Political Caption Competition


No one has the heart to tell them they are holding the wrong books.


  1. No difference between these two twins for a kid living in a non-insulated garage or a homeless “person” checking bins for dinner. *crickets chirping*

  2. Lets go have a pedicure together, Judith, after we try to sell our books. I’m so exhausted by the hard work of being an MP, even though I had time to write my book while there…. I need some ‘me time’.

  3. So sweet, smart and sassy. All you need as a woman these days. Plus a dollop of spirituality on top, cherry on the cupcake. Looks good, tastes good, the latest healthy recipe with the latest ingredients from the latest publishers pursuing stories about middle-class women’s rights; they can never be wrong.

  4. Debut authors launch first in a series of sporting Teach Yourself books for people wishing to improve their prowess in the boxing ring.

  5. Why are people so unkind to Golriz?
    It takes immense courage, strength and dignity to face her life ahead as she is doing.
    She has my absolute admiration and I wish her and Guy the very best for the future.

  6. ” Ah…? Hello? There are homeless people just out the door…? Hello…? Yoo hoo…? Are you there? They can seeeeeee you…? ”
    There’s nothing exciting about two narcissistic sociopaths is there?
    It’d a been useful if their books were made of toilet paper.

  7. I wish women would stop worshipping other women who have tried to do good, have problems and get into the limelight. For each one of those there are 100 not in the limelight and not in as good a position in life overall. For sure Golriz has big health problems and we should feel sad for her and hope she gets the good treatment she needs. But lining up besides Judith Collins, what! I don’t think that shows a balanced judgment of the beliefs of that other, as these two are surely far apart. I am amazed to see them buddy up for the photo.


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