Beijing Muller’s extraordinary defence of Chinese Spy Trainer – sign petition to have Jian Yang removed from the National Party


As a Fonteera, Zespri Middle Management white loaf of bread from the South Island, ‘Beijing Muller’ loves China.

The addiction our dairy industry has on China buying all our milk powder has led to a dairy intensification that steals our water, pollutes our water and increases massively our climate changing gases.

But the impact goes far further than environmental vandalism.

It has political implications as well.

The NZ National Party is now no more than a front for Chinese business interests, the manner in which senior National Party MPs are targeted by wealthy Chinese business people who invest in them directly is well known now…

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…which is why Beijing Muller’s extraordinary defence of his Chinese spy trainer, Dr Jian Yang is so extraordinary…

Todd Muller defends Chinese Communist Party-linked National MP Jian Yang, who’s accused of avoiding English media

A National MP with links to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been criticised for not being accessible enough to English media outlets – but his boss Todd Muller disagrees. 

Dr Yang, a list MP who joined Parliament in 2011 and admitted to once training Chinese spies, was recently criticised in a TVNZ report over refusing an interview with a Q&A journalist for more than two years. 

Louis Houlbrooke from the right-wing Taxpayers’ Union said he was “staggered” to learn that Dr Yang had been refusing to give media interviews to the country’s state broadcaster despite “sitting on a cool $179,000” as an MP. 

…it is breathtaking that Yang has avoided any english speaking interviews where his previous history of training Chinese Spies on how to infiltrate Western institutions and manipulate them (the way he has in NZ)  is never allowed. Yang is a fucking NZ Politician, he is supposed to be open to the media in this country anytime they want to talk, yet he has persistently avoided that, and he’s allowed to avoid it because he’s protected by National who are utterly beholden to the ‘Blue Dragons’ which is National’s largest power block inside their Party.

Muller is a pimp for dairy, he’s obedience to China is shameful and if National are elected to power, expect real issues on our National security front, particularly as friction continues to build between America and China in the South Pacific. 

Sign to have Jian Yang removed from the National Party and send a message that even if the politicians are too frightened to stand up to China, the ordinary citizen on the street can roar over them.

There is no place for a country with the appalling human rights record and a mass surveillance fetish of China in our politics.

Increasingly having independent opinion in a mainstream media environment which mostly echo one another has become more important than ever, so if you value having an independent voice going into this pandemic and 2020 election – please donate here.

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  1. Beijing Muller? Try adding Beijing Goff, Beijing Clark and Beijing Wage Slave Labour to that, too 😉

    • Ni Hao Caz 🙂

      Both Jacinda and Winston have expressed their concern over recent events in Hong Kong.

      Muller’s statement on those events? Even a squeak or a peep would do?

      • “I think that it is really important that the Hong Kong community continues with the tremendous expression of its history that it has over many years,” Muller said.

        “Anything that suggests that there might be attempts to constrain that needs to be assessed pretty vigorously”. Todd Muller

        Winston Peters is FM, Ardern is the PM —they, not Muller, speak on behalf of the NZ Govt.

        • Has this, … Yang individual renounced all ties to the CCP, and does he still process dual citizenship?

          In regards to the first question,.. if in fact he has not renounced his affiliation and adherence to the CCP,… Why not? What is his purpose here?

          If indeed he pledges loyalty to the new country of his choice New Zealand…why then does he continue to allegedly retain political links to his old country which he says he has left?…

          Why does he maintain dual citizenship while acting as a New Zealand MP and not just another NZ citizen?

          Is there not a ceremony that all MP’s go through pledging their allegiance to their new ,- in this case,- adopted country?

          It would be interesting to find the answers to these very basic questions.

          I’m sure that can easily be furnished perhaps by a tax payer funded interpreter if he is so timid in speaking plainly to the public of New Zealand…

          I’m sure it would be a weight off the mans shoulders to explain himself in a way that we can all understand…a privilege and benefit afforded by living in a democracy…as opposed to living in a dictatorship.

      • I would also like to hear fair comment on the USA presence in Hong Kong with NED and other CIA congress sponsored interference in Hong Kong affairs. The USA flags wave in Hong Kong streets. Where did they come from.
        Hong Kong has not had democracy since the English took over as a part of their colonial retreat from China. Since HK was reunited with China there have been elections and representatives put in place for local Govt.
        It is best to find the history before parroting US propaganda which makes little sense.

