacinda is a puppet of the UN who are in the process of oppressing the liberties of the free individuals of this country so that Bill Gates can run the world. the evidence is there in any local authority or public service or government policy that are writing sustainability goals into their documents! believe it.

  5. The list of failures of the UN beggars belief.
    It didn’t stop the Korean War (it fostered it).
    Didn’t stop the Vietnam War.
    Didn’t stop Pol Pot having ‘x’ million murdered.
    Didn’t stop stop the Iran-Iraq War.
    Didn’t stop ANY wars or illegal invasions of one state by another.
    Didn’t stop the looting of Africa and South America by developed nations.
    Didn’t prevent famines in Africa.
    Didn’t prevent genocidal activities in Africa, the former Yugoslavia, Myanmar etc.

    Hasn’t provided ANY workable strategies for preventing further Planetary Meltdown, and its reports are noted for their behind-the-times data and worse-than-expected narratives. .

    • Your missed trashing of Libya, a leader in African advancement .
      Basically it hasn’t stopped the USA or Israel from doing anything and they both have created havoc.

  6. I’ve watched their videos and read their website. It’s a Looney’s Party so it’s comforting to know it has the redeeming feature that Leader Billy T can play a mean guitar! Stick to it Bro!
    Key issues on their website are: to ‘re-write the Government Constitution; write a People’s Constitution; write a real Bill of Rights’. Then they go on to say how we now have little freedom! So they’re gonna inundate us with massive big ring-fences of what we can and cannot freely do – aka Constitutions x 2! What planet are these guys living on?
    Hasn’t anyone told them that neither the Government nor New Zealand have a Constitution? (Just ask Geoff Palmer, Billy!) You cannot re-write what is not written.
    And a People’s Constitution? The imagination boggles, even bigger than their freedom-limiting Constitutions!.
    Write a ‘real’ Bill of Rights? That’s a bit pretentious isn’t it Billy?
    I could go on, but these guys are conspiracy theorists, nutters and liars. Just watch their videos and you’ll see what I mean.
    You’re too kind to them by half, Bomber!

    • You are right on the money !!! He is super religious Seventh Day Adventist on an evangelical money making crusade ,charging $20 koha to listen to him preach ,he is only saying what people want to here .I’ve met him several times ego maniac springs to mind ,this party will be aligned with Vision NZ (Destiny Church ) real soon !!! NO ROOM FOR RELIGION IN POLITICS!!

      • Money grubbing narcissists, both of them.
        A front for the dangerous destiny dingbat who robs poor families blind and lives like a millionaire.

    • Muslims have their Koran, Jews have their Torah, Christians have their bible and Americans have their sacred constitution (with all it’s amendments). Let’s not write anything in stone or on paper that might bind us now or our descendants in 200 or 2000 years.

    • There is a constitution – held in numerous documents which collectively are known as the NZ Constitution. I learnt about it when studying law. Further more, this party doesn’t link 5G with the virus – they refer to 5G as needing to be independently tested for safety; perhaps look at what some other countries are doing in terms of 5G, to keep up with the play there! I don’t think I have read a more pathetic piece of crap writing in my life. Eyes wide shut. And don’t paint me with a conspiracy theorist brush either, because that is not the case – this is just plain bad journalism.

  7. The New Zealand Public Party
    When will these people realize that the on-line world and the real world are alternate realities?

  8. Well to be fair, Nazinda has spoken at Bill Gates conferences, and you can find this anywhere on line – she and Helen Clark have been actively involved in the UN and we have not voted them in for anything. Agenda 21 & 30 are real so have a look for yourselves. Do not assume that people who follow Billy TK are uneducated – anyone who totes the false global warming stuff is actually showing their own ignorance – belly up.

  9. Nice change of subject Martyn. A close relative is always harping on about this conspiracy or parts of it. Your article is first time I’ve heard the whole deal and it doesn’t sound any more believable. Bill Gates, 5G, the Virus and some form of world domination by someone. Crap crap crap. I wonder if these particular believers need to
    learn up on a bit on politics because they don’t seem to realize that Neoliberalism is the driver behind most of these theories and has been around longer than they’ve been alive.

