Boag-Walker bombshell: This isn’t dirty politics, it’s filthy politics



National MP Hamish Walker admits passing on leaked Covid-19 patient info from former party president Michelle Boag

Under-fire National MP Hamish Walker has admitted to passing on the private details of Covid-19 patients to media, which were leaked to him by former party president Michelle Boag.

Boag and Walker revealed their involvement in the leak of patient information to media last week just one day after the Government launched an inquiry into the matter, both apologising for their actions.

Walker, already under pressure over accusations of racism, said he had passed on the information “from a source” in his statement, noting it had not been password-protected and lashing the Government for its availability.

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This source was revealed minutes later to be Boag, a former National Party president who retains close links to the party, who said she received it in her role as the acting chief executive of the Auckland Rescue Helicopter trust.

What the fuck have they done?

Leaking personal information about Covid 19 patients to the media for what fucking purpose???

Walker’s justification is this…

“Private health information does not have basic safeguards in place and the Government needs to immediately change its protocols and store the information on a secure, safe network that at a minimum requires a password.”

The argument he is trying to use to defend his actions are bullshit!

He’s claiming he’s exposing a lack of privacy security BUT HE GOT THE INFO FROM BOAG AND SHE GOT IT PRIVILEGED FROM THE RESCUE HELICOPTER TRUST‬!!!!

‪This is just so outrageous!

What if we don’t take their shallow and pitiful explanation at face value, what if we decided to be cynical here and claim Boag & Walker did this in an attempt to frame the leak as evidence the Government is incompetent?

What if they were being malicious in their leaking of this?

Todd Muller has no choice but to sack Hamish Walker – attempting to release personal information about Covid patients to the media is more than an error of judgement- it’s spiteful fuckwittery that has no place in NZ!

These are sick people whose privacy and safety should be the paramount concern!

This isn’t dirty politics, it’s filthy politics!‬


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    • Agree wholeheartedly Mike, Nats are dirty, conniving, rotten bastards.

      I was listening to Michelle Boag tonight on RNZ, with Wallace Chapman around 4.00pm, and she was her sweet, syrupy self, that reminded me of Kaa, the snake in The Jungle Book, as likely to eat you, as drag you down into the sewers and hold you under.

      Little did Boag realise that when she left the RNZ studio, the shit was about to hit her helicopter blades and once again expose the rotting corpse of indecency that typifies National Party politics in New Zealand.
      Political pundit, she calls herself. Political rat, in a rat-infested National sewer. Stealing information from the Helicopter Trust FFS. Boag should resign from Trust and should never be heard of again – resign, head off to Bolsinaro’s Brazil and take the stench of dirty politics with you.

      And you can just predict the hypocrisy from Todd and Nikki now. Todd Muller bayed and frothed in every sound bite he could lay his thin lips on, for David Clark to resign over his lapses in personal judgement.

      What happens to Hamish Walker for leaking private information, handed to him by Machiavellia Michelle? Todd does have mentors he looks up to, like Sir John Key and Sir Bill English, and Sir Bill does have close ties with Clutha Southland electorate. It will be enlightening to see what puppeteer Bill and muppeteer John give Todd.

      Over the last 25 years, we have heard all the National Party lying gobshite, diversionary deflection before. “Nothing to see here, move on!”. “We were doing our duty to the NuZuld peopul, by showing them how useless Labour is.” “We haven’t really got any clues, or policies or integrity of our own, so we’ll just ride the media wave down the sewers and if enough shit sticks huzzah!”

      I’m just shaking my head, but Mike, nobody does it better that your two words summation of National Party’s new campaign slogan for 2020.

      Dirty Bastards.

    • RNZ had boag on their panel this afternoon talking shit about climate change making excuses as to avoiding long term changes, implying BAU.
      Why is this person repeatedly lecturing the nation on her extreme right wing crap.

      Just to have her in a panel after the revelation of her treacherous dirty, work doe not look like and unavoidable accident but a NACT PR stunt.

    • Audrey Youngs NZ Herald opinion piece this morning. First sentence…

      FFS Audrey, did your brother Jonathon from the National party scribe this for you? Why did you parrot Mullers “sound judgement” line? Lazy journalism! This is an effing joke, This was deliberate and calculated. Go back and try again Audrey, I mark your paper an F- and you were lucky to get that!

      • So Audrey is the sister of Jonathon (MP)! Didn’t know that but it makes sense.
        Seems journalism must run in the family. Jonathon was the Editor of a very conservative, charismatic, evangelical Christian magazine before he came into Parliament. Interesting. Pity he cannot bring even just a little of the essence of his faith to the Party! They need hope and love (if not faith) so desperately now.

