REVIEW: Labour Party Congress 2020 #LetsKeepMoving – Jacinda has earned a second term


Labour held their congress this weekend, spirits were high and they really should be.

Labour goes into the 2020 election with an unprecedented lead at an unprecedented time.

Labour have benefited from a universal experience that has created that unique emotion that National seem incapable of comprehending – solidarity.

That lockdown pause when we felt vulnerable and frightened allowed us to review our own place in NZ and become struck with awe by leadership of Jacinda.

She has steered us through terrorism, volcanism and this pandemic.

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Sure, Labour caution on real progressive policy has seen timid baby steps towards real change, but when we were in crisis, Jacinda’s leadership made us feel safe, grateful and proud.

While I am deeply disappointed with the tiny baby steps of progress we have made (and I can list a dozen things that are totally unacceptable still), but the simple truth is that Jacinda has earned a second term.

Labour are poised to win a majority Government, a unique situation never seen before under MMP and every effort must be made to try and reach that level of political domination because the changes Covid and the climate crisis demand require a mandate.

Jacinda deserves that mandate.


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  1. Not only a second term but no handbrakes, power plays, and liabilities from coalition partners. Labour can actually Govern alone on their own merit. If that’s not enough good news, we can all enjoy knowing that the dirty divisive politics of National was an epic fail and Woodhouse,Muller, Collins and Brownlee etc will have no other option than reinventing themselves to a party that understands inclusive forward-thinking policies are the only acceptable policies on the NZ political landscape. We all win.

  2. There will be more crises, including floods, droughts and water shortages, cyclones and somewhere down the line, more quakes. There will be the ever-increasing effects of climate change. There will be surging numbers of refugees, including those in our own Pacific back yard. There will be increasing tensions between some of the superpowers. And there will very likely be more pandemics, some more virulent than before.

    Jacinda has already shown that she can bring us through some of these safely as a nation, in a way that has inspired respect and even awe from citizens of other countries.

    Surely we are not so foolhardy as to risk losing what we now have, a safe and secure haven in a world of chaos, trauma, divided societies, and increasing authoritarianism.

  3. Earned a second term? Best joke of the year Bomber. Even a sycophant like you cant seriously believe that.

    • So go on and waste your vote on The Headmaster, MickeyB, one of the many boring MPS (all Male, Pale and Stale) and aging blondes in his cohort. All they seem to do is constantly major in the minors. Clueless!

    • MickeyBoyle,

      National Party and their trolls translation.

      1) Adoring National Party supporters of John Key who viewed him as some sort of God………Translation = astute people who knew what was best for New Zealand.

      2) Supporters of Ardern……..Translation = Ignorant sycophants.

      My translation.

      1) Those who supported John Key. …..Translation = people who are highly motivated by what’s in it for them and arrogantly view all other political party supporters as being inferior to them and as their enemy.

      2) Those who support Ardern. ……Translation = people that value all Kiwis including those doing it hard and appreciate an astute inclusive leader. Likely feel a huge sense of relief that NZ can now recover from the carnage inflicted during 9 years of a farcical “rock star economy”

      • Jacindafan – Agree. The key here being ‘inclusive’, self-evident, but perhaps a concept beyond the comprehension of those rooted in obsolete ideology, or in the past.

  4. I also agree – but my alarm bells are ringing. While we innocently think the natural thing will happen, I fear a major ruction subtly created by the Right will rock the boat, and the biased media will comply, pushing opinion away from the Left.
    I hope I am wrong.

  5. “Jacinda deserves that mandate”
    Abso fucking lutely she does. Not that it’ll stop me voting Green come September – it’d take a commitment to move away from a 3 tiered dirty filthy bennie policy; meaningful public service reform; better treatment of people including an immigrant population and resurrecting public service broadcasting and plurality of voice to change my mind now. So far, I haven’t seen it

  6. Agreed with your sentiments Martyn but you left out of the other big issue the Labour coalition had first to tackle which was the Mycoplasma bovis infection.

  7. Seeing Jacinda Adern somewhat rattled and lost for words when interviewed by John Campbell this morning indicates things are not going well behind the scenes.

    Going on about jobs but not demonstrating where the jobs are nor how they will be created just doesn’t measure up. It’s all very well to keep saying infrastructure, but most of the infrastructure Labour is promoting is redundant before it even gets built.

    We do live in an ‘Easter Island’ (Rapa Nui) society, so I suppose the ‘statue building’ will continue until the system breaks completely -which is increasingly looking like before the end of this year.

    • I could not have said that better!
      Scary that the nation will re-elect a govt that has totally failed deliver on almost every major election promise. Even the poor Pike River folks got suckered in. Seems nobody cares for performance any more. Failure is now totally ok. As long as the ‘Likes’ keep coming in, the UN job interview is well on track.
      Sickening and cynical – that what it is.

      • Goodness HSR – you sound frightened?

        I thought you were so cocksure that National were going to smash Jacinda?

        I like listening to you back peddle

        • Hahahaha Martyn
          1. I know when to acknowledge a well observed comment.
          2. I know when to pack it in – like right now.
          Enjoy your runaway victory…without one single big promise achieved. As you yourself commented on. Politics in NZ – a sad state of affairs for all of us.

      • “Sickening and cynical – that what it is.”

        Self promoting National party slogan!

        Herman a lot of what was promised was because of the abject policy failures of a 9 year National Government? Winnie new it and The Maori party decline was because of Nationals complete failures . 3 years is far to short to correct so much harm.

  8. ‘Keep moving’ sounds good what about ‘get moving’ cause I think we are moving but at a snails pace. Maybe we need a rocket up the backside. Whatever it is we need to pick it up. And i don’t mean opening our borders too fast to appease a few. Opening our borders should be like, nice and easy, steady as she goes.


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