  2. Sign petition to remove New Zealand Public from New Zealand – for supporting China by shopping at Warehouse. Sign petition to remove all bloggers from TDB for using Lonovo and Acer laptops. Sign petition for all Oppo and Huawei phone users to be deported. Sign petition to lockup all households using Haier washing machines. Shall I go on? As long as there is place for a country with appalling human rights record to supply us with affordable products we like using…everyone here reading this blog will buy them!

    • lol!

      Its like all those Green Party supporters who publicly decry foreign ownership —from a few years ago, I remember they were salivating over the price their homes were fetching at the time.

    • Until such time as other trade links are formed around the globe , our shores are threatened by the Chinese war machine and our economy collapses even further because of die hard Chinapiles like you, idiot.

      Answer? – go live there.

      • “our shores are threatened by the Chinese war machine”

        Lol —the only ‘war machine’ that has really threatened NZ since WWII is the French one

          • WK
            Your invitation to “go live there” seems harsh but many Kiwis do live there as many Chinese live in NZ. Kiwis in China are mainly trade based workers but cannot buy land there.
            Chinese in NZ are a mixture with some being more than sixth generation Kiwis, some here for the life style some for trade and it seems according to this article some with a big question mark beside their contribution to NZ. But many buy significant areas of land and yet where is the objection voiced by Kiwis.
            That also applies to some of those fresh from the US and UK.

            I am not for adopting Chinese patriots into our Kiwi govt at all. Similarly with US patriots and UK patriots as they can carry baggage that inroads into out sovereignty.

            Peter Theil ???
            A parasite with power.and mates in the major NZ political parties.

        • Well I’m not sure what you meant by that , but here in NZ , there is no position , no job, no social level nor political party that presents above the law.

          Not if that law is fully functional and conducted with true intent.

          And international spying is a serious offence. One that draws a heavy sentence despite diplomatic sensitivities.

    • Maybe that’s the problem though I do acknowledge your dry sense of humour, fact is, its time that bloated nations like the USA and China did start to recognize there are other peoples and other nations just outside of their own borders.

      Its called having respect.

  3. How about a petition to introduce mandatory voting and in so doing we vote to keep all the bastards out?
    A White Timaru Mobster manager of the Big White BNZ murdered my parents and left me bereft without my birthright and a birthright I fucking worked hard for. Not a Chinese person. Not a black person, nor a brown person. None of them people. But an old white S-cunt-thorpe nesting down with other white s-cunt-thorpes. While we whine about a Chinese fucker lurking within a cadre of natzo lurkers I read this.
    Now? Who’d you rather? Chinese communists or fascist capitalists?
    Any sane person would say neither.
    Surge in Americans looking to move to New Zealand during pandemic
    Homeless Kiwi’s might find these links interesting…
    More people make the case for rich investors coming to NZ
    Let rich people build more luxury homes in NZ – Xero founder
    Rather than stating the bleeding obvious I think we should fucking VOTE! We must engage then vote.
    If it’s a half arsed approach to voting that’s our new normal, then I warn you, powerful others will be hyper quick to exploit that, then we’re fucked.

  4. Yes there are many serious and important issues besetting the globe and this country.

    Yet this thing with Yang , his historical teaching of CCP military personnel of spy techniques directed primarily at western nations ( including New Zealand ) ,the fact the Australians denied him entry to their borders to teach at their university’s after he had allegedly falsified or minimized his qualifications on his CV,…

    There are two issues here, – one is the issue of national security, – the other is the ease with which he entered NZ and then found a relatively quick placement on National party list MP’s…

    Regards national security it speaks for itself, – however, – the juxtaposition between our American led 5 eyes agreement, and the fact that under National we were spying not only on Pacific nations but ALSO China at Americans behest,… yet still having an individual that appears to have been in a prior position in mainland China that could compromise this nations security, – and not only that , – an embedded National party MP at the time of Nationals incumbency,… could suggest this person is a link to Beijing in knowing the general movements of the 5 eyes partnership in this region.

    In exchange for sweet deals to National party members.

    WHICH , of course, is not in the best interests of the peoples of this nation if events in the South China Sea escalate. The only benefactors are a small group of National party MP’s and members financially and politically.

