Political Caption Competition


When teased on not having any policy, Opposition Leader Todd Muller stated, “I know you are, you said you are, but what am I?”


  1. Politicians in NZ don’t need policy anymore, stupid, we just do what ever the highest bidder/neoliberal/totalitarian ideology tells us…

    and then borrow money to make the public like us.

    All while having a whipping boy, which is the beneficiaries for the Natz and local ‘gangs’, the people taxed over $100k for Greens (untaxed illegal income is fine …. not even on their radar) and homeowners.

    (Nobody targeted as being the bad guys this year for Labour which might explain how popular they are, as they have so far not targeted their usual groups – skilled high paid tax payers on wages so low, high earners now nearly qualify for Kiwibuild as ‘wealthy,’ or mum and dad landlords in a rental shortage….

    Maybe because the costs of getting business to provide emergency housing like hotels is very expensive and they seem to deliver less for tenants…

    As for getting wages up so that people can afford their own houses, well, not on any political radar. Instead Covid is helping corporations actually lower wages for the majority and get rid of staff – aka

    Air NZ style… I wonder if their CEO is still on a 7 figure salary with performance bonus.. I’d say yep!

    Opposition leader, Todd someone, admits we may never know what policies his party would have run with in the upcoming election. “They’re in the can…. you know….for safekeeping” he told disbelieving reporters, before admitting nobody in the party could figure out how to operate a can opener. Critics repeatedly described the ‘failure to launch’ campaign as shambolic.

  3. Found it!! 🙂

    It was on one of his office shelves tucked away behind a box with a MAGA cap in it, a framed memo from Hooten saying “We Got This!”, and a giant yuan-stuffed kiwifruit money-box.

    Here is the can

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