      • Please explain your reference to a “UN migration conspiracy.’ promoted by National.
        Th UN Compact on Safe Secure and REGULAR Migration is a real document signed by Jacinda and Winston,in our behalf. While not mandatory, it clearly indicates a radically open approach to migration that has serious implications for NZ if enacted. By signing we have consented to move in this policy direction. Every NZer should read it. It’s practically an open boarders document requiring our endless support for migrants both legal and
        illegal, (aka irregular) in the form of housing, education, legal fees, translation fees, media pro migration complicity and more. I read it as a direct threat to our sovereignty. Where’s the conspiracy?

        • You said it yourself, it’s “not mandatory”. Yet a conspiracy theory exists anyway. Now covid has changed the landscape. So where to now for your “direct threat to our sovereignty’?

  10. I think people have tendency to go for the grand conspiracy narrative when most things are a combination of minor conspiracy and attempts to cover up incompetence.

    For instance the government was trying hard to hide the fact that the health system wasn’t ready for Covid19 but this was more an act of desperation necessitated by the public’s tendency to panic than anything else.

    I’m also happy to accept that electromagnetic radiation affects our immune system but to tie that into the roll out of 5G is another thing altogether. If there is found to be a conspiracy around 5G it’s just going to be the usual one of the corporate world going after profits at the expense of everything else.

    Human beings just don’t have the competence to organise grand-conspiracies – luckily.

  11. The human body is designed to operate in a mad range frequency around 720-to 760 hertz or cycles per second.

    Definitely (not a high frequency)

    So the scientists are conducting the experiment on the whole global population.

    So they are gradually slowly increasing the frequency.

    Now being increased from 1000 hertz 1G during the beginning of 2000.

    *Then to (2000 hertz 2G)
    *Then 3G
    *Then 4G
    *And now getting push back at 5G

    There must be some reasom why there is now some push back, and even my head spins when I enter a “hotspot” where a localised portable 5G system is in operation so there is a definite “cause and effect” of human consequences to such a ‘high frequency broadcast operation’ going on now, so it is time to stop the experiment.

    I was an electronic technician for Bell Canada till my retirement.

    I like what the NZ Public Party which is led by the charismatic Billy Te Kahika has to say as someone needs to investigate these experiments on the human race without our consent..

    • I’m right with you on that one CleanGreen. Who else is having the conversation about 5G? And that its been banned in several other countries and what these increased radiation strengths have been proven to do. What choice have Telcos and the govt given the people – right from the start.. Got us all hooked on it first that’s pretty much what they did. I’ve had enough, moved off grid, quite happy with limited reception and, well 3G Thank You very much. But my children in school will possibly have no choice but to be blasted with stronger wifi frequencies and 5G, and my old neighbours in town will have no choice either. And none of us will. The standing up to the big boys and saying hang on NO – That’s the sole reason the Public Party has my interest at this point.

    • 5G and Pacemakers, has anyone with brains thought through what will happen with them. At the moment, have to rush through scanners, no scanning at airports plus more issues. Can anyone sort that one out?

  12. Correction to my last statement made incorrectly was that the human body was meant to say 68 to 72 Hertz (HZ) not 720 to 780 (HZ) – so the human body needs a lower exposure to frequency than first thought, not higher as 5G or 5000 (HZ) is.
    What is the electrical frequency of the human body?
    Taino has determined that the average frequency of a healthy human body during the daytime is 62 to 68 Hz. When the frequency drops, the immune system is compromised.

    • Solar radiation, electromagnetic radiation, including X-rays, ultraviolet and infrared radiation, and radio emissions, as well as visible light, emanating from the Sun, is the environment we have evolved under.

      5G is not at a frequency of 5000Hz or 5 KHz.
      It uses much higher frequencies in the radio spectrum close to say the 30 Gigahertz frequency.