        • Jonathan Young is the archetypical phony Christian, all facade and nothing inside. I confronted him several years ago and he couldn’t give a answer to my direct question about his faith, so tried to bluster his way through, as per National covert policy.

  1. It beggars belief that Boag got that sort if information as course of business, no way did that happen. Her comments tonight screams she wants this to go away and fast, please God, shit can this investigation, like right now, please, is the take out I read from her. She is taking one big hit for the boys.

    But far more likely is National have a friend, some criminal employed within the health system in a role that has a fair bit of trust attached to it. Their source seems too in the know and too aligned to National as demonstrated lately with the Quarantine issues to not be anyone but an insider and a relatively high up person at that.

    This, Todd, is what a real “shambles” looks like. You and your amateur hour political party. Are you worried now mate, losing a bit of sleep? What do reckon on the chances that any of those sick people your shitty party just disclosed to the media will be suing your rotten MP for starters and the clown Boag for seconds! And waiting patently on who leaked it from within the health system to your lot for dessert.

    Sleep tight Toddy boy!

  2. I think that for those of us on the left it would be wise to not comment or condemn but rather just sit back and let the actions speak for themselves and leave the general public to judge.

    • Agreed Ben.
      Let the investigation throw the book at both of them as it would if it was a civil servant who was culpable.
      And the longer Toddler dithers and keeps Hamish in his role the worse it gets for Blue.

    • Given the admission though Ben, leaking personal information is the lowest of the low and nothing short of a sacking is acceptable. In the privacy commissioners own words “indefensible”. Yet Muller is already using the defense “poor judgement”. And then the question remains, how many years has National been using these tactics, how many have been hurt and not been caught?

  3. …”What if we don’t take their shallow and pitiful explanation at face value, what if we decided to be cynical here and claim Boag & Walker did this in an attempt to frame the leak as evidence the Government is incompetent?”…


    And here is what it was EXACTLY all about!

    It was a fawning, preadolescent attempt at appearing that butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths while they spitefully used that wrongfully gathered information to attack the incumbent govt in a fully premeditated and ADULT intellectual capacity to points score.

    And that’s all it is.

    Filthy politics from the scabies ridden rat we call Michelle Boag. And her little boy accomplice, Hamish Walker.


    At first,… then put in context of the perpetrators,… not so amazing after all. Are THESE the kind of scumbag ilk we want governing over us?

    I think not.

    A Labour victory it DEFINITELY is this coming September ! And thank goodness for that !

    • They had to have been confident that the source could remain concealed . To have to acknowledge that Michelle received it as a matter of course in her position in the rescue helicopter trust must have come out because they were fingered. Maybe the inquiry let them know they were identified to give them the opportunity to come clean up front rather than the greater humiliation (?) of the inquiry revealing the information.
      That does as you imply open the question of who else knew and what other embarrassing leaks and slip ups that have dominated the news lately have been deliberately staged for purely political purposes.
      D J S
      Possibly Muller should resign rather than trying to drain the national swamp.

  4. No surprises there! Thought it had Natz written all over the leaks. Nicky Hager was right all along!! Sanctimonious pricks, the lot of them! Hope their supporters and Newshub outlets say enuf is enuf (they won’t!) And what BS will Hosking spout us tomorrow? What an unprincipled, sad, sick party.

  5. I trust this means we’ll never hear another National MP ranting about Phil Twyford and “Chinese-sounding surnames” again.

  6. Error in fucking judgement? Get a grip Muller! After Walker’s very recent racist outing, he would have had to get his public utterances approved prior to release, so someone else should be in the frame. A Labour candidate way down the list is out for an indiscretion seven years ago, while Walker, a Cabinet contender lies on his twitter account about door knocking, plays the racist line then comes up with this stunt and it is excused as an error of judgement. In an ethical party, he would be walking. The real bonus is that Michelle Boag will be consigned to the status of ‘no one home’ as far as the media is concerned.

  7. And as usual the Media will drop this one in a day…the Labour sex scandal that wasnt got at least 2wks coverage and absolutly none when it was determined to be unfoundered, watch this disappear by Thursday.

  8. There has to have been a breach of privacy well before Boag got her grubby mits on the sensitive information. Goodness gracious, chiefs of health boards don’t have access to patient information. Why would a two-bit boss of a helicopter outfit have access?

    • Collecting this comment up with that of Xray and Wild Katipo; it does seem likely that the ultimate objective might be to protect a critical source for future needs of creating further leaks and ballsups within the quarantine system.
      D J S

  9. Can’t go much lower than Paula Bennett as an MP threatening to use beneficiaries private information against them for political gain.

    Hamish Walker: “ hold my beer”

    No part of this is remotely OK. Especially if it ups the chances of the never-had-a-real-job Facebook warrior Clutha/southland Labour candidate getting elected instead.
    How poorly served we all are.

