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  1. Melbourne residents placed under house arrest for living in the wrong suburb

    The Covid flu virus has resided in communities for more than six months, but Victorian authorities have found a cure; lock down one postcode in one city in one state in one country to properly manage the mass hysteria. What next, locking down communities of colour? Beating people with clubs so they submit to a flu test, because it’s for their well-being and for their own good? The premier will not be out done on this woke train express, which includes a loop stop at MSM Death Porn station. All aboard!

    • That sounds a bit silly. The name is interesting; making an urgent health measure seem to be an unreasonable whim that shows bias against the area is odd. Have a lie down and a nice glass of water – good idea.

    • I want to know why these Aussie authorities would send out unmasked personnel knocking door to door when the community has been asked to isolate and contain. Aren’t these personnel potential super-spreaders?
      I want to know why Covid is taking medical precedent when heart disease or other health risks have an equal or higher danger to the community.
      I want to know if one difference of a Covid RNA strand base between patients is enough to cause governments to lose their shit and call a reinfection and relockdown. If they want to split hairs at the nucleotide level they could just carry this on indefinitely, regardless if the virus is harmful or not.

  2. I think David Clarke the Minister of Health’s resignation is more about him effecting the up and coming election and nothing to do with the Covid. Now when are we going to see the CEO of Oranga Tamariki resign, if not I expect Labour if elected to get rid of her. I also expect the new government to get rid of many of OTs chief executives who are pay excessive monies and not delivering. Didn’t the National party say they were going to cut the excess baggage, well they failed badly here. OT have been a huge failure lead by a foreign bully who has got rid of anyone who is threat or questions her authority and she has employed yes people who are mostly not qualified and unsuitable like herself.

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