      “This spectrum is called 5G new radio frequency bands. Recently deployed, Verizon’s 5G UWB network uses 28 and 39 GHz mmWave spectrum bands having 40x bandwidth of 4G LTE 700MHz network. This will aid the network in latency, speed and capacity, as a higher number of devices will be able to operate on that high-band frequency spectrum.”

      But power levels are also to be considered.

      My take is beware many websites which discuss this with so called experts quoted.
      Check their credentials and often their critics offer valuable information. But check them out too.

      There has been a vast amount of research done on potential damage to humans done by various frequencies and power levels. A lot is known and research continues.

  13. A very dangerous trend in the use nano tech in the food supply is good subject to start investigating if you care about your own health and your families . for example consider this reference.

    “University of Missouri have developed a reliable method for detecting silver nanoparticles in fresh produce and other food products.-“More than 1,000 products on the market are nanotechnology-based products,” said Mengshi Lin, associate professor of food science in the MU College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources. “This is a concern because we do not know the toxicity of the nanoparticles. Our goal is to detect, identify and quantify these nanoparticles in food and food products and study their toxicity as soon as possible.”-Lin and his colleagues, including MU scientists Azlin Mustapha and Bongkosh Vardhanabhuti, studied the residue and penetration of silver nanoparticles on pear skin. First, the scientists immersed the pears in a silver nanoparticle solution similar to pesticide application. The pears were then washed and rinsed repeatedly. Results showed that four days after the treatment and rinsing, silver nanoparticles were still attached to the skin, and the smaller particles were able to penetrate the skin and reach the pear pulp.-“The penetration of silver nanoparticles is dangerous to consumers because they have the ability to relocate in the human body after digestion,” Lin said. “Therefore, smaller nanoparticles may be more harmful to consumers than larger counterparts.”-When ingested, nanoparticles pass into the blood and lymph system, circulate through the body and reach potentially sensitive sites such as the spleen, brain, liver and heart.-The growing trend to use other types of nanoparticles has revolutionized the food industry by enhancing flavors, improving supplement delivery, keeping food fresh longer and brightening the colors of food. However, researchers worry that the use of silver nanoparticles could harm the human body.-”

    Source material :

    Furthermore this Nanotech that is entering all of our bodies at an alarming rate and can be controlled using advance computer controlled methods which can be linked to high speed control systems such as five G .

    “The computer-controlled microfluidic circuits we have constructed will allow us to assemble synthetic cells not only from biologically derived lipids, but from any amphiphile and to measure important chemical and physical parameters, such as permeability and stability,”
    Source Journal Reference-Sandro Matosevic, Brian M. Paegel

    The MIT team encapsulated their genetic circuits in droplets known as liposomes, which have a fatty membrane similar to cell membranes. These synthetic cells are not alive but are equipped with much of the cellular machinery necessary to read DNA and manufacture proteins.–By segregating circuits within their own liposomes, the researchers are able to create separate circuit subroutines that could not run in the same container at the same time, but can run in parallel to each other, communicating in controlled ways. This approach also allows scientists to repurpose the same genetic tools, including genes and transcription factors (proteins that turn genes on or off), to do different tasks within a network.-“If you separate circuits into two different liposomes, you could have one tool doing one job in one liposome, and the same tool doing a different job in the other liposome,” Martin-Alarcon says. “It expands the number of things that you can do with the same building blocks.”–This approach also enables communication between circuits from different types of organisms, such as bacteria and mammals.–As a demonstration, the researchers created a circuit that uses bacterial genetic parts to respond to a molecule known as theophylline, a drug similar to caffeine. When this molecule is present, it triggers another molecule known as doxycycline to leave the liposome and enter another set of liposomes containing a mammalian genetic circuit. In those liposomes, doxycycline activates a genetic cascade that produces luciferase, a protein that generates light.
    Using a modified version of this approach, scientists could create circuits that work together to produce biological therapeutics such as antibodies, after sensing a particular molecule emitted by a brain cell or other cell.—“If you think of the bacterial circuit as encoding a computer program, and the mammalian circuit is encoding the factory, you could combine the computer code of the bacterial circuit and the factory of the mammalian circuit into a unique hybrid.