    Which hardly represents the majority of New Zealanders.

    He ( Yang ) could also justify himself as being some sort of a superman James Bond type ‘double agent’,… however, the USA seems to have been appalled that the NZ National party harbored a person of interest , – and duly said so in no uncertain terms. So he is not known to them, except by having a shady history allegedly teaching spy’s in a military academy in mainland China.

    And so , one is left with the impression that this individual is a ‘plant’ sent here by the CCP, on orders from Beijing , to find a soft political target , -especially an incumbent or at least the major opposition party, and embed himself using the honey trap lures of personal financial gains and political benefits…


    This is not the year 1179 AD, most major languages are well known and there is no shortages in finding dual speakers of both English and the different various dialects of mainland China. It is the year 2020, – soon to be 2021,…in the rapid age of communications, instant knowledge borne of the internet , and interplanetary travel.

    It is therefore both incredibly and obnoxiously RUDE to not speak as an elected ( albeit list, – yet he is still being paid by this country’s taxpayers ) MP when asked by OUR media , – it is also the height of an irresponsible yet condescending brand of ARROGANCE to at least not even bother to talk to the major language speakers of this nation. The two major languages officially recognized in this country are NZ Maori and English.

    Yang chooses not to address this nation in either of them.

    Is he lazy ?. Is he too arrogant to bother to learn even the rudimentary basics and by that I do not mean simply ‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye’. Is he too poor on the handsome salary we pay him to organize an interpreter ? Or are his Chinese Blue Dragons advising him to stay tight lipped along with some of the National Party’s benefactors from those ‘sweet deals’? Is he actually interested in truly serving the peoples of this nations. – or does his real interests lie far submerged from the NZ public and far away across the seas?…in mainland China.

    Any of the above sound not only like pathetic excuses, – but more seriously, – a less than subtle attempt at the derailment of the Westminster based democracy we have always operated under successfully.

    We do not allow ,… under this system ,… the ability to buy ones way into the halls of power, – especially a foreigner, – here , we ELECT them. And that is something the CCP must come to respect whether it suits them or not , – and something to which the National party must not only just remember that time honoured fact , – but in openness and integrity be prepared to have certain individuals and their true agendas open for public scrutiny and perusal.

    Something to which in this issue they ( National ) have been decidedly lacking. To the point of negligent dishonesty.

  5. The only thing more blatantly treasonous than allowing foreign spies to be politicians here (Helen Clark law change on nationality wasn’t it) is the opportunity to stop foreign interference in our politics which Labour have apparently willingly squandered.

    • Keepcalm – It’s not over yet and yes, it does need to be completed.

      the opportunity to stop foreign interference in our politics

  6. “Yang chooses not to address this nation in either of them.”

    He does do english interviews –on statistics

    I have presented to parliamentary select committees that he is on…he speaks good english

    • And so um, excuse me, but why the reticence to address the nation in his ‘good English’?

      Would we go to China, pay to be a member of the CCP, then resolutely refuse to do interviews in that nations language/s?

      No matter how you try to cut it , – the guy is an arrogant piece of work which strongly suggests he is trying to hide a very murky past from the NZ public.

    • He speaks good English – wow…he Should bloody hell!!! He lives in NZ now!
      Before we were (gratefully!) accepted into NZ 22 years ago, I had to provide physical proof that I could speak English. I literally phone called NZ Immigration in Queens Street from overseas (cost me a fortune), and I was put through to an asian sounding immigration officer, with very rudimentary verbal english skills. Not accent, but actual grammar skills etc…
      We had a very lengthy conversation in English…but NO, I had to provide written proof that I could speak English. Hahahaha we still laugh about that one….

      • And you were hardly , as you so demonstrate, … an elected MP to be,… were you.

        A ditchdigger could have gone through the same ordeal. But a handsomely paid elected MP expected to converse with everyday New Zealanders? And to handle affairs of state?

        Your experience bears little resemblance nor gravity compared to this ‘Yang’ person.

  7. Yep we signed the petition. for freedom’s sake.

    Sign to have Jian Yang removed from the National Party and send a message that even if the politicians are too frightened to stand up to China, the ordinary citizen on the street can roar over them.

  8. Tudd Mullet knows who pays the bills: Beijing.

    Countries, borders, national security only apply to us forced to live down here on planet Earth.

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