  10. Unfuckingbelievable all right, The gift that keeps giving, heard Boag on R N Zs panel show today, Trying to justifying opening up the boarders, waffling on about controls & tracing, they had an online poll 99% were against.
    Appears Michelle just shot the Toddler in the foot, be interesting to see how they try to crawl out of this one.

  11. Bunch of pricksl Given how much of a liability Boag has proven to be over the years, why does anyone bother with the old hag?
    However, make no mistake. None of the other parties are morally superior to national. All politicians are corrupt to some degree and you are kidding yourself if you think otherwise.

  12. Todd Barclay: “You’ll never see an MP for Southland who’s a bigger fuck-up than me.”

    Hamish Walker: Hold my beer!”

  13. Criminal charges need to be laid, fast.

    That is the ONLY way to prevent this sort of crap happening again and again and again.

    Human beings, people of Aotearoa are NOT to be used as pawns in their sicko political games!!!!

    End it.

    • Yes Kheala, as one NZ Herald reporter scripted when Clark resigned, “Labour needed to cauterize the wound”.
      Will the same reporter ask for the same of National?

      • Don’t hold your breath! If I heard the privacy commissioner Davidson this morning on Morning Report correctly, he implied that both Boag and Walker may/would not be charged – even though their words and actions were done outside of Parliament and the privilege it offers. I sincerely hope I heard wrongly, but I don’t think so.
        What was Davidson thinking???

  14. ‘it’s spiteful fuckwittery that has no place in NZ!’

    Spiteful -yes- but fuckwittery -no. National have made backstabbing, lying, manipulation and general underhandedness into an art form, and have prospered for decades out of it, with self-enrichment as the key agenda…if you’ll pardon the pun.

    As for the detrimental effects on NZ -“Who gives a fuck?” they say (“As long as we get our perks and accumulate wealth.”)

    The fuckwittery aspect applies to the fuckwits who kept voting for National over many decades -and will vote National in the future, despite National’s appalling record.

    Of course, if Labour hadn’t been so rotten-to-the-core and incompetent over those decades maybe things would have been different.

    Don’t worry Martyn, the system [of self-entitlement, fraud, loot-and-pollute, and-manipulate the-masses] is now in collapse mode, and whatever emerges from the worldwide mess won’t be anything like the wild imaginings of Boag and Muller and co.

    ‘Europe faces deep recession and UK will shrink by 10%, says EC
    Gloomy forecast comes 10 days before EU leaders meet to discuss €750bn recovery plan’

    ‘Another month, another double-record auction.

    With the US ramping up coupon issuance to fund trillions and trillions in helicopter money deficits, moments ago the US Treasury sold a record $46 billion in 3Y treasuries at a new record low yield of just 0.190%, 9bps below last month’s 0.28% if fractionally tailing the 0.189% When Issued.’

    ‘The optimism of a V-shaped recovery in the back half of the year, coupled with unprecedented central bank liquidity, is fueling the biggest stock market bubble in history, that Shilling says stocks could plunge 30-40% over the next year as investors figure out the shape of the recovery is an “L.”

    • “Spiteful -yes- but fuckwittery -no. National have made backstabbing, lying, manipulation and general underhandedness into an art form, and have prospered for decades out of it, with self-enrichment as the key agenda…if you’ll pardon the pun”
      Yes, its called “business as usual”

  15. Immoral. Illegal.
    Whenever they’re not busy trying to hide donations, bully their own members, and cut secret deals to enrich themselves, this pack of scum is taking private information and betraying Kiwis.

    Go to hell National. #NationalNotFitToGovern

  16. Hamish Walkers leak, Woodhouses mysterious homeless man, when will it ever end.
    Let’s see how strong Muller really is. All those on the right proclaiming weak leadership by the P.M., any suggestions?

    • Not to mention Bert, that Todd Muppet has further ensnared himself in this dirty saga by clumsily stating on Nat Radio this morning that he had nothing to do with Boag. And yet 2 of the loudest voices in the Muller coup campaign were Hooten and ……….Boag!
      He’s up to his neck in this. Clearly Bridges was just the entree to this ‘Main course’ of Flustercluckery!

      Any more Nat rats about to jump the sinking ship? Reputations are on the line here after all.

    • Hamish Walkers leak, Woodhouses mysterious homeless man

      You forgot Bishop’s two covid-infected guests from the UK.

      UK Tories were growing uneasy about their futures, as their popularity was plummeting. It fell to such an extent that a petition that was started as a joke was actually gaining signatures. That joke petition called for the UK to declare war on NZ and then immediately surrender, so that they could have a share of Jacinda as PM for a while. Something had to be done.

