GUEST BLOG: Ross Meurant – Judith’s at it again: Internecine warfare.


As National prepared for a close election, team work and solidarity – loom as key elements – in my view.

Hence, I was surprised that she chose her book release at this time in the election cycle, to smack former Prime Minister John Key – who by any measure of political history – was highly favoured as a Prime Minister.

So it was that I penned: Judith Collins and the art of internecine warfare.

But!  Judith’s at it again.   Fermenting more discord and internecine hostility in today’s media. 

Her attack on Paula Bennett – whatever the personal animosity – is in my view; poor form by one incumbent on another – and especially at this time in the election cycle.

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Judith also boasts that she’s good at picking leaders.

In the circumstances where job allocation must be a priority for ambitious MPs, does this not sound a little obsequies and fawning? 

And, if she really is good at picking leaders, applying this boast, logically she must have voted for John Key?

In my previous blog, referring to Judith’s claim that John Key threw her under a bus, I said that Judith may be throwing National under the bus – with her attack on John Key.

Now, with the latest attack on an incumbent colleague, I suggest that the bus analogy, is even more appropriate. 

As Wallace Rowling said: “In politics it’s not your enemies you need worry about; it’s your friends: they come from behind.”


Ross Meurant, B.A. M.P.P. Currently Honorary Consul for an African state and Trustee & MD of absentee Russian owned commercial assets in NZ. Former National MP, former police inspector.


  1. She also takes a poke at good old Southern Boy Billy English!

    Same Media outburst.

    Seems like she’s hell bent on self destruction?

  2. Collins contempt for long time colleague Bennett is so strong, she couldn’t contain it even at the very time Ardern was being respectful toward her rival. Very telling especially only weeks out from the election.

    When you factor in retirements and a torrent of leaks to the media, it must be asked how many other National Party MP’s feel contempt toward their own colleagues, especially the leadership “team”?

    Muller will try and put a lid on it but the considerable fears Nat MP’s had at the woeful polling of Bridges and what that meant to them personally, is now back on the table. Muller has been a fail and even blind Freddy can see why. Fun and interesting times ahead. I’ve witnessed about 15 NZ elections that I was interested in. This upcoming one is the most interesting. Not because it will be close because it won’t. Labour and Ardern will romp in. Interesting because of what the desperate Nats will say and do. Interesting because of how their media insiders conduct themselves with their opinion pieces masquerading as news. Interesting to see such a high level of bullshit from National along with all their own fears arriving on scene. Interesting to see how high profile media wankers and their tag team partners behave and then meltdown at the outcome. Interesting how “me me me dirty” type politics is sent packing. Interesting as that is replaced by the inclusive high value on everyone type politics. People before $$. Interesting to see what happens to NZF and Winston Peters who I believe are past their use by date. Interesting for a long list of reasons.

  3. Ross, I read many years ago a saying of old Rabbi’s -” evil devours evil”.

    It is a true saying. You treat others like crap, in the end, that crap will be dished back to you. All we are seeing between Collins and Bennett is the crap that was always there. Personally? – I don’t care if National implodes with intercine warfare. They were mean and ugly ‘leaders’ of this country for 9 years and they deserve everything they now get.

    Its good to see them squabble and fight. Let them fight among themselves. Its payback for all the shit they cast upon this fair nation for almost a decade. I say let them bring out the daggers and bleed each other out. Its their payback time.

    It is their bonny-comeuppance.

    Evil devours evil.

    Bring it on.

  4. It looks like judeath was jealous of pull the benefit cause she was in the old boys club and judeath was on the outer. I see judeath didn’t waste anytime putting the knife into soimon maybe she has been promised something from the new leader. What happened to them all being one big whanau, more like one big fat lie.

    • michelle – could just be that Judith always saw Paula as the bladderful of poison that the rest of us did, and now that the woman’s quitting, Judith no longer needs make the superhuman effort required to treat Bennett as somebody deserving civility.

      Jealous of Paula ? I laughed so hard I startled the neighbour’s dog. Bill – still a schoolboy anguishing over his teenage acne; Key, the rich kid entitled to pull some poor downtrodden girl’s ponytail; I think Judith was the only Nat to condemn Key for doing that, and for that I salute her.

      Show ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings, and the fat lady got herself thinned out more than my vege plot – and then she sung, and danced – and ‘everyone suddenly burst out singing’ – apologies to Siegfried Sassoon.

      • Brilliantly put. I also have respect for the way she stood up to the Canadian jurist advising to award David Bain megabucks for a flaky decision from a flaky jury.

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