TV REVIEW: John Campbell interviews Paula Bennett


John Campbell did an incredible interview with Paula Bennett on Breakfast this morning.

It allowed us to see more of Paula than I think we’ve been able to see before and was testament to his skill as an interviewer.

It’s art.

And such a gem to just drop into breakfast TV.

When challenged on the draconian nature of her welfare reforms, it was genuinely unnerving to see the light of life coaching self assurance burn so incandescently from the hollow of her eyes.

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For Paula, her punitive reforms, her using private information to attack beneficiaries who were publicly critical of her, her championing of the state house meth testing hysteria were all for the benefit of those she hurt!

She asserted that those challenges built their self esteem up with all the sincerity of a TV shopping channel.

Cut benefits, fear and homelessness is just weakness leaving the body.

The gleefulness for Paula to now be able to focus more on Paula was palatable at the end of the interview and a fitting cautionary tale to what naked ambition will justify to someone because of their own personal survival of circumstance minus the journey gift of empathy.

Paula’s life experience taught Paula to look after Paula. Great skills for a mercenary, not so conducive as a Welfare Minister.


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  1. Since I regard anything any National party person says as a the product of severe delusion or a sick joke, I deliberately turned off when the self-aggrandising sociopath appeared on the screen.

    Glad you enjoyed the show, Martyn.

  2. You know what disappointed me about Bennett?

    The fact that she allegedly was from a working class background , a Westy , no less!

    Now it is true that traditionally the working class battler is a survivor, and in many cases the blue collar worker is by nature also conservative. They have to be – as once systems are worked out to ensure theirs and their family’s needs are taken care off, – they will fight fang and claw to preserve what little they have.

    But that this odious woman turned her back on the very people she would have spent so much time around,… she KNEW their struggles !!! She KNEW what conditions were like for so many of them!!! And yet she gleefully and figuratively kicked them all in the nuts and gloated as she did so !!! And then proceeded to lecture them on the virtues of poverty like some Remuera born rich lister. I’m surprised the words ” Let them eat cake” didn’t slip out in one of her self righteous holier than thou diatribes in what passes for an interview!!!

    If anything , SHE takes the cake!

    And at one stage it looked as if she had taken far too many cakes from the unemployed and working poor !!!

    I think this calls for a Marama moment in reclaiming a certain word for descriptors sake’s…because when words fail it can only descend into a less socially acceptable mode of describing such an obnoxious individual as Bennett. From ruthlessness to hypocrisy , abuse of position to party political toadying, – Bennett had it all.

    The working class, the beneficiaries, the elders and even the children of those groups, … will breath a lot easier now shes gone.

  3. Paula Bennett ONLY LOOKED after PAULA BENNETT.

    She didn’t give a toss about anyone else but herself. She breached the right to privacy of those beneficiaries that criticised her beloved John Key and the National government.

    And to show the level she had demeaned herself to she happily and without an ounce of remorse boasted to everyone in the media that she would happily breach the right to privacy of anyone she deemed had wrong her beloved John Key and the National government.

    In other words she showed to us all how shallow she was as a human creature. She is something without morals or scruples.

    She did well out of National despite whilst a beneficiary during the Bolger years she hated National.

    And so good riddance to bad rubbish when it came to Paula Bennett. Still I guess her beloved John Key will be offering her a job in the ANZ bank. And at a guess she will be back to her true form of breaching account holders on lower incomes right to privacy to the media.

    Being side-lined out of the plum job of deputy leader of the opposition by a little blonde number must have really irked Bennett. Especially as Bennett regularly hunted out photo opportunities galore.

    Still I guess in a few weeks she will be on the cover of say the stupid NZ Womens Weekly or NZ New Idea. If that is so can we all resort to Turn the Bennett at the news-agents, supermarkets, bookstores etc like the Turn Ardern lot did?


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