    Good to see a party that wants to high light these very important issues that affect us all

    • Heal Your Heart; I noticed you didn’t post a citation for this assertion you made: “Furthermore this Nanotech that is entering all of our bodies at an alarming rate and can be controlled using advance computer controlled methods which can be linked to high speed control systems such as five G .” Could you please provide a CREDIBLE citation for this incredibly bullshit statement?

      Also, I see the last 2 paragraphs of your post are cut and pasted from two seperate studies that have absolutely nothing to do with nanoparticles in kai, or nanotechnology in the human body being controlled via 5G by computer. Rather, they talk about making artificial cells and cell membranes ( see here: , and see here: ). Why have you just randomly cut and pasted them into your post, where they make no sense?

  14. I agree that the anti-UN narrative is naive and misdirected. I’ve been hearing it since the late 90s, from people who seem to know nothing about the de facto global government being built in plain sight by corporations, through GATT, WTO, World Bank and IMF, G7/8/20, WEF, CHOGM, APEC, etc.

    But perhaps we need to reserve judgement here Bomber. Only a few weeks ago you would have been accused of “conspiracy theory” for claiming that the virus was released from a lab, instead of human-to-animal transfer at the wet market. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of neutral, scientific and technical information being presented to the public about 5G tech, how it works, and so on. There doesn’t seem to be much public health investigation into wireless technologies in general, and whether there could be negative side effects on human and non-human health, for the general population, or for particular subgroups.

    As with the kiwis concerned about free speech and gun policy, the best way to prevent the right making hay from these issues is not to mock people’s concerns and dehumanize them. The left need to listen respectfully, ask probing questions of industries and regulators, and propose policies that try to address the concerns in ways that make things better for everyone. It’s not as cathartic as calling people names, and it’s harder to do, but it’s ultimately a much more productive use of energy and attention.

    • There is a wealth of scientific research on the effects of radio waves on the human body. Most of it does not grab headlines like conspiracies do.

  15. Helen Clark of New Zealand was secretary for Parliamentarians For World Order. They supported an enforceable world law where member nations shall provide peace keeping forces that shall have complete allegiance to the UN/World Order.
    That is surely a conspiracy. Nothing shadowy there, or is it.
    They name changed to Parliamentarians For Global Action.

    • When was Helen Clark secretary for Parliamentarians For World Order, Brian? Also, I dunno anything about the PGA, but I checked their website and wiki. and I can’t find anything about them supporting an enforceable world law, or having member nations provide troops that owe complete allegiance to the UN. Where did you get your information from?

  16. It is only a conspiracy until it becomes whats actually happening. Just takes a while before they make a mistake that contradicts the narrative. Epstein’s pedo accusations & those asscociated with him was concidered a conspiracy until leaks got out about the truth. Snowden was considered a conspiracy until truth came out about that one & so on & so forth. The agenda of the globalists will come into effect but they will do it under the quise of “we need this to save humanity, enviroment, equality for all races, sustainability”, thats how theylle sell it to the world, but in reality, they will have an unpresedented rein of control over the people like never before & half of us cant even see it coming. At least some of us are awake to it.

  17. Remember this everyone: The ‘conspiracy’ that the US Govt was spying on its citizens through emails, phone calls and meta data was totally slammed (including by the Govt itself) until Ed Snowden came along. Remember too the other big lie – the ‘weapons of mass destruction’ used as the excuse to invade Iraq. Yeah well – we all know how that turned out don’t we. C’Mon – not EVERYTHING anti-Govt is a conspiracy; there is a lot more truth to these theories than you could ever imagine. Just watch this space in the next 5-10 years and then lets come back and have another conversation eh?!

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