      So one of Bishop’s UK Tory mates contacted him for a wee chat, and …nek minit the two covid carriers were unleashed on us all. Bishop seemed proud of his efforts (on twitter) and Hooten encouraged him to do more.

    • National need a vaccine for the boagvirus which has been lurking sometimes dormant, sometimes active for quite some time. Either that or elimination by social and political isolation.
      The slatervirus has been eliminated but that doesn’t mean there won’t be occasional outbursts.
      Judith and Simon must be quietly smiling.One question-Is there a schadenfreude flavoured popcorn?

    • Also Woodhouse’s calculated delay in releasing the information about the two infected visitors. Despite knowing that they were now travelling through the North Island and must be having some level of contact with others, he chose to wait, and so to increase the risk of Covid spread.

      When asked if he regretted that delay (by a female Newshub reporter – not Tova) he replied, “I’m a politician.”

  17. It’s worse than filthy politics – it’s stupid politics.

    Any (slim) chance of National winning has just evaporated.

  18. I cannot believe this has happened in NZ, well anywhere in the world really.

    The bottom of the barrel has been scraped so thin this time, there is a hole in it so daylight is visible, thanks to National’s spiteful and cowardly treachery, breaching sick Kiwis’ medical and personal details for political gain! How far will the Opposition’s desperate quest for power go?

  19. I have only ever voted National (and I am not a Labour ring in just saying this) The events of the last 48 hours leads me to believe that there is no place in society for National at all, and they just need to fuck off, forever. Hopefully a mid right party would ultimately fill the void.

  20. Yet more questions
    Is this the tip of the iceberg? How far do these right-wing tentacles reach into society, and can these idiots be trusted with our records? To what extent is our private information weaponised for their own benefit, to control communities based on their ideology, or just to judge us and have a laugh amongst themselves? Are the wrong type of people in charge of this country; our processes, laws, personal data, assets, access, culture, morals, future; and should they be stripped of their privilege and responsibility? Because it looks like these dropkicks haven’t got a clue.

    • There’s more to this Boag-Walker dirty politics story than meets the eye, ear and nose.

      Baog said the information was made available to her as acting CEO of the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust (ARHT), although she said it was sent to her private email address.

      Who would send a list of Covid19 patients personal details to Boag? “I take full responsibility for my actions and have resigned as acting CEO of ARHT… My actions were mine alone and should not reflect at all on the professionalism, integrity and outstanding reputation of the Rescue Helicopter staff.”

      But your actions your actions alone were they Machiavellia? Michelle, you weren’t acting alone were you lovey?

      Who sent Boag a list of names of Covid-19 patients?

      Was it one of your dirty politics hackers?
      Was it Hooton?
      Was it Cameron Slater?
      Was it a disgruntled Labour Party member?
      Was it a Natz-leaning Health official?
      Did it just fall out of the ether?

      If it looks like a turd, smells like a turd, it’s definitely Natz Party dirty politics crew, but who’s enabling the Natz Dirty Politics. Michael Heron QC who is leading the investigation.

      It would be better for Boag to get ahead of the game and come clean (sic.) about who sent her the list, and why?

      And breaking news. It looks like Sir John Key has had a mentor to mentee with Muller about Walker’s Minties Moment. Do to Walker what Sir John Key did to Aaron Gilmore (“Don’t you know who I was?”).

      The National Party board is meeting on Wednesday to decide the fate of Walker after National leader Todd Muller wrote to the board asking to have the MP removed.

      Too late, they’ve already met and Walker has walked.

      But I’m sure Hoskings will put his teal coloured glasses ….. “Happy days my fellow Kiwis”

  21. Betcha the whole party was involved in this as they huddled around their strategy meeting deciding what moves they could make to make the Labour govt look bad. Boag had the information from a position of privilege, Walker was decided to be the whistelblower and Muller would try rark up Labour over it.

    • No Chris.

      “Baog said the information was made available to her as acting CEO of the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust (ARHT), although she said it was sent to her private email address.”

      Where’s the filthy, dirty politics smell coming from. We know the intermediary was Machiavellia Michelle Boag, then the concerned National Party member Hitman Hamish Walker.

      So who sent her the list?
      Was it you Chris?
      Was it Todd Mueller?
      Was it Woodhouse?
      Was it Bishop?
      Was it Chris Luxon on behalf of his mentor?

      Who’s next to “resign” from the National Party on One Network News in an hour and 13 minutes?

      Another ‘grassy knoll moment’ in National Politics?

      Who leaked the information to Machiavellia’s private email?

      Can Michelle please go on One News in 1 hour and 11 minutes and tell the voters, who sent her the email?

      Otherwise Hoskings won’t have anything to talk about tomorrow morning …

      Happy days

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